Do You Need Lotion for Red Light Therapy?

Many light treatments are available on today’s market, but red light therapy treatment has been in the lead for many years. Red light therapy is considered to be the most popular light treatment. However, many people don’t quite understand how the treatment works, whether you need lotion for the therapy so to prevent your skin from getting dry. So, do you need lotion for red light therapy?

Light treatments consist of using different types of lights. Therefore we have red light therapy, blue light, green light, infrared light therapy, etc. All of them are used for treating different health issues.

Dive into our article and learn all about it. You can discover what red light therapy is and how you can prepare before and after the treatment. Also, you can learn how long it will take to see the results.

Do You Need Lotion for Red Light Therapy?


Do You Need Lotion for Red Light Therapy?

So, do you need lotion for red light therapy? The short answer to this common question is no, it’s unnecessary. Using lotions is not obligatory simply because there is no 100% guarantee or scientific proof for having better results.

Continue to read and learn how you can prepare and treat your skin before and after the treatment.

How to prepare: before and after RLT

Clothes can prevent the red light from penetrating the skin. Therefore, to feel the possible health benefits of the red light device, you must take your clothes off. This refers to if you are treating an area of your body below the head.

In case you are treating only the face, then you must only take off your makeup. In addition, you mustn’t wear any contact lenses. But if you have had some eye problems in the past, you must consult with an eye specialist first.

Furthermore, you can use so-called red light lotions. They may prepare your skin better and enhance the results of the treatment. You can use cleansers with non-drying effects, toners rich with antioxidants, or anti-inflammatory lotions. 

However, these products are not mandatory. The same goes for wearing glasses for protection. You can use them if you feel the red light is too bright.

Regarding the after-period, it’s recommended to use retinol. It may help keep the skin healthy and younger-looking.

Red Light Therapy Facts

How does red light therapy work?

Red light therapy or soft-light therapy is a treatment that uses red light devices to treat and improve different kinds of health conditions. The most used devices for such treatments are red light lasers and lamps.

Since these devices function on low wavelengths, doctors simply adjust the light to a specific suitable setting to treat the patient. Different health problems require different settings. For example, the red light is typically set to 520 nanometers to potentially treat migraines.

Furthermore, RLT is also called biostimulation, low-power laser therapy, cold laser therapy, and similar.

Moreover, thanks to its popularity, you can now also do red light therapy at home. For that matter, you will need to purchase a red light device. The most popular are red light lamps, wrap devices, red light slippers, eye masks, etc.

So if you plan on doing such treatment, now you know what you are getting yourself into.

What is RLT used for?

There are plenty of health conditions that you might treat with red light therapy. This type of treatment is mainly used for improving the skin’s appearance. So, it may be helpful in reducing wrinkles, improving acne, scars, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, etc.

Next, red light therapy may reduce stress levels and relieve chronic pain. It might also be ideal for migraine patients to help them live everyday lives. Moreover, it might also help dementia patients by reducing their anger levels.

Furthermore, red light therapy might be an effective method to lose weight naturally. Also, it could potentially improve blood circulation and reverse gray hair. Red light therapy is believed to promote collagen production

It may also reduce teeth sensitivity and inflammation. What’s more, red light therapy may stimulate the regrowth of bone and gum tissue and also protect and whiten your teeth. That’s why you can find this service at some dental offices too. 

Lastly, red light therapy may also stimulate the production of melatonin. Therefore, this type of treatment has the potential to improve your memory and the quality of your sleep. Also, it may help you if you are struggling with anxiety or PTSD.

Red Light Therapy Facts


Duration and results of red light therapy

Typically, patients may see the desired results four months after the treatment. In addition to this, doing only one session per week is usually enough. However, your doctor will determine how many treatments you need based on your health problem. 

In case you are doing red light therapy at home, you should also do a treatment once per week. But you may be required to use some red light devices twice per day. In addition, you shouldn’t use them for more than four to five weeks.

Furthermore, one home treatment should only last for 20 minutes. Also, you must be very careful when using at-home red light devices, and you must be aware that exposing yourself for too long at a red light may damage your skin. 

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Before subjecting yourself to any treatment, you must have some basic knowledge about it. Knowing how the treatment works, its possible side effects, if you need lotion for red light therapy, etc., will help you avoid unwanted consequences. 

In addition, if you are suffering from a more serious health condition, it’s not recommendable to do the treatment at home. Home red light therapy should usually be done for relaxation, relieving headaches, and reducing stress. 

Disclaimer: The possible health benefits of red light therapy mentioned in this article may not apply to all. Everyone is different. If you are considering red light therapy, you must consult your doctor or dermatologist first.

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