Best Full Body Red Light Therapy Devices

Red light treatment has become quite popular in the health and wellness industry and for good reason. It is a quick and painless treatment for pain relief, anti-aging, skincare, and other alternative remedies.

If administered appropriately and regularly, it may treat various conditions and help with healing. Health professionals and celebrities may vouch for the advantages of red light treatment. That may convince many people to accept the red light and purchase equipment like therapy belts, infrared therapy panels, masks, etc.

Due to the high demand for red light treatment, various products are available, from near-infrared and infrared devices to portable LED and laser therapy devices.
To help you, we have compiled a list of the best full body red light therapy devices.

With no further ado, let’s get started!

RLT devices for full body


Best Full Body Red Light Therapy Devices: Reviews

  1. Hooga Store – Red Light Therapy Device
  2. Koze RedRed & Near Infrared NIR Light Therapy Device
  3. EXESASDual-Chip Red Light Therapy Device
  4. DGYAO – Red & Infrared Light Therapy Device
  5. VitaliZENRed and Near Infrared LED Light Therapy Device

1. Hooga Store – Red Light Therapy Device

Hooga Red Light Therapy for Face and Body, 660nm 850nm,...
  • 💡HOOGA HG SERIES: The HG series is our entry level series, perfect for getting started with red and near infrared light therapy. No...
  • 💡HIGH POWERED HOME USE: Red light therapy used to be limited to expensive salons and clinics but now thanks to high powered, energy...
  • 💡SPECIFIC & PROVEN WAVELENGTHS: Our light therapy devices use clinically proven wavelengths of red and near infrared light at 660 (red)...

Hooga is all about assisting you in living a snug and comfortable lifestyle while also focusing on improving your overall health.

The company accomplishes this by providing non-blue light-generating reading lights, red and near-infrared light treatment devices, grounding products, and chromotherapy spectacles, among other items.

It concentrates on bringing high-quality, low-cost products to market that will improve the lives of everyone who uses them.

The HGPRO1500 is a high-powered, full-body red and near-infrared light therapy equipment you may use at home. This huge light treatment equipment has the advantage of treating a wide region of your body at once.

Full body light therapy may help with increased energy, faster wound healing, hair regeneration, pain reduction, and more.

The method of using medical-grade LED lights to provide focused and particular wavelengths of light to our bodies is known as red and near-infrared light therapy.

Your cells can absorb these precise wavelengths of light and use them to increase ATP generation within the mitochondria, allowing our cells to produce more energy. The cells may conduct their cellular processes more efficiently and effectively with more energy, one of the many advantages of red and near-infrared light treatment.


Irradiance and coverage

The term “irradiance” refers to the amount of light that is emitted. For successful red light therapy treatments, a high irradiance is required.

From a distance of 6 inches, this panel produces about 5 joules of light every minute. You should aim for between 3 and 10 joules of light per treatment area for skin and topical treatments.

Additionally, aim for between 10 and 50 joules of light per treatment region for deep tissue treatments. This means that you just need to spend less than 10 minutes in front of the panel for an effective light treatment.

Suitable for home use

All the benefits of red light therapy may now be attained at home in just minutes a day, thanks to high-powered, energy-efficient, and economical LEDs.

Your body requires light to function properly, just as they require nutrients from food and water.


You may return the light treatment for a full refund if you are unsatisfied with it within 30 days. A two-year warranty and pleasant customer service are also available.

If any problems with the panel emerge that are not caused by usage, the manufacturer will gladly replace or repair it.


This light therapy device uses clinically established red and near-infrared light wavelengths in a 1:1 ratio at 660 (red) and 850 (near-infrared) nanometers for optimal light therapy treatment.

These wavelengths may be beneficial to skin health, blood flow, recovery, mental clarity, pain reduction, sleep optimization, and more.

Customer experience

This product has very nice reviews from customers online. Customers have reported that it may be very beneficial in providing pain relief. They have also claimed that the product is very easy to use.


  • Customers love it
  • Great customer service
  • May enhance fat loss
  • May increase cellular energy
  • May have anti-aging effects


  • Gets out of stock quickly

2. Koze – Red & Near Infrared NIR Light Therapy Device

KOZE Red Light Therapy 1500 watt 300 Dual LEDs 660 &...
  • PERFORMANCE AND POWER: Our largest, most powerful Red & Near-Infrared Light Therapy Device. At 1500 watts and 300 Dual-Chip LEDs, this Red...
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN WAVELENGTHS: For optimal results, KOZE uses a unique 1:1 combination of clinically proven wavelengths (660nm + 850nm) of...
  • HIGHEST IRRADIANCE: KOZE X measures in at 175 mw/c2 at 3 inches and 141 mw/c2 at 6 inches. With Photobiomodulation Light Therapy, high...

For many years, KOZE’s red light treatment was a closely guarded secret, used mostly by celebrities, professional athletes, and doctors to aid in anti-aging, skincare, inflammation, mental performance, and workout recovery.

They sell compact, portable red light therapy devices that may be taken anywhere. They may help with skin tone, mental health, and pain relief. Aside from that, KOZE devices supercharge the cellular body, which may promote general health, and their use applies to various lifestyles.

The most powerful red and near-infrared light therapy device is KOZE’s red light therapy panel. This RLT device was developed to perform with 1,500 watts and 300 Dual-Chip LEDs. This 36-inch by 12-inch by 3-inch red light therapy panel is ideal for half-and full-body treatments.

Additionally, KOZE employs a 1:1 ratio of clinically validated red light and near-infrared light (R + NIR) wavelengths (660nm + 850nm) for optimal outcomes. So, you may see changes in skin tone, texture, wrinkle reduction, weight loss, vitality and energy, workout performance, mental clarity, etc.


Maximum irradiance

KOZE X generates 175 mW/c2 at 3 inches, and 141 mW/c2 at 6 inches. High irradiance means you’ll be exposed to more light in less time with photobiomodulation light therapy.

This flicker-free red near-infrared light device is rated at 0.0T @ 4″ (No EMF at 4 inches or greater). In less time, more light exposure equals greater outcomes.

Modular connectivity

Built with modular connectivity, you can join and grow to two to four-unit installations. By erecting a wall of red light therapy panels, you may expose more skin to red light therapy at once.


Each KOZE red light therapy device has a three-year guarantee. Issues are extremely unusual, but if your red light device malfunctions, contact customer support, and they will either fix it or give you a replacement.

Better recovery results

Red and near-infrared NIR therapy work by penetrating the skin’s surface layer to possibly relieve inflammation and painful joints.

Using red and near-infrared light on painful muscles may help you recover faster from your workouts.

Customer experience

Despite one or two complaints, this product has a good online reputation. Mostly the reviews are positive and claim that this product is helping the customers in real life.

The overall feedback reflects that you can rely on this product for good performance.


  • May give more energy and vitality
  • May help in smoothing skin
  • May enhance the skin health
  • Counters the harmful effects
  • Doesn’t emit EMF


  • Some customers complained that it stopped working

3. EXESAS – Dual-Chip Red Light Therapy Device

EXESAS Red Light Therapy Device for Full Body & Face,...
165 Reviews
EXESAS Red Light Therapy Device for Full Body & Face,...
  • ✔️BEST LED DEVICE: Our LED Red-Light therapy utilizes the state-of-the-art technology used by Pro Athletes and recommended by today's...
  • ✔️BENEFITS OF THIS DEVICE: This device is Multifunctional. It helps with beautiful skin, better performance, better sleeping, ease...
  • ✔️PREMIUM QUALITY: We build our State-Of-The-Art LED red-light therapy devices using the most advanced technology and only use high...

Another one of the best full body red light therapy devices is Exesas LED red light therapy device. It is based on cutting-edge technology that is used by professional athletes and is recommended by today’s top therapists and trainers.

This full-body therapy panel (36″ tall) can be free-standing or readily mounted. It has 660nm (Red light) and 850nm (Blue light) wavelengths (Near-infrared). Dual chips, 1,500 watts 300 5W LEDs double the power of a single LED at a 30-degree beam angle. It measures 36″X12″ X2.75″ and has no flickering.

This device has several functions. It may improve the appearance of your skin, aid in anti-aging, beautiful skin, wrinkle reduction, improved performance, better sleeping, general wellness, and many other advantages.

This device may assist you in staying in better shape and make you feel better about yourself.


May help relieve pain

This non-drug light treatment device may relieve shoulder and neck stiffness and painful back, knees, and full-body muscle discomfort.

Unlike more expensive traditional pain relief methods such as surgery, this red-light therapy is a cost-effective solution that may relieve aches and pains at home at any time.

Comes with manual and accessories

Included in the box are the user manual, a buckle, a door mount, and an adjustable hanging kit.


This product is liked by customers all over the internet. Despite being a small brand, it has proved to be one of the best. It provides the customers with safe therapy, and the product is easy to use.

Customer experience

This product is liked by customers all over the Internet. It has proved to be one of the best despite being a small brand. It may provide the customers with safe therapy, and it is very easy to use.


  • User-friendly
  • Offers safe, natural, and drug-free therapy
  • Dual chips
  • A life-span of 100,000 hours


  • Not from a very big brand

4. DGYAO – Red & Infrared Light Therapy Device

DGYAO Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt for Pain Relief...
  • Life Time replacement on charger, controller and connectors! Buy this equipment and experience painless, safe and natural physical pain...
  • Portable Infrared & Red Dual Light Therapy - Red light reaches deep layers of the skin, where it stimulates cellular repair and increases...
  • Portable infrared and red light therapy combination; Red light reaches deep layers of the skin, where it stimulates cellular repair and...

This is another product for deep penetration therapy. Its near-infrared light treatment wavelengths of 750nm to 1,400nm are effective.

Near-infrared wavelengths may be more effective for healing deep wounds or treating deep muscle and joint pain. Near-infrared light treatment typically uses wavelengths of 850nm and 980nm. However, infrared light penetrates the body deeper with shorter wavelengths.

Near-infrared light therapy, like red light therapy, does not mask the feelings of pain. Instead, it may promote the healing of the underlying source of pain, and in many cases, the pain is gone for good following a course of treatment with infrared light.

Their near-infrared LEDs will look unlit because their energy is not visible to the naked eye. They are, nevertheless, just as potent as the visible red and infiltrate the body deeper. An inflatable pillow is also included to make lying down during treatment more pleasant.


Automatic shut-off timer

Do not use more than 40 minutes in one therapy session; cool down and drink some water before continuing. In the range of your activity, a 15-foot power cord is sufficient.

Convenient design

Four pads can be freely combined and utilized, and the vast area may be tiled on the floor to provide red light therapy to the back, shoulders, neck, and lower back at the same time. It can also be used with other brands’ devices.

Recommended from doctors

This led therapy device uses cutting-edge technology that today’s top doctors, physical therapists, and trainers employ on professional athletes.

Several athletes and older adults have put it to the test. Therefore, you may use it at home to possibly relieve sore joints and muscles for a fraction of the expense.

Customer experience

There are many satisfied customers. People are grateful for its low price and performance. It may be very beneficial in relieving pain. 


  • Has a total of 968 metal-grade led
  • Has a large treatment area
  • Comes with a pillow


  • Requires internet connection

5. VitaliZEN – Red and Near Infrared LED Light Therapy Device

VitaliZEN MAX Full Body Red & Near Infrared Light...
  • 💡 PREMIUM AND UNIQUE MODEL: The VitaliZEN MAX was upgraded in Oct, 2023 to include a digital timer, 1-30 min. auto shutoff and enhanced...
  • 💡 IRRADIANCE: One of the primary advantages of the VitaliZEN MAX is the irradiance & COB chips. Higher irradiance means more light energy...
  • 💡 PROVEN WAVELENGTHS FOR MORE BENEFITS: The VitaliZEN MAX harnesses the power of science-supported light therapy wavelengths 660 nm red...

VitaliZEN Health is founded on the idea of using natural, holistic, enlightened, and effective methods to address your health issues or challenges. So, its device deserves to be among the best full body red light therapy devices.

The VitaliZEN full-body red light therapy device may provide many benefits, including alleviating joint discomfort, reducing inflammation, promoting collagen production, improving skin complexion, speeding up tissue healing, etc.

Furthermore, it may aid in the reduction of inflammation caused by skin diseases. Red and infrared lights penetrate the skin at different depths, which may charge up the cells and restore the skin from within. It may help avoid future tissue damage by repairing skin tissues and encouraging speedier recovery.

Additionally, it may aid in the quicker healing of body wounds and injuries. It has been shown to possibly help people with arthritis, back pain, help heal carpal tunnel, and other muscles and joint issues improve their range of motion.



The VitaliZEN device evenly distributes the most effective wavelengths from 660nm (Deep red) to 850nm (Near-infrared), which may enhance your overall wellness. Skin conditions are treated with red light, while deep tissue repair is treated with NIR.


With 213 mW/cm2 at a distance of 6 inches, the VitaliZEN full-body red light therapy device has one of the highest irradiances on the market.

This model is now even better with 1,200 watts, 132 LED lights with twin chips, four Cob Chips for more concentrated and intense irradiance, and a 60° light angle for greater coverage at a shorter distance.


With a life duration of 100,000 hours, this product is one of the most durable on the market. Also, the package includes one door hook, power cord, metal buckle, adjustable pulley system, and user manual.

How it works

The wavelengths (Deep and near Infrared red light) emitted by the device penetrate the outer layer of the skin and may provide useful energy to the cells.

This stimulation has several positive effects, including wound healing, decreased inflammation, enhanced collagen production, pain relief, and increased vitality.

Customer experience

The customers have claimed this product to be a little expensive but useful. They liked the way it works on your body while possibly providing all the benefits of red light therapy.

They also mentioned that it has an ideal size, and the products are made up of very high-quality materials.


  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Made of high quality
  • Has ideal power and size
  • Has the best wavelength combination


  • Little expensive
RLT for full body treatment


Factors to Consider When Buying RLT Devices for Full-Body

Red light treatment has been widely studied for wound healing, hair growth, hormone balancing, sun damage, pain, and inflammation, to mention a few.

Due to these potential benefits, red light treatment at home has gained traction in a market flooded with supplements, herbal extracts and tinctures, and alternative workout equipment.

So, besides knowing the best full body red light therapy devices on the market, you should consider some factors while selecting a red light treatment device.

Let’s take a closer look.


Irradiance refers to the amount of energy delivered to a given portion of your body over a period when utilizing the device. Consider it the rate at which energy is delivered.

Higher irradiance may result in better outcomes in less time, which is the most important thing to consider when considering red light treatment at home.

The most common unit of measurement for irradiance is mW/cm2, or mW/m2, equivalent to 80 mW/cm2.

However, providing the irradiance measurement is meaningless if the distance is insufficient. The surface of some red light therapy devices has a high mW/cm2 value, but not on the object subjected to it.

RLT irradiance and coverage



Typical red light therapy devices use a frequency range of 650nm (a deep red that penetrates the epidermis and acts on mitochondria) to 850nm (near-infrared, penetrates deeper into tissue).

Since most of the benefits of red light therapy at home rely upon it, this range is standard in much red light therapy equipment.

Red light wavelengths enter the epidermis and may increase collagen formation and wound healing in general. On the other hand, near-infrared light may penetrate deeper, allowing it to treat deeper wounds, joint discomfort, and muscle pain.

It’s important to note that just because lower frequencies, such as blue wavelengths, have a shallower penetration doesn’t mean they don’t operate or have no therapeutic potential.

Lower frequencies may be used to address skin problems like acne and oil management.

Coverage area

Will the treatment be limited to the face, or will it cover the entire body?

While many people choose smaller devices to cure wrinkles and stretch marks, others may choose larger units to get the most out of red light therapy at home for muscle recovery, hair loss, hormone balancing, and even joint pain.

If your budget allows, buying a red light treatment device with the most coverage is always a better choice, as larger devices generate more light energy and function better than smaller units.

And, it’s a better idea than spending your money in an expensive salon. Larger devices also give customers instant access to full-body red light therapy at home.

That’s not to imply that smaller devices aren’t worthwhile investments. Some red light therapy devices are portable, allowing users to utilize them at work, at a friend’s or relative’s house, or while traveling.

Device quality

Quality is crucial when it comes to equipment, supplements, and technologies created for the human body.

As a result, as more people tried red light treatment at home, the market became vulnerable to items created solely to cash in on the craze.

Always check for standards or certificates that attest to the device’s legitimacy and safety to avoid purchasing a phony or harmful red light therapy gadget.

Standards relating to the safety of the parts utilized, as well as light calibration, are important to look for.

Customer experience

Last but not least, consumer feedback and testimonials might provide a glimpse into how the red light treatment gadget works in practice.

When it comes to results, the convenience of use, actual light intensity, and whether the equipment is prone to harm or requires some maintenance, some users leave specific comments.

Customers will also tell you if the company has easy-to-use returns and replacement policies.

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are used in red light therapy to possibly treat medical and cosmetic disorders.

It may stimulate healing by sending low-intensity red and near-infrared light deep into the body’s cells. It is painless, non-invasive, and does not use heat.

Endre Mester, a Hungarian physician, and professor, initially employed red light therapy in 1967 while researching how cancer cells react to radiation.

To assist in healing tissue and relieving pain and inflammation, this treatment is being employed in medical, dentistry, spa, and home settings.

There are various names for red light therapy, including:

  • Photobiomodulation (PBM) or photobiomodulation therapy
  • Low-level laser light therapy (LLLT)
  • Low-power laser therapy (LPLT)
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Biostimulation
  • Photonic stimulation
  • Soft laser therapy

Photodynamic therapy includes red light therapy as well. In this scenario, red light triggers an agent that may help the skin absorb more light.



What Is the Mechanism of Red Light Therapy?

Low-power red light is used in red light therapy to activate mitochondria, the cell’s energy providers.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a chemical that may help your body store and utilizes energy, store most of the energy created by mitochondria.

The mitochondria can produce less ATP due to aging, sickness, or lifestyle choices. Red light therapy causes a reaction that may aid in the reversal of the decline.

Why Red Light?

Red or near-infrared light is used in red light therapy because this wavelength range penetrates tissue the best. It may be absorbed more easily by the sections of cells that capture light energy.

Does it really work?

While the Internet is frequently buzzing with stories about miraculous solutions for just about every ailment, red light therapy isn’t a panacea. For the most part, RLT is considered experimental.

There is little to no evidence that red light treatment may help with the following:

When RLT is utilized alongside cancer treatments, it’s vital to remember that the light is simply used to activate another drug.

Some of the illnesses listed above have been treated with other light therapies. White light therapy, for example, has been shown to be more beneficial than red light therapy in alleviating depression symptoms.

How does RLT work


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Red Light Therapy

When choosing cold laser therapy, it’s critical to balance the benefits and drawbacks. Although you can find practitioners or equipment in a variety of locations, this treatment may not be suitable for everyone.


Red light treatment may be safe for all skin types because it is harmless and non-invasive. It does not necessitate the application of strong topical agents or the application of heat, which can irritate or burn the skin. The method also avoids the use of ultraviolet (UV) light, which has been linked to skin cancer.

Medical or dental offices, spas, tanning salons, and beauty clinics all offer red light therapy. Devices for use at home are also commonly available.

benefits of red light therapy


Risks and side effects

There is a small risk of side effects because there are no clear criteria for how long or how intensely red light therapy should be used.

Furthermore, the procedure’s long-term safety has yet to be verified. You could use red light treatment devices incorrectly or too frequently to harm your skin or eyes. Immediate effects may be achievable in certain circumstances, but changes commonly take weeks or months.

Red light treatment devices for use at home are likewise safe, but they are not as powerful as professional ones. Device quality varies, and some may not deliver the desired results.

Clinical therapies with a skilled physician may provide more certainty of effective results with minimal adverse effects. This, however, may necessitate more regular visits.

Before using this therapy, anyone with sensitive skin or diabetes should consult their doctor. Pregnant women should also seek the opinion of their healthcare physicians.

Insurance and Costs

Each session of red light therapy might cost anything from $25 to $200 or more. The cost of a process is determined by the location of the service and the procedure itself.

Keep in mind that treatments are required every three weeks on average and may last for months. At-home devices might cost anywhere between $149 and hundreds of dollars.

Most insurance coverages do not currently cover red light therapy. However, some dermatologists may provide this service.

Your insurance policy can advise you on the cost factors and advantages that are available to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight may red light treatment help you lose?

There is minimal proof that red light treatment may help you lose weight. Most of the studies on reducing waist circumference.

Only a few studies have suggested that this treatment may cause fat cells to shrink, but these studies could be skewed because device manufacturers paid them.

What effect does red light have on the brain?

Red light may carry light particles into the brain, stimulating the mitochondria. This may assist in improving blood flow and reducing inflammation in the brain. It may also aid in the formation of new nerve cells in the brain.

Do spider veins respond to red light therapy?

There is some evidence that red light treatment may help get rid of spider veins when combined with photodynamic therapy.

Is it possible to utilize red light treatment every day?

It is still unknown how frequently red light treatment can be used for specific illnesses. However, in some situations, everyday use may be safe. Inquire with your doctor about the optimal frequency for you.

Does red light stimulate collagen?

Collagen formation may be enhanced by exposure to red light. Participants in a 2014 study had higher collagen density after therapy.

According to studies, the wavelengths provided by red light may stimulate cells involved in collagen formation.


This is it! These were the best full body red light therapy devices on the market. The use of red or near-infrared light to promote the healing of muscles, skin, and other body components is known as red light therapy.

During red light treatment, low-level laser or LED-generated light penetrates the skin or muscle. Unlike UV light, this form of light may not produce heat or cause skin burns.

The RLT may also reduce inflammatory reactions within cells and battle oxidative stress (an imbalance between antioxidant and free radical molecules in the body). Muscle strain, dental issues, aged skin, and cognitive loss may all benefit from it.

Red light therapy should not cause you any discomfort or cause your skin to burn. If irritation occurs, stop using the product and seek medical attention.