Do You Feel Heat From Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is highly recommended and used worldwide because of its possibly relieving and painless effects as well as potential benefits for acne scars, skin care, weight loss, etc. But do you feel heat from red light therapy? You will find out the information here.

If you have a red light therapy device at home, be careful and use it as described in the manual. Misusing the red light therapy device might cause side effects and burn your skin if standing too close at a high intensity. Visiting a spa for planet fitness or an infrared sauna and letting professionals do the therapy might be a better choice.

So, continue reading to discover whether you feel the heat from red light therapy.

Do you feel heat from red light therapy


Do You Feel Heat From Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy uses low red light wavelengths that penetrate the skin and reach the tissue. It is recommended because it might help with various health and skin conditions.

The red light wavelengths may get 8 to 10 millimeters (0.31-0.39 inches) deep into the skin, possibly reaching the cells and initiating their energy production. Red light might have a beneficial impact on the nervous system and metabolism.

Red light therapy devices generally emit low-level wavelengths since their energy density is lower than other laser therapies. This is one of the reasons why red light therapy produces little to no heat.

Research and studies show that red light therapy might have no severe adverse effects on the skin if used properly. Not using properly or standing too close and long might cause skin burns. However, its proper usage might be safe and beneficial for most people.

So, if you wonder if red light therapy produces heat, we can not give a precise answer since everyone who has used it has a different experience. Most people have said there is no heat, while others mentioned feeling a soothing and pleasant low-intensity heat.

Benefits of RLT

Might repair and heal the skin

Red light therapy might have a beneficial impact on skin wounds and damage. This kind of therapy might activate the cells and make them produce energy, which further provides faster wound healing and tissue and skin repair.

Red light’s skin repair and healing effects are two reasons it is used in many beauty and dermatology salons.

Red light therapy might stimulate the skin tissue and heal the damaged areas. In this case, it might provide a speeded regenerative process that results in faster wound healing.

Might have an anti-aging effect

Red light therapy might positively impact the skin and hair. The anti-aging effects of red light therapy generally provide skin rejuvenation and better nutrient delivery on the face and hair. Some individuals have noticed a possible improvement in skin elasticity and hair growth.

A study on male and female individuals has shown a satisfactory result of red light therapy on hair follicle growth. No solid report proves this effect of red light therapy, but some studies have resulted positively.

Might contribute to improved joint and muscle health

Many physiotherapists have included red light therapy in treating patients with muscle or joint pain caused by an injury or illness. 

Some studies have shown that red light rays might penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate collagen production. Collagen production benefits cartilage rebuild, the main thing that might make red light therapy beneficial for arthritis, muscle, and joint pain relief.

Might contribute to better sleep

Red light therapy might support melatonin production, the hormone that plays the main role in the night sleep cycle. Using a red light therapy device ten to 15 minutes before sleep might reset your circadian clock and help you fall asleep faster.

Might help with better mood and less depression

Red light might initiate many body processes that support the immune system, help recovery, and improve overall health. The initiated cell energy might improve the blood flow and the overall body function. 

The improved processes in the body might be charged for your better mood and energy levels. As you recover, you start feeling more energized, happier, positive, confident, etc.

where to get a red light therapy treatment


Where to Get a Red Light Therapy Treatment or Device

You can find red light therapy in many places, like physiotherapeutic offices, doctor’s offices, dental offices, beauty salons, etc. Many doctors approve of and use red light since its possible effects are well-known worldwide.

Getting red light physiotherapy is possible if you feel pain in your muscles and joints. Red light might get deep under the skin, reaching the tissue and activating the metabolism. The blood circulation might also improve, which is one of the reasons why you might feel better after the red light therapy.

Beauty salons are also a place where you can ask for red light therapy. More and more beauty and spa centers offer red light therapy because of its possible skin-rejuvenating effects. Using red light therapy twice a week might improve the circulation in the rayed area, allowing the cells to regenerate and rejuvenate naturally.

If you are interested in buying a red light device for home use, you can research the Internet and find a trusted web store. You can also visit a store that sells some electric beauty devices. Amazon is also a good place to find a good red light therapy device for a reasonable price.

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Red light therapy might be beneficial for many body treatments. So, do you feel heat from red light therapy? The answer is probably no, but it may depend on multiple factors.

Red light therapy uses infrared technology that generally does not produce heat. Depending on the red light wavelengths, intensity, and the device itself, there might be chances for you to feel a little heat. People who felt the heat from the RLT device said it was a pleasant warm touch that relaxed the rayed area.

However, remember that before using such therapy, you should always consult with a professional or doctor for your overall health!