How to Use Red Light Therapy for Fertility

As infertility is a problem that affects almost 15% of couples, scientists are constantly looking to discover new and improved methods to decrease or even completely treat this problem.

In the last decade, with the increasing popularity of red light therapy, people started wondering how to use red light therapy for fertility.

With the discovery that female eggs have several times more mitochondria than any other part of the body, the quality of the eggs also drops when the level of mitochondrial function drops, which is when infertility sets in.

With this information, studies have found that introducing red light therapy displaces nitric oxide absorption by cells, allowing more ATP to be produced by the cell’s mitochondria.

But, as there are many more factors influencing the whole treatment and there are many more things to be considered regarding red light therapy, in continuation, we provide everything you must know for successful red light therapy for fertility.

How to Use Red Light Therapy for Fertility


How to Use Red Light Therapy for Fertility

By gaining more and more popularity, Red Light therapy has become one of the most loved and utilized non-invasive methods for improving fertility.

As there were many studies done regarding this therapy, more specifically the red light therapy for fertility, some very encouraging results have been found by the hard-working scientists that try to do everything in their power to find a cure for infertility once and for all.

Many studies show that the continuous application of this therapy, with practicing a healthy and active lifestyle and taking vitamins and supplements, has a positive impact and results while fighting infertility.

Regarding how to use red light therapy for fertility, it depends on one’s severity of the condition and a vast number of individual factors such as skin tolerance, physiology, age, other underlying conditions, etc.

But, experts usually recommend doing red light therapy by following a previously established schedule by a red light therapy professional or physician.

Mechanism of work

As red light therapy increases the ATP in the cells, especially when it comes to female eggs, after regular exposure to this light, the eggs’ quality also increases. Therefore the chances of conceiving also increase.

That being said, you can use the therapy in the course of a few months to even a year, depending on the results.

So the best thing you can do is be consistent with the red light therapy treatments, be patient, relax, try to live as healthy as possible and equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible, which we provide in this article.

Infertility Factors and How Red Light Therapy Works

To understand how to use red light therapy for fertility, you must know some technical terms crucial for making the most out of red light therapy in the fight against infertility.

We want to mention that red light therapy can work successfully for both men and women struggling with infertility.

Female Factors

When speaking for women, the factor that makes the eggs regress in quality is their metabolism.

This means that the older the eggs are, the worse their mitochondria become at producing ATP, resulting in women can not get pregnant as easily compared to women with normal levels of ATP in their cells. 

Male Factors

When it comes to male infertility factors, the biggest reason is the sperm’s motility. The reason for slower sperm motility is mainly in the testosterone and the overall blood flow.

You can boost the level of your hormone with the RLT devices for testosterone.

How Does Red Light Therapy Work

So with this information in mind, it’s time to see how to use red light therapy for fertility. By introducing this kind of therapy to people struggling with these issues, many positive results are reported through many studies, and people who tried this therapy could conceive shortly after.

This therapy works by increasing the nitric oxide levels, which later automatically may increase the blood flow, meaning the mitochondria in the cells produce more ATP.

Thanks to the ATP, the cells become more viable and gain quality, which later on, entire tissues, muscles, and bones automatically gain quality. Including the women’s eggs and men’s sperm.

How Often Should You Do Red Light Therapy for Fertility

Besides how to use red light therapy for fertility, the second most commonly asked question is how often to do this therapy.

As all of us are different and have different body physiology, there is no universal answer to the frequency of red light therapy. But, after many well-conducted research reviews, it has been shown that doing red light therapy three times per week for thirty minutes has been proven the most efficient. 

Remember that this is some average estimated value, so it is always clever to consult with a physician or red light therapy specialist before trying this method.

How to Do Red Light Therapy Pre and Post Egg Retrieval


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How to Do Red Light Therapy Pre and Post-Egg Retrieval

Preparing for egg-retrieval

As red light therapy can help increase ATP production (the natural energy that is created in your cells and powers every function in your body), as well as stimulate follicular development and growth, it is recommended that women do this therapy at least three times per week for about thirty minutes.

Post-egg retrieval

Many studies have shown that red light therapy has efficiently reduced inflammation and swelling after surgeries while enhancing the post-op recovery and tissue healing process. It can also increase blood flow which can later assist in faster healing and less scarring. 

Reducing inflammation can prepare the body for egg transfer and therefore support better and more successful implantation.

Pre-egg transfer

By property of red light therapy to boost blood flow, it helps in increasing the thickness of the uterine lining.

Therefore, continuous use of this therapy is recommended in the same frequency as before – three times per week for thirty minutes leading to embryo transfer.

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In this article, you could’ve read a professional’s take on how to use red light therapy for fertility and equip yourself with some valuable information to make the most out of red light therapy regarding fertility.

Always seek the guidance of your doctor or health professional with any questions you have concerning your health.

Moreover, we want to remind you that each story is different, and seeing results can take more time for someone and less time for others.

Therefore, try to be as consistent as possible with the red light therapy sessions and strictly follow the plan that the red light professional or a physician has given you. We wish you much luck!

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