How Many Minutes Should I Use Red Light Therapy?

Many manufacturers sell devices that produce red light. But how many minutes should I use red light therapy at home or a clinic center? There’s still a need for people to understand the exact usage of the devices to the minute. Unfortunately, even beauty salons and their technicians know little about the process.

Whether interested in smoking out wrinkles or enhancing hair growth, almost everyone has heard of red light therapy and bought a device without prior knowledge of how to use it.

Let’s check what experts say and what recent studies reveal on this topic.

How Many Minutes Should I Use Red light Therapy


What Is Red Light Therapy

RTL is a therapeutic therapy that utilizes low-level red wavelengths of light. The process was used in early 1990 by scientists who wanted to help plants grow in space. However, from the 1990s until now, red light therapy has come a long way. Many people use RLT to treat wrinkles and scars, and RLT even gained popularity in rejuvenating the damaged tissues of the muscles.

How Does RLT Work

The red lights are supposed to produce a biochemical effect in cells, specifically in the membrane-bound cell organelles known as mitochondria.

These membrane-bound cell organelles are the powerhouse of each cell, meaning they are the place where energy is created.

As we said, the red lights are supposed to produce a biochemical effect that will boost mitochondria and, thus, help the cell to produce more adenosine triphosphate (ATP), an energy-carrying molecule.

This process, if successful, can result in more ATP, meaning the cells may have more energy to heal, rejuvenate, and repair damage.

Red light therapy is known by many names:

  • Photobiomodulation
  • LLLT – low-level light therapy
  • Soft laser
  • Cold laser
  • Biostimulation
  • LPLT – low-power laser therapy
  • Photonic stimulation

Additional information

Red light therapy gives many promises. As you know, thousands of products are already available on the market. They go along with flashy advertisements saying your skin will look like never before.

So far, researchers have confirmed that red light therapy differs from laser light or IPL (intense pulsed light). This advantage is because lasers and IPLs are invasive and damage the skin surface.

However, on the other hand, scientists still work to find evidence that RLT works and can make a difference, but the results seem promising.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work


How Many Minutes Should I Use Red Light Therapy For?

It’s crucial to remember that the time needed for red light therapy depends on multiple factors. There’s no such thing as one designated time that fits all.

First of all, not all devices are made equal. Some masks or caps have more diodes than others, meaning you will have to spend more time.

Furthermore, each person has different skin. Some people are more sensitive to light compared to others.

Therefore, if you’re sensitive, you should not use the RLT device for too long. Even five minutes for people with sensitive skin may cause irritations.

Additionally, another factor you should consider is the reason and the benefits why you’re using the device. While some treatments require around ten minutes twice a week, other conditions need more time.

For instance, stimulating collagen production or reducing deep skin inflammation may require more time under the mask.

Suggested time

  • Full-body light therapy – 15 to 30 minutes

Many clinical studies suggest that you may benefit from full-body therapy if you use it from 15 to 30 minutes per treatment. They also suggest that shorter time-frames will probably not deliver significant results.

  • Hair loss – 10 to 20 minutes

For hair loss, several studies suggest using RLT from 10 to 20 minutes three to five times per week. Of course, this will also depend on the device’s power.

  • Skin conditions (eczema, acne, psoriasis) – 10 to 20 minutes

Many experts advise using RLT 10 to 20 minutes, three to five times per week, for treating skin conditions. Remember that this depends on the skin type, skin issue, and the device’s power.

Potential Benefits of Red Light Therapy

So far, there have been countless clinical and laboratory studies to determine whether the RLT has medical properties.

Some show that there might be positive effects, while others claim there’s not enough proof that RLT may provide better treatments than those currently used.

Be as it may, the research so far shows that RLT may be beneficial and effective for:

Wrapping Up

If you’re one of those asking how many minutes should I use red light therapy, we strongly advise you to visit your physician and consult with an RLT expert or follow the instruction outlined on the packaging should you buy a home device. Follow their advice and enjoy the benefits of using RLT!

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