Is Red Light Therapy Beneficial?

As red light therapy becomes more and more popular, we are still confused about whether the treatment has any benefits. RLT is a fairly new treatment that shows promising results in treating wrinkles, redness, or acne. But is red light therapy beneficial?

So, if you are interested in red light therapy and its possible benefits, read on to find out!

Is Red Light Therapy Beneficial


Is Red Light Therapy Beneficial

Although people started doing research on the benefits of red light therapy in humans in the past century, the hype around this type of treatment has increased in the last decade. Therefore, is red light therapy beneficial?

From what we know so far, and from the research and studies done by professionals and experts in this field, we can undoubtedly say that red light therapy, in most cases, has been shown as beneficial in lowering and improving certain health conditions and concerns people have.

What does the research say

More specifically, the research has shown that red light therapy is mainly beneficial for treating cosmetic skin issues such as wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, sunburns, scarring, eczema, cure toenail fungus, dermatitis, rosacea, etc.

Other studies have shown that red light therapy can be beneficial in treating hair problems such as alopecia and improving the overall quality of the hair itself.

Regarding the issues related to neuropathy pain and conditions, red light therapy has been beneficial in helping with arthritis, Achilles tendonitis, carpal tunnel, atherosclerosis, and many others. 

Lastly, when it comes to mental health and neurological problems, this therapy can have particular benefits in lowering the symptoms such as insomnia, restlessness, depression, mood swings, etc.

In continuation, you can read essential things on red light therapy’s beneficial properties and see how you can use this therapy for your particular needs and concerns.

What Is Red Light Therapy Beneficial For

At this moment, the benefits of red light therapy range from benefits for the skin to benefits for bone quality.

Although more studies need to be done, the ones that are done with certainty show the beneficial properties of red light therapy in treating particular concerns and conditions and lowering the symptoms of the same.

For instance, thanks to the red light’s property for increasing collagen production, it may diminish wrinkles and fine lines and promote wound healing through tissue-repairing benefits.

Another thing that red light therapy may be helpful with is fading age and sun spots, as well as healing slow-healing wounds. 

Red light therapy may significantly improve and promote hair growth in people with alopecia. If you are dealing with tendon or joint pain, this therapy may be beneficial for you, as well as it may have the ability to reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation resulting in reduced stiffness of the affected area.

Besides hair and skin, red light therapy may also help improve mood. People with mood swings and seasonal depression often try red light therapy to feel better.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work

To understand is red light therapy beneficial, you first must understand how this therapy works. First, when the red light gets in touch with your skin, it can penetrate its deepest layers, reaching the soft tissue.

When it comes in contact with the mitochondria in the skin cells, it affects ATP production and can influence the mitochondria to increase the ATP levels in the cell itself.

ATP is the natural energy our body produces, and with its increased levels, the cells can work much better and faster and gain more quality too.

With the increased ATP levels, nitric oxide levels can also significantly increase, leading to better blood circulation. And improved blood circulation and flow mean that the tissues will receive more blood and therefore be able to look healthier and function more efficiently.

How Many Red Light Therapy Sessions Do You Need

As you already know, all of us have different bodies and physiology. Therefore, there is no universal rule of how many red light therapy sessions are needed for the collective group. 

Instead, before you start with the red light therapy, the aesthetician or professional doing it will ask you a few relevant questions about the health condition you want to treat, the severity of the problem, your overall well-being, etc.

They will also perform a skin sensitivity test to see whether you will have any reactions to red light.

After doing all this, they will be able to assemble a personalized red light therapy sessions schedule, especially for your issue.

By doing so, you can be sure that you are getting the most effective amount of therapy sessions, and you will see results in the shortest time possible.

As an estimation, the majority of people use this therapy three to four times a month, but it all depends on everyone’s health concerns and the severity of the same.

How Much Time Until You See Results

Everyone’s body works differently, and everyone heals at different speeds, therefore, the expected results will certainly be different for everyone. However, you should start to feel changes after the first few treatments, but the visible results come later on, with consistent use, of course. 

Therefore, the best thing you can do if you want to notice even the smallest changes is to take pictures every seven to ten days.

Although the changes might not be visible at first, when you compare the photos, you will realize there has indeed been a change.


So, all in all, is red light therapy beneficial? Although further research is needed, we are confident of the red light therapy benefits, which will only increase with time.

By looking at how RLT works and the potential benefits, you will know exactly what you can expect from it, and you will even be able to try and do it at home after consulting a professional.

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