What Kind of Light Is Used for Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is a popular topic at the moment. There are tons of clinical research about how beneficial it might be for our health. But what kind of light is used in red light therapy? Is the light used in red light therapy harmful to the skin, or does it promote many skin benefits?

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into this topic and tell you all the necessary information about red light therapy. We’ll tell you what kind of light is used for red light therapy, who should try it, and who should refrain from it.

What Kind of Light Is Used for Red Light Therapy?

What Kind of Light Is Used for Red Light Therapy?

If you want to try red light therapy and see the benefits for yourself, you’re not the only one. New places are constantly opening that provide this service. It’s a great business at the moment. The significant detail is that you can get a device and have sessions of this treatment at home.

Now, before trying this, you should consult your doctor. You shouldn’t dive into it by yourself. To do this treatment, you get exposed to a lamp that emits this red light. Sometimes instead of red light, it can use near-infrared light.

As you probably already know, a part of each cell is called mitochondria. Sometimes the mitochondria are called the power generator of the cells. When they get in contact with the red light emitted from the lamp, they create energy.

Experts say that the cells repair themselves by being exposed to this light. When they repair themselves, skin and muscle tissues may improve. This light isn’t like the unhealthy UV rays from tanning booths and doesn’t negatively affect our skin. You don’t have to worry about skin cancer or any type of problem in that sphere.

You can do more in-depth research about this topic if you’re interested in it. Today we cover all the necessary details that the average person would want to know. You can also talk to your dermatologist and doctor if you want more information.

What does red light therapy treat?

Although red light therapy might effectively treat various symptoms, not everyone feels the benefits equally.

Some studies have shown how red light therapy helps people with dementia. There was a study where people with dementia were exposed to this treatment for 12 weeks, and after that, they had much better sleep, were less angry, and experienced improved memory.

Red light therapy may also improve all kinds of skin problems. It might immensely improve wound healing. It’s also supposed to help with stretch marks, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Many people also say it tightens the skin, leaving you with a much younger look. It also might potentially help with sun damage.

Some studies also showed that it helps a lot with osteoarthritis. The people with this condition that tried red light therapy saw an improvement of up to 50%. It can be effective for tendinitis too. People saw that it helps a lot with inflammation.

Who should refrain from red light therapy, and what are the side effects?

Regardless of how beneficial this treatment might be, there can also be side effects. No matter how good people say it is, it’s still something relatively new, and more research needs to be done on it. Different people react differently to it. Even though it’s positive for most people, some people should refrain from it.

One of the adverse side effects of red light therapy can be redness, burns, and blisters. If you see that this is happening on your skin, you should stop the treatment immediately. First, consult with your doctor before doing anything like this. You shouldn’t risk burning your skin.

Moreover, pregnant women shouldn’t try using red light therapy at all, as some complications may happen. People who have any type of heart disease should refrain from this treatment. Also, people who suffer from chronic illnesses shouldn’t use red light devices on their own because RLT can show more harmful than beneficial.

Even if you don’t feel anything specific from this treatment, you can still feel irritation. If you see that happening, stop the process and consult your dermatologist about what’s happening. Either way, you’re the one who can decide if it’s for you or not.

Who should refrain from red light therapy, and what are the side effects?


The bottom line is that red light therapy is good, and it has many potential benefits. It may help the skin with all kinds of problems and usually helps with pain and skin conditions. Studies are constantly done on the topic, and we’re still learning new things about it.

The results and the feedback from the people are pretty promising, but we still don’t have enough evidence that it works. We have different studies with different results, and nothing can be taken away as accurate. It’s still in an experimental phase, even though many people use it.

What we know, though, is the type of light that is used for this treatment. The biggest takeaway is that it isn’t damaging to the skin and isn’t toxic like the UV rays used by tanning booths.

We hope we helped you learn something new and that we answered the question you were looking for. Many people don’t know what kind of light is used for red light therapy, so here is your answer.

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