How to Use Infrared Lamps for Arthritis

Pain can be unbearable and annoying, not letting you rest even for a few hours. You may be at a family gathering and unable to enjoy your family time because of joint pain or other arthritis issues.

Say goodbye to pain because you can purchase a simple device and obtain its potential benefits. You may easily treat your joint pains and inflammation as well as experience pain relief. It’s time to learn how to use infrared lamps for arthritis and potentially enjoy life again pain-free. 

Let’s discover more about infrared therapy lamps!

How to Use Infrared Lamps for Arthritis

If you’re asking yourself how to use infrared lamps for arthritis, stay tuned because we’ll guide you throughout the process. Infrared light it’s excellent for treating small areas, which are suitable for arthritis.

The lamp works in ways that transfer the light waves deep into your skin. Some studies showed that the lamp might improve your blood circulation by 400%. You can use it at home without any problems. Remember, you must place the device 12 to 24 inches from the pain area.

Another thing is that you should remove the clothes from the area, allowing the light to go into the skin without a problem. You can do a few daily sessions, starting from 5 to 30 minutes per session; don’t overdo it.

You won’t feel pain during the light treatment, and you can do something else while leaving the lamp to do its job. You can take a quick nap or just enjoy some TV shows while waiting for the treatment to be over.

Infrared Lamps for Health Issues

One of the best methods for naturally relieving pain at home might be infrared light therapy, which you can use whenever you desire.

Infrared light therapy feels like the heat one would experience outdoors in the sun. It has great strength and may reach the body’s deepest tissues. Technically speaking, the wavelength of the light used for the therapy ranges from 600 to 1000 nm

Infrared light is entirely invisible to the naked eye. Scientists have only recently discovered the effects of particular wavelengths of both visible and invisible light on the human body.

However, doctors have long advised patients to get some sun exposure to treat health issues like skin rashes and sleep disorders. Some hospitals use infrared therapy on newborns because the therapy it’s very safe and has minimal risks.

Furthermore, red light therapy has been shown to be the most successful treatment for arthritis pain. If you’re concerned by the heat of the infrared light device, you shouldn’t be.

The parts of your body where you feel the pain will be struck by the heat deeper beneath the skin. The risk of you burning your skin it’s little to none. So, you should relax and enjoy the therapy.

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How Does an Infrared Lamp Help Arthritis? 

As we previously said, infrared light feels similar to the heat from the sun. The infrared works in its magic ways and goes deeper beneath your skin up to the tissues. By learning this, you can connect the dots and see why this therapy may work with your arthritis issues.

Infrared light may restore the body temperature while helping kill pain and inflammation. This is because infrared light may help blood circulation by increasing it, which is why your body should start to heal again. Your arthritis might heal much faster with this therapy than with any medical drug. Even better, the light therapy doesn’t have side effects. 

If you’re confused as to why the therapy may work better than the pills, it’s because when you place the infrared light device on the area of pain and inflammation, the light penetrates deeper into the skin. This at-home therapy can be easy to use, and we’ll show you exactly how. 

arthritis light therapy


How Does Therapy Work? 

The infrared lamp is a device that has LED bulbs installed in them. You can find lamps that use jade or amethyst stones in devices.

They help the light to be transmitted out of the device. So, even though infrared light it’s very much invisible to the human eye, that doesn’t mean it’s not working. 

LED bulbs or natural stones are the pathways for the light to go through and penetrate deeply into the skin. You may have heard about this treatment in some spa centers or elsewhere. But you can also have the treatment in the comfort of your home without driving anywhere and wasting your time and money.

Infrared lamps can be used the same way as other light therapy. Plus, owning an infrared lamp means that you can use it whenever you want; even your family can use it, and you’ll have the lamp at home for a very long time.

Possible Side Effects 

When learning how to use infrared lamps for arthritis, it’s good for you to acknowledge some risks that may be present.

This light therapy it’s excellent for people who can’t tolerate injections and the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. However, you may experience minimal side effects during this treatment, such as mild headaches, eye strain, and irritability.

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As you can see, there is positive feedback that the infrared lamp might help you with your health issues.

So, how to use infrared lamps for arthritis? Even though the process is quick and straightforward, it is crucial to do it properly. You may be surprised by the outstanding results and possibly improved health. Since infrared light it’s excellent for treating small areas, it might help with arthritis.

You can always call your doctor and discuss whether you should use this therapy and the results you can expect. It’s excellent if you advise them before purchasing the device.

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