Can Red Light Therapy Heal Carpal Tunnel?

On average, every three out of 20 people suffer from carpal tunnel, which is a lot. This condition is ruthless and can cause some of the most unpleasant pain in your hands, making you incapable of doing anything else until the pain passes.

That’s why people turned to red light therapy. But can red light therapy heal carpal tunnel? We suggest you keep reading this article and discover what experts say and advise regarding red light therapy and carpal tunnel issues.

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Can Red Light Therapy Heal Carpal Tunnel?

Can Red Light Therapy Heal Carpal Tunnel?

Unlike in the past, if you got diagnosed with carpal tunnel, it mainly meant you would have to deal with the pain for the rest of your life. Nowadays, some things have changed.

Thanks to the advancement in technology and numerous studies done on red light therapy, there might finally be a light at the end of the tunnel. No pun intended.

Scientists try to constantly work on and discover new and less invasive ways of treating carpal tunnel pain through various methods and techniques. Red light therapy has been seen as the one with the most benefits and highest success rates in treating this condition.

From there on, many red light therapy professionals and experts did numerous experiments to discover how this therapy may benefit those with carpal tunnel. We must say they were very successful at it. 

In other words, if used properly and with prior consultation with a professional or a physician, red light therapy might help heal carpal tunnel and significantly relieve pain if used regularly and consistently.

In continuation, you can read more in detail about everything you need to know before trying red light therapy to heal carpal tunnel.

Does Red Light Therapy Help With Neuropathy Pain?

As neuropathy pain is the type of pain that carpal tunnel brings, no wonder it is so strong and unpleasant. This specific type of pain is directly associated with inflammation of the nerves, which can cause overall irritability and disrupt people’s day-to-day routines.

In other words, neuropathy can make you feel tingling, numbness, and intense pain in the affected area. The main reason for that is the destroyed and damaged nerves that can not properly send signals to your brain. Therefore, your brain can not perceive this broken communication and interprets it as tingling even if you are not touching anything.

Moreover, many companies worked on perfecting red light therapy devices strictly intended for people with carpal tunnel symptoms and pain. Unlike traditional heating pads, these devices may work on another level, providing the utmost pain relief in the quickest time possible.

So, can red light therapy heal carpal tunnel and the damaged nerves affected by this condition? Although there needs to be more research to be done, with what we have so far, we can certainly confirm that red light therapy may significantly help with neuropathy pain and heal carpal tunnel pain.

How Many Red Light Therapy Sessions Do You Need

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Although the way red light therapy works can be hard to understand, in this article, we will explain it very simply so that everyone can understand it. Most importantly, use that knowledge to make the most out of this therapy in treating various health conditions.

First, when the light comes in contact with your skin, thanks to its power, it can penetrate the skin’s layers, reaching the soft tissue and even your muscles and bones.

After it gets into the cells of the tissue you are particularly treating, it activates and increases the work of the mitochondria, also known as the powerhouse of the cell.

When the red light stimulates the mitochondria, it produces more ATP, which is the natural energy your body produces. It is the main source of power for every cell in the body.

With the increased ATP and nitric oxide along the way, the blood flow in the particular tissue may also increase, promoting faster healing and lowering the pain.

How Many Red Light Therapy Sessions Do You Need?

As all are different, it is only natural that there is no universal rule of how many red light therapy sessions are enough to heal something.

Therefore, before you start with the red light therapy, the professional that will perform it will ask you some essential questions regarding your overall health. For example, the intensity of your carpal tunnel pain and more specifics on your overall health.

From there, they will assemble a schedule with the amount of red light therapy sessions you will need so that the therapy is as effective as possible in treating your condition, in this case, carpal tunnel.

How Much Time Is Needed Until You Notice Results?

Seeing the results from red light therapy differs for everyone. However, most of the time, people see and feel improvement anywhere from a month up to six months, depending on the severity of their pain and the frequency of the sessions.

The best thing you can do is keep a daily journal where you will write a few words on how your pain feels daily. After some time, you will be able to notice the improvement from this therapy by comparing the notes you have written.


Can red light therapy heal carpal tunnel? In this article, we’ve explained just that and also paid attention to all the essential things you need to know before trying this therapy.

You could also read which factors influence how many red light therapy sessions you would need, how to best notice the results, and whether the therapy works.

Overall, many studies have shown that red light therapy devices may relieve the stiffness and pain associated with conditions such as carpal tunnel, sprains, RSIs, and arthritis.

As red light therapy may stimulate healing and promote new nerves, it may effectively help with neuropathy pain caused by the carpal tunnel, meaning it may heal the carpal tunnel itself.

So, what’s left to do is find the right red light therapy specialist for you and finally say goodbye to the stubborn and unbearing carpal tunnel pain.

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