Do You Need Eye Protection for Red Light Therapy?

Light therapies have been around for ages. In ancient times, people mostly used sunlight as a therapeutic method to possibly heal certain skin conditions. A decade ago, light therapies were more of an exclusive service only offered in private hospitals.

Nowadays, red light therapy is one of the most popular therapies of this kind, and you can access them more easily. You don’t have to pay millions to use this kind of service. However, do you need eye protection for red light therapy?

RLT might be used for various health conditions like eye health, anti-aging, pain, etc. But many people don’t quite understand how the whole process works and whether they need some protective eyewear when using an LED face mask or other devices.

Continue to read our article and learn whether you need eye protection for red light therapy and much more.

Do you need eye protection for red light therapy?

Do You Need Eye Protection for Red Light Therapy?

RLT is a treatment in which doctors use a red light device to possibly treat different health conditions. The device can usually be a red light laser or a red light lamp. They typically function on low red light wavelengths.

Using red light wavelength at a low level means that this type of treatment may be generally safe. As a patient, you won’t feel anything; your skin won’t be burned. Therefore, eye protection is not required when subjected to red light therapy, but it is advised to wear it.

However, the lights displayed during the treatment are very bright. So, you may feel slightly uncomfortable if you are more sensitive to lights.

You can always discuss this with your doctor and ask for a pair of additional goggles, and you can try some eye protection for LED light therapy.

Possible Benefits

Red light therapy might be used for treating various skin conditions. Thanks to the power of the red light wavelengths, this technique may help in reducing wrinkles and acne. It also might help improve the skin area around wounds, scars from acne, and similar.

Furthermore, it may also be an excellent method for patients facing more serious skin issues. This means that RTL might help you fight rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema. Also, it may improve skin affected by redness or too much sunlight.

This type of light treatment may also help patients who went through chemotherapy. The red light wavelengths may renew hair follicles. Therefore, it might help patients grow their hair back. Additionally, it might be a great solution for reducing alopecia. 

RTL might help you to improve your memory and the quality of your sleep too. Moreover, it might help you feel more relaxed and lower stress levels. It may also help patients suffering from dementia by possibly making them calmer.

Possible Risks

Like any other treatment, RTL comes with a few possible risks. However, all its possible side effects usually last for a short period. So, you can experience irritation or redness after this treatment.

Additionally, you might get hives. This refers to itchy, raised welts that can be formed on the skin. Besides itching skin, you might also get itchy or even dry eyes. You mustn’t wear makeup or contact lenses during the treatment.

Lastly, you can easily injure yourself if you are not careful while using at-home RTL devices. Moreover, exposing yourself too long to a red light might worsen the skin condition you are treating. That’s why you should let professionals do it.

Where Can You Get Red Light Therapy?

Where Can You Get Red Light Therapy?

After learning how the treatment works and about eye protection for red light therapy, you might feel more relieved about the safety of the process. Therefore, now you might be more interested in getting this treatment.

For that matter, you should know where you can get it. So, red light therapy is typically performed at a doctor’s office. You can get this treatment at the dermatologist’s office if you are treating a more specific skin condition.

In addition, many cosmetic salons also offer red light therapy for their clients. Usually, those places might treat more basic skin conditions, such as reducing wrinkles. However, it is safer to be done by a doctor or a dermatologist. 

Additionally, this type of service is also part of many dental offices. Moreover, thanks to the market expansion, you can easily find RTL devices at home today.

There are red light neck pillows, red light eye masks, panels, and lamps. They are typically very convenient for usage and ideal for relaxation. However, if you are facing a more serious health issue, we do not recommend you do RTL at home. 

Prices and insurance

In addition to where you can get red light therapy, we think you should be aware of other additional facts, such as the cost of such treatment and that the insurance may not cover red light therapy. When it comes to the price, it usually differs from $50 to $100.

However, you must know that insurance does not cover red light therapy. Therefore, before using such a treatment, you should contact your insurance company and discuss the details about it. 


Before going for red light therapy, you must know how this process works. This includes knowing what kind of light devices are being used, whether you need eye protection for red light therapy, the possible side effects, and similar.

So, do you need eye protection for red light therapy? Although it is not necessary to use eye protection when receiving red light treatment, it is recommended.

All of this information will be beneficial for you in many aspects. This includes knowing what you are getting into and whether it is the right solution for your health problem. Moreover, it can cost you less than other treatments.

The possible health benefits of using red light therapy included in this article may not apply to everyone; every individual is different. Before using such treatment, you must consult with your doctor.

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