Best Red Light Therapy Device for Acne

With the increasing popularity of RLT devices used to cure acne, you may be wondering which are the best red light therapy device for acne on the market.

When people talk about the future of acne treatment or skin care in general, they probably couldn’t have imagined something like this. This may be the easiest way to treat acne without visiting a clinic.

Devices such as RLT facial massagers, LED masks, handheld LED devices, etc., are so convenient that you may take them on vacation and not miss a single treatment session. However, selecting one might be challenging, with so many brands selling these devices on the market.

So, to help you select the appropriate device, we have compiled this list. The products are easily available on Amazon. They can also be used with any prescription cream or medication without difficulty.

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Red Light Therapy Device for Acne


Best Red Light Therapy Device for Acne: Reviews

  1. KTS – Cold Laser Device With LED display
  2. Rotsha – Red Light Therapy Device
  3. Hooga – Red Light Therapy Device
  4. DGYAO – Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt
  5. Deektrion – Red Light Therapy Device

1. KTS – Cold Laser Device With LED Display

Cold Laser Human/Vet Device with LED Display Targets...
  • ESAY TO USE: Stylish and compact design, portable size for easy carrying when travel. Easy to operate with user-friendly guide included....
  • Note: The 808nm light is invisible to the human eye(But it can be seen through the phone's camera.)
  • For different body parts, there are different recommended methods of use. Use know that the instructions are included in the package.

The KTS cold laser device is ideal for individuals who do not want to waste time with sophisticated technology.

The device has 12 x 650 nanometers diodes to cover a large region and 2 x 808 nanometers diodes. According to user feedback, KTS also provides the greatest instructions (which is a rare case among LLLT devices). People find the guidebook useful and understandable (excellent font, size, color of text, and usage tips).

This red light therapy device emits light that is both red and near-infrared in wavelength. It’s a non-invasive treatment that boosts cellular regeneration and mitochondrial energy production.

It can be a fantastic alternative to a comprehensive wellness program because of its numerous health advantages and ease of usage.

You can choose six lengths for your sessions, ensuring the procedure runs smoothly. The device is portable, including a travel bag and a battery lasting up to four days. Also, KTS has only two buttons: one to switch it on and off and another to set the timer.


The design is stylish and compact, and the size is portable for easy travel. With a user-friendly handbook supplied, it’s simple to use. For both professional and personal use, lighter or deeper penetration is available.

Different techniques of use are indicated for different body sections. The directions are provided in the packaging, so keep that in mind.

Furthermore, it contains a rechargeable 2600mAh lithium battery that can last up to four days when completely charged for two hours.

They offer a no-hassle money-back or replacement guarantee. They eliminate all risks. You won’t have to fear receiving a subpar product because they offer to refund your money if you don’t like it.

Finally, the device combines the principle of modern infrared light treatment with traditional Chinese medicine’s theory of acupuncture and moxibustion. The original light acupuncture and light circulation therapy may give you the most effective therapy for pain.


  • May be safe for all skin tones
  • Larger treatment area
  • Easy to use


  • The battery may drain fast

2. Rotsha – Red Light Therapy Device

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The Rotsha red light treatment device employs direct light therapy to alleviate acne and the pain associated with acne breakouts on the face. It’s ideal for those trying to improve skin texture or achieve that coveted “healthy glow”, and it’s affordable.

It may eliminate acne-causing bacteria and clear existing lesions using a combination of red and blue light, resulting in greatly improved, healthy-looking skin.

The Rotsha’s stainless steel cylinder design is comparable to that of a miniature flashlight, making it lightweight and compact. 

This device is simple to operate and produces a power output of one red LED light, one blue LED light, and one infrared LED light with wavelengths of 630-660 nanometers, 460 nanometers, and 850-940 nanometers.

You can utilize these light settings in three different modes: one is red light + blue light therapy, the second is red light therapy, and the third is blue light therapy.

The Rotsha red light therapy device is sold as an “all-inclusive package” that includes a carrying case, one eye protection glass, a handling cable, a USB cable, a battery charger, rechargeable batteries, and lithium-ion batteries.


Their innovative LED is highly reliable, has a long lifespan, and has low heat resistance. It is the ideal answer for common household applications.

Their red light may stimulate skin collagen growth, deep skin beauty maintenance, wrinkle elimination, pore reduction, collagen and elastin regeneration, aerobic skin respiration, and blood circulation.

As opposed to typical medications, over-the-counter products, or other costly therapies that may have side effects, this red light device is a safe and burden-free solution to relieve pain and suffering.

The product contains one red light therapy device, one hang kit, and one plug cord. The red treatment panel can be hung or stand-alone.

While using this red light therapy gadget, you can read a book in bed, watch TV on the sofa, and use an LED light panel.


  • Portable and compact
  • Simple to operate
  • Three separate modes


  • The glasses do not have sufficient width

3. Hooga – Red Light Therapy Device

Hooga Red Light Therapy for Face and Body, 660nm 850nm,...
  • 💡HOOGA HG SERIES: The HG series is our entry level series, perfect for getting started with red and near infrared light therapy. No...
  • 💡HIGH POWERED HOME USE: Red light therapy used to be limited to expensive salons and clinics but now thanks to high powered, energy...
  • 💡SPECIFIC & PROVEN WAVELENGTHS: Our light therapy devices use clinically proven wavelengths of red and near infrared light at 660 (red)...

Hooga offers economical and effective red light therapy from the convenience of your own home, business, or gym. When conducting your skincare routine, you can keep it on your desk at work or in your bathroom. 

The HG24, HG300, HG500, HG1000, and HG1500 are five different versions of Hooga’s red light therapy product, with power ranging from 7W to 585W.

Hooga is also less expensive than many other red light therapy devices, with prices ranging from $180 to $1,000 for the most expensive model. 

The HG300 is a medical-grade, tailored red, and near-infrared light therapy device that may be used in the comfort of your own home.

This specialized device can be used for anti-aging, improving skin tone and texture, pain relief, wrinkle reduction, and sleep improvement, among other things. 12.2″ x 8.2″ x 2.5″ is the size of the Hooga HG300 red light therapy equipment.

It’s also a best-selling item on Amazon, with high customer ratings worldwide. You can choose the correct Hooga system for you, whether you want 12 LEDs or 300 LEDs on your red light therapy panel.


Irradiance is crucial when it comes to light therapy. The irradiance of these panels is substantially higher than 100 mW/cm2 at the surface and at least 73 mW/cm2 at 6 inches.

You can be confident you’re receiving an effective, efficient amount of light to your body when you utilize a gadget with irradiance statistics like these.

Hooga seeks to provide full ease and personalization to its users. Thus, Hooga includes a built-in timer that lets you establish a timer for each treatment. When the timer reaches its limit, it automatically stops working.


  • A 24-month warranty
  • May work for all types of skin
  • Can be used every day


  • Not FDA-cleared

4. DGYAO – Red & Infrared Light Therapy Device

DGYAO Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy Belt with Pulse...
  • Two Light Modes: Steady-on mode and upgraded flickering pulse mode. All red & infrared lights will stay on in Steady-on mode, while lights...
  • Red & Near Infrared Dual Therapy: Total 216pcs red 660nm and 108pcs near-infrared 880nm lights, featuring our SMD newest lighting tech that...
  • Comfortable & Easy to Use: Comes with 20 minutes auto off timer, two modes can be easily switched. Surface is flat and soft. Buckle straps...

On Amazon, DGYAO sells a compact, portable red light therapy device. It’s a 12″ x 6″ pad with 52 red lights (660 nanometers) and 65 infrared LEDs that can’t be seen (880 nanometers).

You may stimulate cellular healing and enhance circulation by utilizing light therapy equipment daily, resulting in a more bright and young complexion.

The DGYAO device is gentle and pleasant to use. The lights are mounted on a stretchy fabric rather than a solid surface. You may wrap it around any region of your body to get pain treatment on the fly, such as your arm, elbow, or lower back.

DGYAO says that 20 minutes of treatment per day may provide significant pain alleviation. This DGYAO device should decrease fine lines and wrinkles, temporarily enhance blood circulation, and treat mild to moderate acne by shining light directly on the skin.

Blue light may have antibacterial properties, decreasing acne-causing bacteria levels, while red light may have anti-inflammatory properties.

DGYAO says their device penetrates deeply into the skin’s lowest layers, resulting in more effective pain relief. It is said to help with cardiovascular health and cell repair, among other things.


The portable device is tiny and easy to transport. The lights’ surface is smooth, flat, and comfortable to use. It’s the ideal choice for home use; enjoy your light whenever and wherever you want.

It comes with a brand-new integrated digital control and a 20-minute auto shut-off timer. Many doctors utilize their pads on sportsmen and those who suffer from discomfort.

It also may show promising outcomes in terms of muscle pain alleviation and post-surgery recuperation. It may be an excellent, painless treatment for hand discomfort.

It’s also big enough to simultaneously relieve your entire hand and wrist ache. This light treatment pad contains 88 intense red lights and 88 invisible infrared lights, which combine to provide a potent irradiance that penetrates deeper into tissue.

Finally, it contains an auto shut-off mechanism that prevents a single therapeutic session from lasting longer than 40 minutes.


  • Affordable price point
  • Multi-purpose application
  • FDA-approved
  • A one-year warranty


  • It’s often out of stock

5. Deektrion – Red Light Therapy Device

Deektrion Red Light Therapy Device, Red 660nm & Near...
  • 【BEST FULL-BODY LIGHT THERAPY PANEL】Congratulations on finding this Light Therapy Device housed in a light-weight yet highly durable...
  • 【THREE MODES OFFER MORE FLEXIBILITY】: Red light 660nm stimulates collagen production for improved skin texture and tone, smoothing fine...
  • 【HIGH IRRADIANCE】The Deektrion Red Light Therapy Panel features dual chip LEDs which deliver an irradiance level as high as 120 mW/cm2...

This Deektrion red light panel has a total of 60 LED lights to help you get the most out of your red light treatment at home.

It’s ideal for deep tissue work on any part of the body. If your skin has difficulties penetrating lotions, creams, and active skincare ingredients, it’s an amazing technique to assist cell repair faster.

Furthermore, its fan is very quiet so that it won’t interfere with your daily routine. As you present your skin to the lights, it helps to disperse heat evenly.

It’s simple to set up; plug it in and select the LED light color and treatment duration using the remote control. You’ll enjoy how the light intensity can be changed to fit your preferences.

In addition, the device emits light wavelengths at the right strength to deal with skin aging. It gently enters the skin to deliver the best effects, allowing you to reclaim control of your youthful appearance and self-confidence.


The Deektrion D300 is a cost-effective phototherapy device that uses high-quality Dual Chips OSRAM LEDs, the most advanced clinical LED technology.

They are so sure of the quality of their products that they offer a three-year warranty, great customer service, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have. They will offer you experienced guidance to help you recuperate.

Deektrion red light has a surface irradiance of more than 120 mW/cm2 and a distance of 6 inches of about 100 mW/cm2, resulting in speedy and successful treatment times. The 60 LEDs have a 60-degree beam angle.

The device has a clever control mechanism that allows you to adjust the time. Set the timer to zero seconds if you want a longer session, and the light treatment panel will stay on until you turn it off.


  • May improve healthy skin
  • Easy to use


  • The battery life is not so good

Factors to Consider While Choosing RLT Device

Laser power

It’s a common secret that powerful lasers can cause eye damage, yet they’re also required for red light therapy.

As a result, it’s critical to pay attention to the laser class you choose for at-home therapy. When used incorrectly, class 4 lasers, for example, can cause rapid harm to your eyes, ignite combustible goods, and be prone to heating.

Class 1M lasers are the safest option for at-home therapy. Alternative classes are sometimes worth pursuing in a clinical context or if you are extremely confident in your abilities to safely operate a cold laser.

However, class 1M lasers should be used for most at-home therapy. Class 1M lasers are perfectly safe as long as they are not magnified with a telescope or other similar equipment. 

Even though you shouldn’t point the laser directly at your eyes, you’ll be perfectly safe.

Price range

When it comes to medical devices, it’s safe to assume that cost is a major consideration. Higher-priced lasers typically have higher power settings, which might result in shorter treatment times.

Therapy time is less of a concern for persons with acute problems. It’s possible that you’ll just use the device a few dozen times before you’re healed and feeling better.

However, anyone suffering from chronic pain will use their therapy device frequently enough that treatment times will quickly accumulate.

You’ll probably be alright using a lower-powered device if you can carve out time to indulge yourself while watching TV or relaxing. Otherwise, a higher-powered device can help you obtain more treatment in less time.

Laser specifications

The degree of light penetration attainable during therapy is determined by the wavelength of the light emitted and the power of the laser employed.

Unfortunately, the precise quantity of electricity required for treatment is a difficult and ultimately unsolved problem. Having more power allows for shorter treatment times and bigger doses in general.

However, this does not rule out the possibility of considering lower-powered devices. The only devices with power outputs considerably below 100 mW/cm2 that are clearly too low for therapeutic applications are those with extremely low power outputs. Since they’re so small, they’re usually easy to notice and should be avoided.

Another source of debate and disagreement is the wavelengths of light employed. The bulk of devices on the market operate at wavelengths between 800 and 860 nanometers, but some manufacturers also produce 600 and 680 nanometers.

Since there is no scientific consensus on which wavelength is best or which problems respond best, you’ll have to make that selection on your own.

Trustworthiness and brand value

You’ve already completed half of your work when you choose a product from a recognized and trusted manufacturer.

It will assist you in obtaining high-quality products because respected organizations are unlikely to supply substandard products to their customers.

You should always choose reputable and trustworthy organizations to obtain the best services. It will also ensure better after-sales service if you require it.

Check client feedback

Even if you buy products from well-known companies, you should pay attention to customer reviews. As a result, you should look at consumer reviews on Amazon and other product-related websites.

It will assist you in understanding the potential defects and benefits of the thing you wish to purchase.

Thus, you will be more equipped to handle and maintain the item, enhancing its service and performance. It will also be useful in the future to avoid any inconvenience because you will be aware of the facts.

Longevity and built quality

It doesn’t matter how high-performing or feature-packed an item is if it doesn’t last a reasonable amount of time. As a result, you should think about its typical lifespan.

Since the build quality and materials used in the manufacturing of any object are linked to its lifespan, you should inspect them as well.

Ideally, the item should be manufactured of high-quality materials that adhere to industry standards. It will provide long-term value for the money.

Auto shut-off feature

An auto shut-off feature is another crucial feature to look for in a red light treatment device. They can cause problems if they are left on for too long or if you forget to switch them off.

An auto shut-off option will help to keep the machine from overworking, and if you fall asleep with it on, it will switch itself off without your intervention.

This is an excellent safety feature to have, which is why you should look for a machine that has it. Otherwise, the machine designed to simplify your life will cause new aches, pains, and issues.

Benefits of Light Therapy for Skin


Blue light may help to cure acne. Blue light has been demonstrated in research to kill acne-causing bacteria. It may also lessen the amount of oil produced by your glands.

This may help to prevent acne by keeping the hair follicles clear. Typically, red light is used in conjunction with blue light to reduce inflammation, redness, and keloid scars.


Red light may stimulate fibroblasts, which are skin cells. These may promote collagen formation, which is necessary for skin restoration.

Certain trials have demonstrated that red light treatment may tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and make skin smoother and softer.

Photodynamic treatment with 5-aminolevulinic acid and red light softens the skin and reduces fine wrinkles.

Healing of wounds

Collagen is vital for wound healing, and red light may boost it. After that, people who have had skin resurfacing surgery have also received red light therapy.

This type of light therapy has been shown in studies to reduce redness, swelling, and bruising while also speeding up the healing process.


Red and near-infrared light treatment may help reduce psoriasis redness and inflammation. According to one study, these light therapies potentially reduced psoriasis pimples and plaques, which are red, itchy, scaly sores. ‌

Skin cancer

Photodynamic therapy has been used to treat skin malignancies using both red and green lights.

After applying the medication to the skin, red and green lights are used to treat Bowen’s disease, while red light is utilized to treat basal cell carcinoma lesions.

According to studies, red light may help in curing Bowen’s disease and eradicating basal cell carcinoma lesions.

Red light therapy is generally safe when used alone, without sensitizing medications or lotions. Red lights do not harm the skin or its tissues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use red light therapy?

Yes, employing light therapy is not something to be concerned about because most devices meet the FDA’s safety standards. However, if you look into light for an extended amount of time, you may experience headaches.

As a result, wearing goggles or being blindfolded is advised. Furthermore, it is not recommended to use LED light therapy devices if you are currently taking anti-acne medications or exfoliating serums that make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Do red light therapy devices work?

LED light therapy masks, according to Engelman, may effectively tackle a variety of skin issues ranging from aging to acne.

They function by transmitting light waves deep into the epidermis to stimulate natural intracellular reactions. Skin reacts differently depending on the wave of light, resulting in diverse consequences.

As previously stated, red light may have tremendous anti-aging properties, including strengthening cellular structure, lowering inflammation, minimizing the appearance of pores, and expediting repair.

Blue light is antimicrobial, lowering oil production, preventing acne, and treating eczema and psoriasis.

Amber increases collagen and elastin, while white light penetrates the deepest and acts to tighten skin and relieve inflammation. We suggest six to eight sessions for the best outcomes.

How can you use a red light therapy device at home?

After purchasing a panel, choose a decent spot to install or hang it to relax during the treatment.

Then, turn on the panel while situating your body such that the area to be treated is facing it. The treatment region must be entirely exposed to light, with no clothes or fabric hiding it. You can cover the regions that are not being treated if it makes you feel more at peace.

We strongly advise you to wear eye protection if you wish to treat facial wrinkles or skin diseases on your face. When treating other regions of the body, protective goggles are not required. 

Close infrared light is in the far edges of the visible spectrum; thus, it may appear unlit or dim if you look at the lights. Even though your eyes cannot see it, the light is extremely bright to your body.

What are the different kinds of LED light therapy?

Red, blue, and green light are the three major forms of LED light treatment. Red light is known for its ability to relieve inflammation and redness, but it may also increase collagen formation, which can lead to plump skin. 

Blue light is most known for its ability to heal acne by destroying bacteria on the skin, while green light can aid in the correction of hyperpigmentation.

There are many other types of LED light treatments, but these are the most frequent.

Is red light therapy harmful to your eyes?

Although at-home red light therapy treatments are not as powerful as those offered by RLT machines, a person’s eyes can still be damaged if they are not properly protected when using them.

Red light, like other therapies, is the most dangerous of the LED lights in terms of bad side effects from overexposure to the eyes.

It is known to deteriorate the macro-sensors in the eyes and is linked to various types of eye damage over time.

Even if the light to which a person is exposed does not fall within the UV spectrum, they should nevertheless take the required steps to maintain their long-term eye health.

Can red light treatment aid in weight loss?

Red light therapy has been demonstrated to aid in weight loss through various methods. It not only burns fat but may also help with weight loss.

Those who utilized continuous light treatment for more than a few weeks saw a reduction in cellulite, tighter thighs and hips, and cosmetic body sculpting.

Obese people who utilized red light therapy in conjunction with moderate exercise shed more body fat than those who only exercised.

Although red light therapy cannot replace diet and exercise, it can effectively supplement a weight-loss strategy for those seeking a better lifestyle.

It was also discovered that people who used red light treatment with exercise possibly increased their skeletal muscle mass, which is even better for exercising.

How long does it take red light therapy to work?

Red light therapy, like other skin care products, takes time to work. Each device has its own recommended usage time, ranging from three to ten minutes per treatment region. Depending on your schedule, you can use it once, twice, or every other day.

Consistency is essential for seeing outcomes. Even so, skin tone and look may improve gradually. Minor effects may appear rapidly, but the full benefits will take three to six months to manifest. After that, you should use the gadget less frequently.

It’s best to document your progress with “before” and “after” images. Once you have your new equipment, take images in the same position every day or week and report the results over time. It is also critical to operate your equipment correctly to achieve the greatest outcomes.


There’s no denying that red light therapy devices are fantastic. They can assist you in saving a lot of money while providing you with the skin you desire. Just remember to use them instead of putting them on the shelf.

They are also a haven of leisure, suitable for people of all ages. You should absolutely purchase a red light therapy device for your personal care routine. 

Its numerous advantages may be beneficial to your health, self-esteem, and overall quality of life in the long run.

We hope that our list of the best red light therapy devices for acne has given you some insight into the devices that have shown to be the most effective on the market for treating acne.