Does Red Light Therapy Help Old Scars?

As there is still no official therapy or cure that would once and for all get rid of old scars, acne scars, dark spots, keloid scars, etc., people try every possible method to eliminate such problems.

With the introduction of red light therapy in the past decade, more and more professionals and experts tried to experiment and research. The results they got were quite promising. So, does red light therapy help old scars?

Continuing this article, you can read more about how red light therapy actually works on healing old scars, how many sessions you will need, and much more info for a safe red light therapy journey!

Does Red Light Therapy Help Old Scars?


Does Red Light Therapy Help Old Scars?

Patients recovering from surgeries, pain, and inflammation have possibly seen major improvement after being treated with red light therapy, especially regarding incisions, burns, wounds, and scars.

When it comes to old scars particularly, there are many well-conducted studies that show how red light therapy helps old scars, and the results from them may be promising in improving and changing the face of medicine again.

After so many people have potentially seen improvement in the appearance of their old scars, this method has become widely popular. So, an increased number of salons started offering it as the most natural, non-invasive, and safe solution.

If red light therapy is done by a professional with suitable training and long-term experience, it may help make the old scars less visible and attention-catching.

Thanks to the anti-inflammation properties red light therapy has, it may lower inflammation. More importantly, stimulate collagen production in the affected area, which later may result in lowering the raised scars.

In the following section, you can read how exactly red light therapy works to help old scars and how to see results most effectively, so be sure to keep reading!

How Does Red Light Heal Scars?

Although many people already know everything about red light therapy, not all know how it works and how it may help old scars without causing serious side effects.

Namely, red light therapy is a non-invasive, natural, and drug-free therapy. This treatment involves exposing your skin to intense therapeutic red light wavelengths for a certain amount of time.

During this time, the red light penetrates your skin’s deepest levels, may stimulate the production of natural cellular energy (ATP, or adenosine triphosphate), and reduce oxidative stress. 

This combination may be the key to reducing the appearance of old scars and improving the skin’s texture and quality around the affected area.

May form new blood vessels

Many studies and reviews suggest that red light therapy may also have been effective in triggering angiogenesis or the formation of new blood vessels.

This may be crucial to healing old scars as it allows oxygen, nutrients, and, most importantly, immune cells to reach the scar while removing the debris.

It also may allow granulation tissue to form, which consists of cytokines, blood vessels, etc., and characterizes a healing wound.

How Does Red Light Heal Scars


May reduce inflammation

As inflammation is a part of every scar healing, in the first phases, the RLT’s role is to possibly stop the bleeding and destroy toxic agents that might cause infection.

However, many times, after the first phase is over, inflammation can slow down the healing process and cause some additional issues.

Therefore, it is believed that red light therapy supposedly changes the macrophage phenotypes from M1 to M2, which is crucial for reducing inflammation and making the healing process more effective and quicker.

May increase collagen production

As you are probably familiar with collagen, you already know that this is the most abundant protein that binds all tissues while providing elasticity and structure. Wound healing is a process of many phases, and collagen is a part of every one of them. 

Several studies have shown that red light therapy may have a major impact in stimulating collagen production, which may help heal new and old scars faster.

May help in increasing circulation

Another significant effect of red light therapy is the increased nitric oxide production, which is the body’s natural vasodilator.

In other words, this therapy may provide improved blood flow, allowing the blood to have easier access to the scar and more efficient removal of pathogens and toxins.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe for Scars?

As red light therapy does not emit harmful UV rays, it may be a relatively safe and natural therapy that almost everyone can try. Thanks to this non-invasive therapy, you still have nothing to lose, even if you do not see any major improvement.

The most important thing for staying safe is finding a red light therapy professional or esthetician with long-term experience and excellent red light therapy training. Do not try this therapy at home without consulting a professional because regardless of how safe this therapy is, you can still feel some side effects.

The esthetician will ask you some questions regarding the scar and will closely examine it. They might even perform a skin sensitivity test to see whether your skin will react to the red light.

If they conclude that everything is good, they will assemble a personalized schedule with the frequency and duration of the red light therapy sessions for your particular concern. This way, you will be the safest you can possibly be and expect results in the quickest time possible.

When Can You Notice Results?

Noticing the results from the RLT is an individual thing and varies from person to person, depending on the scar they are treating.

A great tip is that you can take pictures of the scar every seven to 10 days, as that is the only way you will be able to see even the slightest changes.

Moreover, you will have to ensure and be consistent with the sessions because even missing one session can greatly slow down the healing process.

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So, how does red light therapy help old scars? We have highlighted the mechanism this therapy uses while treating scars and how to most efficiently and safely eliminate the rough appearance of the scars.

Red light therapy has been a proven method through multiple studies and research that it may significantly help the overall healing process of the skin thanks to its power to penetrate the skin to its deepest layers.

Moreover, we have shared some expert tips on noticing the results easier. All you need to do is be patient and consistent; your old scars might not be as bothersome as before. Also, considering consulting an RLT professional before starting this therapy is imperative.

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