Can Red Light Therapy Damage Eyes?

If you properly use red light therapy, it might be beneficial. RLT has many good qualities, and it is becoming trendy among people. However, many people are concerned about the effects that might have on the eyes, precisely can red light therapy damage eyes?!

Therefore, to clear your doubts and provide an answer, we have researched and created this article with a lot of helpful information. So, let’s get started and discover more about red light therapy and its possible benefits to the eyes.

Can Red Light Therapy Damage Eyes?


Can Red Light Therapy Damage Eyes?

If administered properly, red light shouldn’t damage the eyes. Although there aren’t many studies that prove whether light damages your eyes, it’s best to take precautions just in case.

Naturally, the eyes protect themselves on their own. They are made to function well in the dark as they are supposed to in the daylight. 

Adjusting the iris is one of the many methods our eyes protect themselves. The iris covers the lenses, so the eye doesn’t absorb so much light. Also, the eyelids help prevent injuries to the eye but also have total control over how much light enters the eyes. If exposed to too much light, the eyelids immediately close to protect the eye.

But if you want to be safe and not sure if RLT can hurt your eyes, you can consult with your doctor and buy some glasses for LED protection.

Frequency of use

This treatment doesn’t damage the eyes, but it depends on how frequently you use the therapy. Therefore, your eyes won’t be damaged if you use the treatment several times. 

Nonetheless, if you get used to the therapy a lot more, you should know that it may pose damage to the eye. You don’t need to be knowledgeable to understand that a huge exposure to intense light can ruin the vision in your eyes.

For that to happen, you had to have experienced high exposure to high-energy light. The energy of the light depends on the wavelength and not its intensity. 

However, if you decide to use one of those devices for the face, which is included in the red light therapy, they are usually safe for the eyes.

Proper device and accessories

The important factor while using this red light therapy is choosing the right one for you with all the accessories for your treatment to be completely safe and comfortable.

So, by wearing eye protection, you will avoid any discomfort and irritation happening to your eyes.

You don’t need to panic and stress about damaging your eyes. Therefore, before starting this therapy, you should consult with a specialist.

So, if you are considering starting this therapy, talk to a specialist before you purchase the red light therapy device or even go to a salon to get the treatment. 

Benefits for the Eyes


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Benefits for the Eyes

As the name implies, red light therapy is a technique or treatment that uses red light to possibly treat some health-related conditions. The LED light directly affects the skin and might help improve the issues that you are having.

The collagen might help in the process of recovery for damaged skin. So, red light therapy might act on the fibroblasts that produce collagen. This therapy might be widely used for many things, including acne, eye health, and muscle recovery. 

Now for the good part. You need to know that there is a wavelength of 670 nm that might be beneficial to the eyes. You will discover how red light therapy might help the eyes.

As you may already know, the eyes use a lot of energy, and for that, the eyes need a lot of mitochondria.

So, now we are looking at the fact that red light therapy might affect the production of mitochondrial cells, which are much needed for the eyes. Thus, this therapy might potentially restore the mitochondria in your eyes.

Retina health 

One study showed how red light therapy might affect the aging of the eyes. As we grow old, our eyes slowly deteriorate. More precisely, the retina and photoreceptors responsible for sensing light are prone to change.

The study also showed that the adults exposed to red light therapy possibly experienced improvements in color sensitivity. The improvements possibly allowed people to see even in low light. 

Dry eyes

The therapy might benefit individuals who experience dry eyes due to meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). There was a report from approximately 52 patients who practiced red light therapy and reported possible relief after the treatment. 

The red light was employed in this study to alleviate the signs of dry eye. In the research, the patients used the device while their eyes were closed for about three minutes. After that, they possibly felt relieved from the burning sensation and discomfort. 

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Well, we have come to the very end of this article. So, even though there aren’t any proven facts about whether light or, more precisely can red light therapy damage eyes, the only thing left for you is to take precautions before you decide to use it.

Whatever you do, don’t overdo the therapy sessions because even though one session won’t harm your eyes, using it more frequently may irritate your eyes. However, you should always consult with a professional or doctor before using such therapy due to the possible adverse effects.

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