Is Red Light Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Lights are an essential part of the world and your life. In a way, they are also considered to be a healing force. This is because they may regulate heart functions and body temperatures. Besides improving your physical health, they may also directly impact your emotional health.

So, it’s safe to say that light therapies such as RTL are super popular. But besides its many possible therapeutic benefits, is red light therapy covered by insurance? This is something that many people worry about.

For that matter, continue to read our article and find everything you need to know. In addition, you can learn more about the possible benefits and side effects of this treatment. This might help you decide whether you should use it or not for skin care, anti-aging, healing, etc.

Is Red Light Therapy Covered by Insurance?


Is Red Light Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Besides being a generally safe treatment, it also comes with many possible advantages. This refers to its possible health benefits, convenient usage, price, etc. You can use it at any medical or dental office, cosmetic salon, or home.

However, you must know that red light therapy is not covered by insurance. That’s why you should call your health insurance company before going for such treatment. Moreover, that’s another reason why you must be aware of the possible risks of this treatment.

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is a technique that uses red light lamps or lasers to treat different health conditions. During the treatment, the device uses low red light wavelengths. Therefore, the chances of your skin being burnt or hurt are super low. 

This therapeutic method is also known as low light therapy, soft laser therapy, biostimulation, photobiomodulation, etc. Red light can serve solely as an activator for body treatments. Such a treatment is called photodynamic therapy, and it’s usually used for some skin and eye conditions.

What Can Red Light Therapy Be Used For?

Red light therapy has become popular thanks to its possible benefits of improving the skin’s appearance. This type of technique may reduce wrinkles and acne. In addition to this, it may improve scars and help on open wounds.

Next, it might make the skin look younger by improving its texture. Moreover, it may improve skin damage caused by sunlight. This type of therapy may help you if you are suffering from a more serious skin condition, being a great solution for treating psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea.

Besides, it might also be useful for reducing the unwanted effects of chemotherapy, such as hair loss. This is because red light may promote hair growth and should be effective if you are suffering from alopecia too.

RTL may also help dementia patients. This means that the light technique might manage their anger levels. It also might improve their memory and the quality of their sleep, making them feel better and calmer.

Possible Risks of Red Light Therapy

Additional Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Besides its many possible health benefits, red light therapy has a few other advantages. This refers to its usage. You can use this kind of service at the dermatologist’s office, dental office, spa, and even in the gym.

Furthermore, one session at the dermatologist’s office usually costs from $50 to $100. This is fairly reasonable, considering that before 2016 this treatment was an exclusive service. It was usually offered only at private luxurious European spas and hospitals.

Now you can also use red light devices for a simple treatment at home. For that matter, you can choose between various red light devices. The list includes red light lamps, panels, eye masks, neck pillows, etc. Some of them can be found at a very low price.

Lastly, depending on your health issue, you may be required to visit the dermatologist only once per week. Also, home treatments should only be done for 30 to 60 minutes. So, besides being practical, they won’t take much from your free time.

Possible Risks of Red Light Therapy

Is red light therapy covered by insurance? Now that you’ve got the answer to this question, you should be aware that this light technique comes with a few possible risks. You must know that there are chances of possibly experiencing inflammation during this treatment.

Besides, some patients also may feel irritated or experience anxiety. Using it, you may also get eye strain. This means that your eye may feel dry or itchy for a short period after the treatment is over. In addition to this, you mustn’t wear any contact lenses or glasses. 

Furthermore, if you have any eye problems or had any in the past, you can’t use RTL right away. For that matter, you first must consult with an eye specialist.

Moreover, if the treatment duration is too long (or you overuse your at-home device), you may injure yourself. The injuries refer to damaging the tissue of the skin. Therefore, if you are treating a skin condition, you might worsen it if you are not using the device correctly. 

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Throughout history, starting from ancient times, lights have been regularly used as a therapeutic technique. Nowadays, red light therapy is probably the most popular method of them all. This is simply because it comes with many possible benefits.

It may help you improve certain skin conditions, such as reducing acne and wrinkles. Moreover, it’s a generally safe method since it uses low heat. 

So, is red light therapy covered by insurance? After learning the answer to this question, you must also be aware of the possible side effects. If you still want to proceed with the treatment, then you should give your insurance company a call. You must always be prepared in case of a health issue that might result in expensive emergency treatment. 

Disclaimer: The information about the possible health benefits of red light therapy included in this article may not apply to everyone. Every patient is different. Therefore, if you are considering using such therapy, you must consult with your doctor first.

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