Red Light Therapy Tanning Benefits

RLT, or red light therapy, has been getting much attention lately for good reasons. This therapy may have various benefits, especially for your skin or full body. One of the major causes of its popularity is its application in tanning.

All kinds of tanning salons are now also including RLT tanning beds for their customers. People who have heard about this kind of treatment are also asking about the red light therapy tanning benefits.

In addition to hopes, we also hear people’s concerns about this form of tanning method. Does infrared or near-infrared light expose you to UV? Is it safer and more effective than other tanning therapies? Does it work or have any side effects?

The questions are endless, and we will try to answer all the major ones in this article for you. Let’s look at all the potential benefits of red light therapy.

Red Light Therapy Tanning Benefits

Red light therapy has gained popularity recently due to its potential benefits for skin health and anti-aging. In the context of tanning, red light therapy is often used to possibly enhance the effects of tanning by improving the overall appearance and health of the skin.

According to a study, red light therapy has been shown to increase collagen production, improve skin texture, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Furthermore, another published study found that red light therapy may also help reduce skin inflammation, which may be beneficial for individuals who experience irritation or sensitivity after tanning.

Overall, while more research is needed to fully understand the benefits of red light therapy for tanning, these findings suggest that it may be useful for improving skin health and appearance.

Red Light Therapy Tanning Benefits


How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

This therapeutic method uses the red wavelength of the light spectrum to initiate healing at the cellular level. This wavelength can penetrate the skin to stimulate mitochondria

The boost of additional energy may help with skin rejuvenation by working at the cellular level. As of now, there is no evidence of a side effect.

Tanning salons use this therapy to potentially promote skin healing from the inside while using light bulbs for tanning beds. That is opposed to sun tanning, which may cause damage to the cells.

RLT may be able to treat a wide range of health issuesYou need to be consistent to see significant results
This therapy has no known side effects There is no 100% guarantee of a result
It is a non-invasive therapyYou need to be consistent to see significant results
It is a very affordable therapy There are no definite guidelines on how long you need to use this
RLT doesn’t expose you to UV radiation 

How Did Red Light Therapy Become Popular?

A team initially developed this at NASA during plant growth experiments. It was later discovered that LED light therapy might also help heal wounds. Lately, it has been used to possibly regenerate skin and in acne treatment. 

Red light therapy is primarily used for anti-aging therapy. LED light therapy uses various wavelengths of light, including blue and infrared, for various treatments. 

Sunlight vs. Red Light Therapy

The benefits of exposure to sunlight are already well established. You may get various benefits from the sun, such as a boost in vitamin D, serotonin production, and lowering blood pressure.

Nonetheless, tanning is another reason people may want to spend additional time in the sun. Since the sun emits ultraviolet radiation, too much exposure may be unhealthy for your skin.

The UV rays penetrate the skin and may cause DNA damage. This may lead to various issues, including sunburn, eye damage, and skin cancer. 

RLT offers an alternative and might be a safer way to improve skin health and relieve minor pain. Although red light treatment cannot replace sunbathing, the red light therapy tanning benefits may help you limit your exposure to the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.

Sunlight is not always available 

With RLT, you don’t have to wait for the sun to get tanned. It reduces your dependency on sunlight and is always available. Natural sunlight depends on various factors like weather, location, and the time of the day.

No need for sunscreen to prevent skin damage

Natural sunlight consists of both; a healthy and unhealthy spectrum of light. On the other hand, red light only exposes you to a healthy spectrum of light, so you don’t need sunscreen or protective clothing. RLT also prevents your exposure to UV light, which may harm the skin.

Other Beauty Benefits of RLT

As the research continues, more and more benefits of red light therapy are being realized. Red light therapy may have the following benefits.

RLT other benefits


Red Light Therapy vs. Blue Light Therapy

Specific wavelengths of light have different effects on the body and skin. Using a single wavelength of light may bring unique potential benefits but also eliminates the harmful effects of certain parts of the spectrum, such as UV rays.

While the red light boosts the production of collagen and ATP, possibly reducing the signs of aging, the blue light helps eliminate harmful bacteria. Blue light is effective against surface skin conditions like acne and solar keratoses

Blue light therapy may also help uplift mood and reduce anxiety and depression. On the other hand, red light works at the cellular level to rejuvenate skin and reduce inflammation.

Is Red Light Therapy Effective?

While many studies have suggested that Red Light Therapy has immense benefits in improving skin health, further evidence is needed to conclude its effectiveness. Still, it is already emerging as a promising new approach to finding solutions to skin issues. 

RLT is rising in popularity as many people have claimed to get various benefits from RLT sessions. It may be beneficial in reducing signs of aging and getting a safer tan than direct sunlight exposure. 

May have anti-inflammatory effects

While most people are interested in red light therapy’s tanning benefits, we now realize its potential use in treating pain and inflammation. 

Although further research may be needed to confirm the claims, the current studies seem promising. Red light therapy may increase blood flow to the damaged tissues to potentially alleviate conditions of inflammation. Trials have also found that RLT may boost the body’s antioxidant defenses.

May reduce stretch marks 

A variety of factors may cause stretch marks, but the good news is that the RLT may diminish these lines. When the red light-emitting diodes are used on the area with stretch marks, it might increase the overall skin thickness, collagen, and elastin density. 

Is It Safe?

This therapy is considered safe as long as you don’t overdo it. It is observed that the responsible use of red light therapy doesn’t lead to any side effects. RLT is not toxic or harsh to your skin; unlike UV light, this doesn’t result in any kind of disease. 

Although the effects of the long-term use of RLT are not yet known, people who use it a few times and follow the directions do not experience any health issues or side effects. Overuse of an RLT device may cause damage to your eyes or skin.

So, it’s better to use this therapy in a limited way. Also, your safest option would be to see a qualified dermatologist or cosmetic therapist before you go ahead with RLT.

Is Red Light Therapy Suitable for Everyone?

Yes, this treatment may be suitable for people with all skin types. However, people who are very sensitive to light, have low blood pressure, or suffer from epilepsy must refrain from this treatment. Also, women who are pregnant should not try this therapy

How Long Does It Take to Get Results?

The time it takes to get results may vary from person to person. It depends on the age and the skin of the person. It may take eight weeks to 12 weeks to get the best results from this treatment. 

A single therapy session should be given for about 15 minutes. You should receive this therapy at least three to five times a week, at least for the first few weeks. You need to be patient and give it at least two to three months to see significant results. 


Red light therapy may offer a safer and more promising alternative to many other prevalent skin treatments. People also realize the red light therapy tanning benefits that don’t require exposing their skin to UV rays. 

RLT focuses on healing your skin from within as opposed to sunlight, which may cause damage to your skin. RLT may provide additional energy to your cells to potentially repair, rejuvenate, and reduce signs of aging. 

RLT is becoming increasingly popular as a solution to many skin problems. From wrinkles, hair loss, acne, stretch marks, and even skin tone improvement, RLT might be the answer to so many skin problems. 

RLT is worth checking out if you are looking for ways to improve your skin without risking exposure to UV rays or any harsh chemicals. However, consider consulting a certified specialist before using this treatment.

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