Best Red Light Therapy Bulbs for Tanning Bed

Many people praise the red light therapy bulbs for tanning beds. They are convenient and practical because they allow you to get the best tan at your home besides using tanning lotion. Some may even have replacement bulbs. Amazing, right?

Tanning lamps come in handy when you are busy scheduling a hybrid tanning appointment or have some event. However, if you are still looking for the perfect one, we have selected the best and most trustworthy brands selling RLT therapy devices that may suit your needs. 

Our list of the best red light therapy bulbs for tanning beds will help you choose the best one, which may support light treatment as well as anti-aging.

Prepare to boost your physical appearance as you bask in red light’s cozy, soothing warmth from an infrared heat lamp, near-infrared light, and even blue light bulbs.

Red Light Therapy Bulbs for Tanning Bed


How We Made This List

Choosing the best red light therapy bulbs for tanning beds might be difficult. They may provide the best way to heal your body utilizing scattered photons of light.

As we age, we produce less collagen, which may result in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles due to thin, dry skin. 

However, we looked at the most important factors before choosing the best five brands that sell red light therapy bulbs. So below, you can take a look at all of them.


Every time you want to buy a product, the price is one of the most important things, and the same applies to red light therapy bulbs.

Many red light therapy bulbs are in the price range of high to low, but the best red light therapy bulbs are listed in this article. 

Furthermore, if the budget doesn’t matter to you, you can always go for the pricey one, but that does not mean that only the expensive ones are the best.

The products we chose have affordable prices that may be suitable for everyone.

Guaranteed products

Red light therapy bulbs for tanning beds from well-known brands are not easily damaged, and even if they do, the brands guarantee you can repair them for free.

If you want to buy red light therapy bulbs from unknown brands that don’t offer guarantees, there is a good chance that you will spend a significant amount on repairs and maintenance, so you should always be very careful about this thing. 

However, if you are unsatisfied with their product or if the product has some problems, the brands we chose offer a money-back guarantee and return policy.

Customer reviews

One of the best ways to recognize the red light therapy bulbs is to try or use them. But with online buying, that is not possible. 

Many customer reviews explain the pros and cons and everything necessary, which can be really helpful.

The brands we chose have many satisfied customers and positive reviews, showing how trustworthy and safe they are. 

Best Red Light Therapy Bulbs for Tanning Bed: Reviews

  1. Wolezek – Red Light Therapy Bulb
  2. PDGROW – Red Light Therapy Lamp
  3. MAINENG – Red Light Therapy Lamp
  4. ABI – LED Light Bulb
  5. Hooga – Red Light Therapy Lamp

1. Wolezek Red Light Therapy Bulb

Wolezek Red Light Therapy, 18 LEDs Red Light Therapy...
1,544 Reviews
Wolezek Red Light Therapy, 18 LEDs Red Light Therapy...
  • Upgraded Red Light Therapy Lamp: Each therapy light bulb has 18pcs high power leds in total. 9pcs 660nm deep red leds + 9pcs 850nm near...
  • Optical Lens Design: The red light bulb is equipped with 60 degree glass lens and additional super large optical lens which improve the...
  • Drug Free & Non-Invasive Pain Relief: Designed to deliver infrared heat to the body. The infrared heat improves the blood flow & circulation...

Wolezek’s red light therapy bulb offers a great and affordable way to start with the benefits of red light therapy. It has 660 nanometers (Red) and 850 nanometers (NIR), two specific wavelengths of light, making it the best wavelength for light therapy.

Its infrared light is invisible to the naked eye, so only half of the chips will appear illuminated when using this bulb.

These red light bulbs are equipped with a 60-degree glass lens and an additional super-large optical lens, which improve the irradiance by 141mW/cm2. It is a targeted treatment for your face, shoulder, knee, and waist for 20 minutes every time you use it.

It is designed to deliver infrared heat to the body, which may improve the blood flow and circulation of the target area, encouraging damaged tissue and muscles to the heel.

Moreover, it is made to fit a standard E26/E27 socket, 100-240V AC, and is easy to set up and use. You can always enjoy this light therapy at home. The high-power LED light therapy bulb has a built-in qualified heat sink for better heat dissipation, which is durable to use.


This red light therapy may help increase energy production, reduce inflammation, and speed healing. It may also be helpful for various skin issues.

The 850-nanometer near-infrared light therapy is warming and penetrates deeper into living tissue. It might be the best option for those who want to relieve pain. 

Depending on the distance, you can apply from 0-30 centimeters at any body area except the eyes. You can use it for 10-25 minutes. You may do this 2-14 times a week until you notice the results. 

This brand offers a 12-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee or return guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied with their products or have questions, you can always contact them via an Amazon customer message.

They also provide 24/7 customer service, which is another excellent thing for this brand. 


  • High-quality
  • May take good care of your skin
  • Great customer service
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Only red light bulbs
  • The package kit does not include a light socket

2. PDGROW Red Light Therapy Lamp

96W Red Light Therapy Bulb,PDGROW Upgrade COB 48 LED...
  • 【96w Therapy Infrared Light Bulb】 I suggest you buy a lamp stand.( NO with lamp stand).Each infrared light bulbs has 24pcs 660nm red...
  • 【660 nm light & Invisible Near Infrared 850 nm】The red light with a wavelength of 660 nanometers can be absorbed more effectively by...
  • 【Optical Lens Design】: The red light bulb is equipped with super large optical lens which improve the Irradiance > 141mW/cm2. Target...

This brand has more than 15 years of experience in the LED industry. Their main products are LED plant lights, LED filament lights, and LED therapy bulbs.

They have passed UL (E485876), RoHS, PSE, CE, FCC, and CCC certifications and obtained multiple patents. Their company is committed to satisfying global consumers with professional technology and caring service. 

The PDGROW RLT lamp is a 48W high-efficiency infrared light lamp. Each infrared light bulb has 12 pieces of 670-nanometer red light LED and 12 pieces of 850-nanometers near-infrared LEDs, making it the best wavelength for light therapy. 

Since the near-infrared light is invisible, half of the infrared lamps will not emit light when the red light devices work. Its red light, with a wavelength of 670 nanometers, might be absorbed more effectively by the skin, repairing skin problems. You can enjoy light therapy at home whenever you want to.

Moreover, it is designed to fit a standard E26/E27 socket, 100~240V AC, and is easy to set up and use. The high-power LED light therapy bulb has a built-in qualified heat sink for better heat dissipation, which is durable to use.


Red light therapy is an effective therapy that may help with various skin conditions, and there is much clinical evidence to back it up. 

The benefits it may provide are

  • Relieves neck pain and backache caused by long-term computer use.
  • Alleviate pet pain and restores pet health.
  • Relieves muscle aches and strains caused by training and is very suitable for people who like fitness.
  • Soothes the pain of the elderly, promotes blood circulation, and may help the elderly live healthier.
  • Promotes wound healing and tissue repair.
  • Helps repair areas of sun damage and reduces joint pain.
  • Helps with muscle recovery.
  • Improves hair growth in androgenetic alopecia patients.
  • Eliminates wrinkles on the face and neck, promotes collagen regeneration, and improves skin condition.

This company offers a 12-month warranty plus a 30-day money-back or return guarantee. This light therapy bulb is the most intimate gift for your family and friends.


  • High-quality
  • It may help with many health conditions
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee


  • May be not evaluated by the FDA

3. MAINENG – Red Light Therapy Lamp

MAINENG Red Light Therapy Lamp with Timer, 660nm LED -...
  • Photonic Red Light Therapy utilizes wavelength of 660nm deep red with a total of 120 LEDs. Each LED is equipped with a 30-degree optical...
  • Red Light Therapy Device can be fixed to a surface by using its clamp and enjoy your light therapy at any time, anywhere.
  • Red Light Therapy Lamp is equipped with 360-degree adjustable gooseneck. It can be easily adjusted the angle and distance.

MAINENG is a company providing lighting lamps for your needs. Its red and near-infrared light therapy lamp has a 24 x 6 high-power LED array.

However, 72 pieces 660 nanometers deep red LEDs and 72 pieces 850 nanometers near-infrared LEDs make the best wavelength for light therapy. 

Therefore, every LED has been equipped with a 60 degrees optical lens to deliver a high irradiance level. The photonic red light therapy bulb is a thoughtful design in which the plastic ring at the front of the heat sink fins provides a smooth surface. 

It protects your hands from sharp edges when handling the bulb. It fits standard E26/E27 sockets, 100-240V AC input, easy to set up and use.


The red light therapy bulb uses red and near-infrared light that may stimulate healing and relieve pain.

Near-infrared light may help improve blood circulation in an area of tissue, joints, or muscles, while red light may help heal damaged skin.

Red light therapy uses deficient heat levels and does not hurt or burn the skin. So, you will not feel hot but maybe a bit of warmth.

Since the infrared light is not visible to the human eye, you may notice that some of the LEDs don’t seem to be lit up. 


  • Convenient 
  • 24 x 6 high-power LED array
  • 60 degrees optical lens
  • Safe to use
  • Affordable price


  • Available only in the USA

4. ABI – LED Light Bulb

ABI LED Light Bulb for Red Light Therapy, 660nm Deep...
  • The ABI deep red and near infrared combo LED light bulb emits the most powerful therapeutic wavelengths of 660nm and 850nm. Infrared light...
  • 50,000+ hour service life • 3-year manufacturer's warranty • Assembled in the USA • Fits a standard household E26 socket • 100-240V...
  • LEDs: 9pcs 660nm Deep Red + 9pcs 850nm Near Infrared • Nominal Rating: 54W (18x3W) Class • Power Draw: 27W • Beam Angle: 60-degree •...

The ABI bulb comes through as the highest-intensity bulb but suffers from a high EMF, loud fan, and high flicker. 

The ABI deep red and near-infrared combo LED light bulb emits the most potent therapeutic wavelengths of 660 nanometers and 850 nanometers. Its near-infrared light is invisible to the naked eye, so only half of the chips will appear illuminated when using this bulb.

Moreover, this brand’s product has 50,000+ lifespan hours, a three-year manufacturer’s warranty, and fits a standard household E26 socket and 100-240V AC input.


It has nine pieces of 660 nanometers deep red bulbs and nine pieces 850 nanometers near-infrared bulbs. Its nominal rating is 54W (18x3W) class. The power draw is 27W, the beam angle is 60 degrees, as well as the internal cooling fan.

ABI red light lamp’s irradiance comes with 89.3 mW/cm2 (6 distance) and 46.0 mW/cm2 (12 distance). Its energy per five minutes is 26.8 joules/cm2 (6 distance).


  • Safe to use
  • High EMF and flicker
  • It emits the most potent therapeutic wavelengths
  • Fits a standard household


  • Available only in the USA

5. Hooga – Red Light Therapy Lamp

Red Light Therapy Device Red Near Infrared 660nm 850nm....
  • 💡BENEFICIAL WAVELENGTHS: Wavelengths in the mid 600 & mid 800 nanometer range have been found to be particularly beneficial to the human...
  • 💡HIGH POWER OUTPUT: Power output, also known as irradiance, measures power output per area and is usually measured in milliwatts per...
  • 💡LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: The HG24 Red Light Therapy Handheld device allows you to take your red light therapy with you wherever you go....

Hooga is a brand aiming to help you achieve a cozy and comfortable lifestyle while also optimizing your overall well-being. They offer weighted blankets, non-blue light-emitting reading lights, and red and near-infrared light therapy devices. 

They focus on bringing high-quality, helpful products to the market that may enhance the quality of life of everyone using them. Wavelengths in the mid-600 and mid-800-nanometer range may be beneficial to the human body

Its HG24 emits two specific wavelengths, 660 nanometers (Red) and 850 nanometers (NIR), and may deliver the perfect combination of light therapy.

Furthermore, its red light bulbs may be best for superficial skin treatments because they do not penetrate as far into the skin. That is, near-infrared might be one of the best options for muscle, deep tissue, and joint treatments because it penetrates deeper.

Power output, which is also known as irradiance, measures the power output per area and is mainly measured in milliwatts per square centimeter in this lamp.

The Hooga HG24 delivers a high irradiance of approximately 120 MW/cm2 at the surface and about 85mw/cm2 at a distance of 6 inches, which might result in quick and effective treatment times.


The HG24 red light therapy handheld device lets you take your red light therapy with you. The large, high-powered panels are great, but they might be bulky and heavy to transport with you on the go. 

The HG24 weighs less than 2 pounds and takes up only a tiny area, so bringing your red light therapy with you on the go is very easy.

The Hooga HG24 device is a full set and features a 24W bulb with 12 individual red and near-infrared LEDs and a socket with a braided cord plug and power switch. Many competitors sell only bulbs, leaving you searching for a socket once you receive the device.

With this light, you have everything you need to start enjoying the best benefits of red and near-infrared light therapy today.

The brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you find that you are unhappy or unsatisfied with their red light therapy device. 

They also offer a one-year warranty to help you feel more comfortable with your purchase. If you have any issues that arose with the device that was not a result of misuse, they will happily either replace the panel or repair it for you.


  • Safe to use
  • High-quality
  • Delivers a high irradiance
  • Return policy included
  • A one-year warranty


  • Available only online

Factors to Consider When Buying RLT Bulbs for Tanning Bed


Different bulbs mostly come in different sizes but usually in T or F sizes.

About the F size, one of the most common size bulbs is the F71 and F73, and it is pretty standard but not as much as the others. T size mostly follows standard fluorescent light sizes such as T12. 

If you want to know the size of your tanning bed, you can simply check the label and follow the instructions. 

Size of the RLT bulbs



This is something you should always overlook regarding devices used for your body.

You look for certificates or some standard devices that affirm their safety and authenticity to avoid buying an unsafe or fake at-home red light therapy device. 

Consider standard devices that provide two features – one that considers the safety of the body areas when used and the other that offers different effective therapy lights. 


Irradiance is the quantity of electricity that some body part gets over a fixed period while using the device. You can even consider it as the rate at which the energy is delivered.

Therefore, you should know that higher irradiance may lead to better effects in much less time, which is very important to consider before buying a red therapy device at home.

One of the most common units of measurement for irradiance is milliwatts per square cm or mW/cm2. 

The irradiance measurement will be meaningless if the distance is not given. Some red light therapy devices get a higher mW/cm2 considering their surfaces, not on the exposed object.

RLT irradiance and coverage



One of the essential things you need to consider is the wattage. No one wants a bulb that is too strong if people only want a bronze color. Nonetheless, if you are after an actual tan, the best decision is to choose something more substantial. 

If you want the best bronzing tanning bed bulbs, it is recommended a wattage of 100W, which is enough to give you color. For getting a darker tan, you will probably need something higher than 100W. A wattage of 120W to 140W might be enough. 

However, you can also go as high as 160W if you want a darker tan, but it will be better if you do not use that because too much power can be dangerous. 


Red light’s most common wavelengths are 660 nanometers and 850 nanometers. It is very acceptable to function within these two parameters, either in tandem or independently. 

The best five wavelengths of red lights come with 630 nanometers, 660 nanometers, 810 nanometers, and 850 nanometers, and they can cover a wide range of treatment areas. 


Lifespan is usually known to how many hours it can run until it burns out. The standards are generally about 800 hours. 

When searching for the best home tanning bed bulbs, you should ensure they will last for a minimum of 800 hours. Finding red light therapy bulbs that last longer is always a better option. 

Color of the lights

Mostly, red light bulbs come with UV lights rather than UVA or UVB lights. One of the only disadvantages of ultraviolets is that they may cause sunburn. 

For this reason, if you want to avoid that, some bulbs offer red light therapy with only zero ultraviolet, but these do not have the power that UV possesses.

It is all up to you what color you want to choose, and it will ultimately be based on what kind of results you want to have. 

colours of the light therapy


Coverage area

Some people choose smaller devices to handle sprinkles and stretch marks, while others prefer the larger ones to get out of red light therapy at home for muscle recovery, hair loss, hormone balance, or joint pain. 

If you have a budget that allows buying an at-home red light therapy device with the best coverage is better, as larger ones emit more light energy and operate better than smaller units. 

Brand and Price

This is essential to consider if you want to buy red light from a trustworthy brand.

You should know that buying products from cheap brands might be very risky and harm your body, especially if the bulbs burn out or overheat. 

However, buying your bulbs from a trustworthy and well-known brand ensures safety. The larger devices give you straightforward access to the entire body at an instant notice. 

Nevertheless, that does not mean that smaller devices are not worth the investment. Some of them are compact, which allows you to use them at home or wherever you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is red light therapy safe?

Some professionals conclude that red light therapy is mainly considered safe for use.

Still, some people stated that it might cause blisters and burns from faulty units or by increasing the time usage and not following the recommended instructions. 

It would be better if you wear eye protection for extra precaution when using a facial red light therapy device.

Can you overdo red light therapy?

It has a chance to overdo red light therapy, but if you want to ensure you are not overdoing it, you should be getting enough of it if you wish to notice the effects.

Some experts say that in most cases, only 20 minutes will be enough of red light therapy daily. 

However, you should always consult with your doctor or professional before starting a new treatment if you want to know what will work best for you. 

How can you choose a suitable red light therapy device?

Many experts say that if you want to buy an at-home red light device, you should look for one that incorporates red and blue LED lights and sits flush with the face, allowing the LED light to penetrate the skin. 

One of the main features of designing the device is maximizing the energy that enables the skin’s surface to be touched by the lights. 

If you want a red LED light, look for a device with a spectral range of 600 to 1,300 nanometers because these wavelengths may reduce inflammation, stimulate collagen production and diminish hyperpigmentation. 

If you want to ensure you are using only a high-quality device, you should look for medical-grade FDA-cleared clinical studies that have clearly shown the device’s effectiveness. 

The experts say it has strict regulations for the strength of red-LED at-home devices, but some are much more effective than others. 

How do tanning lamps work?

Tanning lamps work very simply. When applied to the skin, the ultraviolet list causes melanin production in the skin’s pigment cells, leading to a deep black or brown color called “tanning”. 

Moreover, exposure time varies from person to person, but it mostly may take between 10 to 15 minutes per session. 

Can lamps provide you with vitamin D when used?

Yes, they may provide you with vitamin D. This is so because UVB is required to synthesize vitamin D in the skin, which might be achieved with a tanning lamp. 

What is the standard UVA and UVB ratio for tanning beds?

Mostly, tanning bed bulb manufacturers follow the same ratio as natural sunlight, which is 95% UVA and 5% UVB. The best commercial tanning bed bulbs turn up the UVB rating just a little to increase the strength, which is about 6% to 7%. 

Are there any side effects of using red light therapy bulbs for tanning beds?

LED light is visible light that can be filtered only to let a specific light color through. If the LED light is used for red light therapy, there are usually no adverse effects. If side effects do occur, they are generally minor and do not last long.

Such responses may include the following:

  • Eyestrain
  • Headaches
  • Irritability

These effects are mainly associated with the glare from the red light, so sometimes you may find it intense.

If you want to reduce the chances of suffering from the side effects, you should not stare directly into the light source if it uses a laser, or you should wear appropriate eye protection.

Plus, you should also consult with a medical professional before using red light therapy if you have bipolar disorder because it may cause mania.

How high is the mercury content of the red light therapy bulbs for tanning beds?

Compared to regular fluorescent lights, the mercury content of tanning beds is always much higher because it needs vapor to create the light.

This is why you must be more careful when handling tanning bed bulbs, even more, if they break. 

How long should you stay in the tanning bed?

If your light is up to 160W, it is not recommended to stay inside for more than 20 minutes because it may cause some danger to your skin for a long time. So, you should always be careful about this. 

How can you measure the effectiveness of a red light therapy device?

You should use an irradiance meter to measure light intensity and the wavelengths with a spectrometer or a solar-power meter to measure watts per square centimeter.

You should know that these are suitable when measuring light with a single wavelength source. 

All lights that emit many wavelengths, like standard light bulbs, can not be tested with a solar-power meter because it has many irrelevant wavelengths that are measured. 

If you want a highly accurate wavelength reading, you should get a dedicated infrared light meter to measure them above 750 nanometers.

Using a pyranometer that measures light energy in watts over an area will be better. 

What are the benefits of using red light therapy bulbs for tanning beds?

They may improve skin in many ways because they expose the whole body to low-level light and might be especially beneficial for having better skin.

They may have anti-aging benefits and may increase the levels of elastin and collagen, two proteins that are very important to skin elasticity and firmness. 

Furthermore, red lights may also reduce hyperpigmentation when inflamed or damaged skin cells produce abnormally high amounts of melanin, causing patches or dark skin spots.

They also may reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, encourage cell repair, and control melanin production. 

Additionally, they may treat acne and minimize inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, vitiligo, psoriasis, and rosacea.

Are red light therapy beds worth it?

Generally, yes. Regular use may improve your skin’s feel, look, and quality. This therapy requires frequent use to be effective, so visiting a tanning salon a few times a week might not suit your budget. 

However, if you are interested in treating only your face, purchasing your own panel at home or undergoing sessions with a dermatologist might be the best cost-effective option than using a full-body bed. 


Tanning and getting other red light therapy benefits are possible in a single machine called a hybrid tanning bed.

However, there are still not many brands producing or manufacturing them. Alternatively, you may combine a red light therapy device with separate UV tanning, outdoor tan, or spray tan.

When you use UV lights for tanning, red light therapy may improve the tan because the melanin will be more efficiently oxidized.

Moreover, when using self-tanners, possibly the tan won’t last as long. Red light therapy may increase blood circulation and help faster cell turnover.

We hope this review will help you better understand the best red light therapy bulbs for tanning beds and all the details you need to know before choosing the best one for your needs.

Even though red light therapy bulbs may offer different skin and overall health benefits, it is recommended to consult a doctor before using any such RLT lamps for your utmost safety.

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