Best Red Light Therapy Device For Testosterone

As men age, their testosterone levels may decrease. This is common but can have serious implications if you have low testosterone. So, red light therapy may help you increase testosterone while enhancing your overall health.

There are other forms of testosterone, but testosterone is the predominant sex hormone in men. Aside from its barebone and muscle-building function, the hormone also affects facial hair and voice.

You have many options for increasing testosterone production. Stress reduction, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, and exercise are great. However, like near-infrared and infrared therapy, red light is one of the most cutting-edge approaches as a testosterone booster.

Therefore, we have picked the best red light therapy device for testosterone, particularly five. You can find different types, like RLT masks, infrared lamps, light panels, etc., but we have the best ones.

Let’s check them out!

RLT Device For Testosterone


How We Made the List

We couldn’t just give you a list of five products and leave you wondering how we made our selections. We carefully chose these brands and items after extensive consideration and research.

First, we consulted online resources to see what the experts had to say about these devices. Next, we looked at what real consumers had to say, not just on the brand’s website but on third-party review sites that had been verified. We may then filter out any reviews that were skewed or fake.

We examined the brand’s manufacturing procedures to determine which ones were dedicated to their art as a next step.

A very small number of names were left, so we sorted them even further based on inconsequential factors like free shipping, money-back guarantees, and warranties.

We’re convinced our criteria will help you find the best red light therapy devices for testosterone if you agree with us. We’ve included our criteria to clarify any queries.

Device quality

We weeded out low-quality products that don’t justify their pricing. If a device isn’t built to withstand the test of time and continues to give long-term therapeutic advantages, it doesn’t belong on our list.

Device quality is determined by many distinct aspects. The diodes, on the other hand, are the most crucial. Since these red light diodes are the ones that aid you, you want to make sure they’re high-quality and long-lasting.

Other devices in this list can last for 50,000 hours or more before they require replacement.

It’s not just the camera that matters; it’s also the lens. You can’t have an even distribution of light during therapy if the material used to cover the diodes isn’t uniform. The outcome will be less than ideal.

However, the rest of the device’s structure is critical. Stainless steel and other long-lasting materials are what we look for in a product. We didn’t continue with a device if it didn’t meet or exceed our quality criteria.

Wavelengths available

Red light treatment may be familiar to you, and you’re aware that different wavelengths of light unlock various types of benefits for different conditions. Inexperienced patients will quickly pick this up on their own.

As a result, the finest red light therapy devices are ones that include many wavelengths, making them more adaptable. In other words, you can choose between a red, blue, or even green light. For example, it may be used for skincare, aches and pains, as well as even mental health difficulties – more on that later.

Wavelengths of the red light therapy



There are a lot of great red light treatment devices on the market, and we want you to have a variety of choices when you go shopping for one.

Therefore, it’s important to us to find manufacturers who provide anything from handheld gadgets to full-body panels for red light therapy. As a result, you’ll be able to use light therapy in various ways and get the benefits for your complete body!

The little details about the device

Last but not least, we looked at the little details that set a company apart. Free shipping, a money-back guarantee, or even a lengthier warranty than you expected are all examples.

Some firms go the extra mile by offering a serum with your device, assisting you in your quest for flawless skin. Small details like this make it easy for us to select these five companies as our top picks.

Best Red Light Therapy Device for Testosterone: Reviews

  1. Hooga – Red Light Therapy Device
  2. Rotsha – Red Light Therapy Device
  3. LifePro – Red Light Therapy
  4. Allisable – Red Light Therapy Panel
  5. Rhmip – Red Light Therapy-Device 

1. Hooga – Red Light Therapy Device

Hooga Red Light Therapy for Face and Body, Red 660nm...
804 Reviews
Hooga Red Light Therapy for Face and Body, Red 660nm...
  • 💡HOOGA HG SERIES: The HG series is our entry level series, perfect for getting started with red and near infrared light therapy. No...
  • 💡HIGH POWERED HOME USE: Red light therapy used to be limited to expensive salons and clinics but now thanks to high powered, energy...
  • 💡SPECIFIC & PROVEN WAVELENGTHS: Our light therapy devices use clinically proven wavelengths of red and near infrared light at 660 (red)...

The precise frequencies of the Hooga red light therapy device are the 660nm and 850nm wavelengths of red light.

This device has had differing degrees of success with different body forms. It may slow the aging process and is the most effective treatment for pain in the body.

The skin’s surface is considerably enhanced within half a month of applying red light with NIR. As a result, the board emits an equal amount of red light and near-infrared light frequencies to provide a fantastic combination of light treatments for the skin and boost testosterone levels.

At around 6 inches, about 100mw/cm2 of irradiance is transferred, with negligible EMF. This red light treatment device features 60 LEDs at a 60-degree angle. It also includes two built-in force switches.

Furthermore, the 50,000-hour life expectancy eliminates the need for ruggedness. Since it is a hanging unit, it is also versatile and portable. It provides the idea that putting it to use is a simple matter.

The device is more comfortable to use due to its low EMF output. Similarly, an interior fan is available and provides an excellent heat dispersion limit.


If you’re unsatisfied with the light treatment for any reason within 30 days of purchasing it, you can get a refund in full.

In addition, a two-year warranty and helpful customer service are provided. Hooga will gladly replace or repair the panel if any problems emerge that aren’t the consequence of misuse.


  • High output radiance
  • The kit includes a cooling fan
  • The set includes a hanging pole


  • There is no stand included for door mounting

2. Rotsha – Red Light Therapy Device

No products found.

The Rotsha red light therapy device can be used by those who have aches and pains in their bodies and those who want to enhance their skin condition and increase their testosterone levels.

Rotsha increased the healing energy by using improved wavelengths and five LEDs. Blue light has a wavelength of 460 nanometers. Near-infrared lights have wavelengths of 850nm and 940nm, while red lights have 630-660nm.

Rotsha has added a Pulsed Mode for clients with thin skin to avoid burning. It employs pulsed flashing to provide a momentary buffer to the skin, allowing energy to be better absorbed and the rated power to be altered.


Rotsha red light therapy is easy to use. It comes with a complete kit, which is well-designed and excellent for relieving inflammation. Use your fingers, wrist, or finger to apply it to any part of your body in pain.

The healing process is accelerated, and redness, swelling, and bruisîng may be reduced with this type of light therapy.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Versatile device
  • Inflammation may be relieved


  • Quite expensive compared to other product

3. LifePro – Red Light Therapy

LifePro Infrared & Red Light Therapy for Body Joints &...
  • PREMIUM INFRARED RED LIGHT TREATMENT: LifePro LumiCare red light therapy lamp employs 3 wavelengths so that you can feel the healing effect...
  • NATURAL PAIN RELIEF: LumiCare is a red lamp therapy using targeted red light to alleviate back, shoulder & knee discomfort. Break free from...
  • EASY TO USE & CARRY: With a wrist strap & zippered case, LumiCare cold red light is lightweight & easy to carry along & use on the go....

LifePro’s red light therapy device may help in elbow joint pain therapy, back pain therapy, and increasing testosterone level.

The red light therapy belt with remote control connects easily to your computer and may be used whenever and wherever you like. It is compact and light enough to fit in a handbag and is suitable for travel.

You may heal your body’s testosterone levels, aging, and injuries in as little as three weeks by using red light treatment at home!

There will be no more overindulgent spa visits. You may recharge at any power source with a USB cord and a power adapter available.


Combining red and near-infrared light therapy can get the most out of your LED red light therapy session.

You can use a pulsating mode to get the most out of your workout. Vibration and red light treatment are combined in this option to potentially provide a strong healing experience.

It improves the effectiveness of red and near-infrared therapy by enhancing circulation.


  • Consumers have reported pain reduction
  • Easy to use


  • Sometimes is out of stock

4. Allisable – Red Light Therapy Panel

Allisable Red Light Therapy Panel, Deep Red 660nm and...
175 Reviews
Allisable Red Light Therapy Panel, Deep Red 660nm and...
  • COVER THE WHOLE BODY - 646 LED light, 23.6*11.8 inch super large size, our red light panel light is targeted to full body skin.
  • ENJOY THERAPY ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - The red therapy panel can be hung(horizontally or vertically) or placed independently. You can read a book...
  • NATURAL LIGHT - Easy and safe, no side effects or risk of infection, no addiction.

The Allisable red led light therapy device has a simple design compared to the others on the market.

The Allisable red led light therapy is portable and lightweight, and it provides a lot for the money. You can read a book on the bed, watch TV on the sofa, or use the light treatment panel while playing computer games.

The therapy device comes with a satisfaction guarantee, making it ideal for use with a countdown timer. This red LED light therapy device is great, inexpensive, and cost-effective.


It appears that light may help reduce inflammation and regenerate cells. According to a small number of people, another benefit of red light treatment may be weight loss.

They also agree that the therapy has a switch integrated into the cable and does not get really hot.


  • There are numerous health benefits
  • Easy to use
  • Can be hung or stand-alone


  • It doesn’t work for a few people

5. Rhmip – Red Light Therapy-Device

LED-Red-Light-Therapy-Device - 45W LED Panel Deep 660nm...
  • Scientific research has shown that led red light therapy panels with a 660nm deep red wavelength and a 850nm near-infrared wavelength are...
  • Improve skin:The 660nm deep red light can stimulate cell repair and deep skin beauty care, while the 850nm near-infrared light penetrates...
  • Red light led therapy Unlike traditional painkillers, over-the-counter products or other expensive therapies, our red light device is a safe...

This Rhmip LED light therapy panel is great for use at home, allowing you to experience salon-quality light treatment whenever and wherever you want without spending money on another visit to a light therapy beauty clinic.

You may benefit from this light therapy device when reading a book in bed, watching TV on the couch, or playing computer games. You can enjoy light therapy at any time or in any location.

The most effective wavelengths for Rhmip light therapy devices are 660nm (Deep red) and 850nm (Near-infrared). Since humans cannot see near-infrared light at 850nm, it seems dark, whereas deep red light at 660nm appears bright. Only half of the LEDs will be lit, giving the impression that they are all red. 


You may find everything you need to begin and experience the effects of red light therapy in one portable, energy-efficient device.

With a single hand, you may easily and comfortably use this product to receive the whole spectrum of red light that is so useful.

Red light (660nm) and the farthest reaches of infrared light (850nm) are included in the precise spectrum, with output peak wavelengths aligned precisely with our peak absorption in this region. Using a magnifying lens, the light may be used from a distance of up to 23.62 inches or 60cm, making it ideal for close-up work.


  • In favor of a healthy lifestyle
  • Invigorated cells
  • Possible chronic inflammation reduction
  • May enhance collagen synthesis
  • May increase blood flow


  • More research is required
Red Red Light Can Help Boosting Testosterone


Factors to Consider When Buying RLT Devices for Testosterone

In this part, we’ll tell you what to look for in a red light therapy gadget.

Target area

When selecting a red light treatment device for home use, it is crucial to think about the area of the body that you are trying to treat.

A whole-body panel is required if you want to cover a greater surface area, such as the entire body. Mini devices are an option if you only need to treat a limited area, such as the face.


When purchasing health-related gadgets like red light therapy panels, the cost is always a factor.

You must evaluate a red light treatment panel’s benefits against the cost of purchasing the device.

Since a smaller budget usually means a smaller, lower-quality panel, we highly recommend full-body red light treatment panels if you can afford them.

Quality & design

When searching for a red light therapy panel, it’s critical to consider the irradiance and frequency of the light it emits. These elements heavily influence the panel’s output and the brightness of the red light.

A person’s irradiance is the quantity of energy they get from the device over a given time. The higher the irradiance, the less time you’ll have to utilize the device to reap the benefits.

This is why this is the most crucial technical feature to consider when selecting red light therapy devices.


Even the most effective red light therapy devices may not have FDA approval. Approved items are more expensive than unapproved ones. Professionals conduct several studies to ensure the safety, therapeutic benefits, and potential hazards of these items.

However, FDA-approved products are merely an optional consideration. There are no concerns or negative effects if you have used the product before or know someone who has used it and had no problems.

However, it would help if you used greater caution when utilizing it. Overexposure is not an option, nor are protective goggles required to prevent accidental eye contact.

Size & weight

Carrying your best red light therapy device in a gym bag, work bag, or even in your car will necessitate considering their size and weight before purchasing.

However, if you’re only going to use it at home, it won’t be as important. However, this will vary according to the intended audience.

A large and hefty item may be difficult for the elderly to hold. Portable laser therapy devices, such as a pad, are better suited.

Red Light Therapy Panels


Customer experience

People who have used the red light treatment panel tend to document their experiences with it in the form of product reviews.

If a product or brand is well-known, there are likely to be a lot of YouTube reviews about it from people who have tried it out and have either a positive or negative opinion.

To verify that the product you’re purchasing is well-rounded, thoroughly tested, and well-loved, you may use this method to confirm no bad reviews or negative feedback patterns.

Factors Affecting Testosterone Levels

The levels of testosterone in men can be affected by various things. The following are a few examples:


The decline in testosterone levels in men is primarily caused by aging. Testosterone production peaks throughout adolescence and puberty, as previously stated, but declines significantly in men’s forties and fifties.

Some diets and therapies, such as red light therapy for testosterone, may be able to counteract the decline in testosterone levels that comes with age.

Certain health conditions and chronic obesity

Men’s testosterone levels might be affected by disorders like diabetes, chronic liver, or kidney disease.

As a result of suppressing a component of the neuroendocrine system responsible for metabolism, the HPT axis, obesity in men is linked to a drop in free testosterone levels.


Hypogonadism is a condition in which the sex hormones produced by the sex glands are insufficient or nonexistent.

The pituitary gland in the brain may be causing an issue with the testicles. Hypogonadism in men is caused by a hormonal imbalance in the pituitary gland, inhibiting the body’s ability to produce enough testosterone.


It’s possible that cutting out meat and other protein sources will lower your testosterone levels for an extended time. Vegetables lack cholesterol, and cholesterol is required for the creation of testosterone.

Bad Food will affect the level of the testosterone



Stress, sadness, financial and family troubles, and employment disagreements can negatively affect a man’s testosterone level, resulting in a shorter lifespan. So, naturally, there is less desire for joy, fun, and love life when sex hormones are depleted.

Repeated infections 

Certain diseases, such as mumps, STDs, and hepatitis, can cause a drop in testosterone levels in males. But this is not a permanent decline, and certain energy-boosting activities such as walking, exercise, or medicines may restore testosterone levels.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy 

May help with muscles repair

Muscle discomfort following a workout is a common occurrence. With red light therapy, healing from post-workout soreness may occur considerably more quickly than it normally does.

You may avoid delayed onset muscle soreness by exposing yourself to red light before or after a workout (DOMS). According to research, red light treatment has also been shown to positively affect general energy levels.

Due to these features, many professional athletes use red light therapy to help them keep up with rigorous training schedules and heal from muscular sprains more quickly.

RLT may repair your muscles


May help with pain relief

Pain management and reduction with red light therapy have been beneficial. Inflammation is frequently to blame for causing discomfort.

When your cells can renew, they can battle inflammation and alleviate the pain that comes with it. According to recent studies, chronic nerve pain following some surgeries or traumas may also benefit from red light therapy.

May contribute to skin improvements

Acne affects more than 50 million Americans each year, according to research. Acne scars and outbreaks can be exhausting and distressing for many of us. There are, of course, acne-fighting drugs with a high success rate.

Some people may find their negative side effects outweigh the benefits. Acne may be treated using light therapy. Low-level light wavelengths may enhance cellular turnover, which aids in skin barrier restoration and scar fading.

RLT may improve your skin


May improve sleep

Type 2 diabetes and heart disease can be aggravated or even accelerated by a lack of sleep, which is a typical occurrence. It’s not a secret that various forms of light inhibit the generation of melatonin (the sleep hormone), resulting in disrupted sleep.

Red light, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. People who have insomnia, work night shifts, or desire better sleep may benefit from this supplement’s ability to boost the body’s melatonin production.

May enhance mental functions 

Mental performance may benefit from red light therapy as well. Research shows that red light may improve cognitive abilities in patients with modest brain injuries.

There’s more to it. Red light treatment has the potential to treat Alzheimer’s and dementia, according to a 2018 laboratory study on mice. It was also found that RLT penetrates deeply into the tissue and may not cause phototoxicity.

Some Most Common Ways to Boost Testosterone

Increasing testosterone naturally is possible, but there is no one-size-fits-all strategy to correct hormone shortages.

Working out 

According to some data, certain types of exercise may help increase testosterone levels. Weightlifting and HIIT appear to be among the most effective methods of exercise.

On the other hand, other forms of exercise have been linked to a drop in testosterone. Due to the extended stress on the body, endurance training, for example, might raise your cortisol levels.

As cortisol rises in response to a drop in testosterone, the two tend to counteract each other’s effects.

Working out may boost testosterone


Changing your diet

Vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium-rich foods may increase testosterone levels. The high vitamin D foods list includes milk and plant milk enriched with vitamin D.

Both dieting and overeating lower testosterone levels. As a result, a balanced diet that includes plenty of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats is recommended.

Taking vitamin and mineral supplements

Taking supplements like those for vitamin D, zinc, and magnesium may help you attain a better nutritional balance and, as a result, a higher testosterone level.

Using natural testosterone-specific supplements

Almost any health food store should carry a good selection of them. Many contain vitamins and minerals that may increase testosterone levels and other medicinal herbs and plants that some consider beneficial.

Be aware, however, that many products are primarily fillers with only minimal levels of active ingredients, making them effectively useless.

Other Forms of Light Therapy

Many types of light treatment exist, and it might not be very clear to know what each one does and what advantages it has to offer. It is possible to locate as many distinct types of fair treatment as there are colors in the rainbow.

Blue light

The antibacterial characteristics of blue light therapy may successfully eliminate the bacteria that cause acne. Sun damage and skin cancer have also been reduced by using this product. It’s a great compliment to red light therapy because it addresses different aspects of acne.

Green light

Early results reveal that green light therapy may be able to lessen the frequency and severity of migraines. It’s easy to see how the relaxing effect of green light could be beneficial in alleviating the discomfort associated with migraines.

Light Therapy - Colours


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to do red light therapy every day?

You can do red light therapy every day, and it’s even encouraged. In contrast to other methods, red lights on the skin may yield the best effects when repeated every day.

The red light therapy may be used as many times a day as necessary once you determine whether or not you are light-sensitive through a test run.

Is red light therapy safe to use during pregnancy?

The use of red light treatment panels and other devices by nursing or pregnant women has received no clinical testing.

Thus, it’s impossible to declare whether or not red light is fully safe. Consult your healthcare physician if you are pregnant or nursing and are considering using a red light panel for any of the reasons mentioned above.

Do red light therapy devices emit EMFs?

All electronic equipment indeed emits electromagnetic radiation. The design of red light panels and other red light therapy devices is critical in reducing the number of EMFs they emit.

The best red light panels have to prove to us that they have low EMF and minimal flicker, which minimizes the harmful impacts. What causes red light to flicker? Flicker refers to a faulty change or intermittent illumination of light.

To avoid headaches and strain, it is preferable to acquire red light panels from businesses like Mito Red Light and Rouge Care Red Lights, which can guarantee a low flicker in their panels.

The FlickerSafe flicker-free technology ensures that all devices have super low EMF with no detectable levels at 3 inches.

What are the risks of red light therapy?

Red light therapy may have no side effects. Using red light therapy may be completely safe because it is a natural technique that uses a very low-risk light source.

We couldn’t find any hazards linked with employing red light treatment regularly or even excessively for recovery.

Since red light treatment exposes the skin to levels of light that are not dangerous, it is practically hard to overuse your red light therapy panel, lamp, or bed. With this in mind, red light therapy may have virtually no risk or harm.

You should limit your red light therapy equipment to a suitable level. We recommend utilizing your red light treatment panel at home for no more than two hours each day to prevent misuse and protect your skin and eyes from any damage.


We hope you’re ready to invest in the best red light therapy device for testosterone if you’ve made it this far.

We wanted to assist you in finding the best red light panel at home, on the go, or in your fitness center or gym. Of course, using red light therapy for medicinal purposes should always be preceded by a consultation with a doctor.

We’ve seen incredible results in sleep, increased testosterone, healing, and readiness efforts. It is critical to conduct research before purchasing a red light therapy panel because not all devices are created equal.

Before making a purchase, it’s good to check other red light panel reviews and consumer feedback on other red light panels to see if any particular model has similar flaws or strengths.