Should You Wear Goggles in Red Light Therapy?

Knowing if the goggles are necessary when you do RLT is something you must learn to protect yourself. So, should you wear goggles in red light therapy? This is a great question because if you have ever been to a red light therapy treatment, you already know how bright and uncomfortable those lights can be.

The strong near-infrared lights, red or blue lights, might be uncomfortable for your eyes even if you keep them closed all of the time. Hence, you should know whether it is recommended to wear safety glasses when you’re getting your laser therapy.

You can find the explanation below if you want a more profound answer. You can also learn how the goggles can protect your eyes and what other ways you can do the same while using an LED mask or other therapy device.

Should You Wear Goggles in Red Light Therapy?


Should You Wear Goggles in Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is relatively new, so there’s no definite answer about the obligation to wear protective goggles. A group reviewed almost 7,000 other studies and found only one case of maculopathy, which occurred in a participant who was taking a light-sensitizing drug at the time of the study.

In short, you may not need to wear protective goggles, except it is recommended to wear them when using red light therapy on your face. But why is that so?

As you probably already know, the red lights are too bright, making them uncomfortable for most people, especially those sensitive to light. Even if you’re not, you’ll probably feel uncomfortable and risk irritating your eyes, especially when the red light therapy lasts longer

In this case, why put your eyes and sight in danger when you can get a pair of goggles and free yourself from feeling uncomfortable?

So yes, it’s possible for red light therapy to damage your eyes, especially if you’re often going to red light therapy face treatments. However, when you put on your protective goggles, your eyes will get protected, they won’t get irritated by the strong light, and your experience will be more comfortable.

It’s best to be aware of any risks associated with red light therapy. You can also learn about cosmetic procedures that should not be followed by this therapy. Find out if you can do red light therapy after a chemical peel.

Why do you need protective goggles?

Red light can be strong, so even if you keep your eyes closed, it might still be too strong and make you feel uncomfortable. You won’t have that problem by wearing goggles, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Of course, the red light is great for the skin around your eyes, but not directly for your eyes. This way, without any protection for your eyes, you’re risking damaging your eyesight.

The direct red light might also cause a headache, so that’s another reason to wear red light therapy eye goggles. Hence, wearing them is advised when using red light therapy on your face.

However, there’s no need to wear goggles for any other parts of your body, but if you’re planning on using red light face treatment for longer, goggles are recommended.

The blackout goggles are the best protective eyewear you can choose when going to a red light therapy treatment. They come with an adjustable strap, so they’ll definitely fit you.

Now, another common question is whether you should apply sunscreen when heading for a red light therapy session. You can find out if sunscreen blocks red light therapy and makes it less effective.

How Does Wearing Goggles Protect Your Eyes?

The health of your eyes should always be a top priority to you, so make sure that you always bring your goggles with you to your red light therapy sessions. You should still protect your eyes even if you’re not so sensitive to light.

The lights are bright, especially those in the clinics, so sitting still until the end of your treatment will probably be hard and unpleasant for you. 

That’s why wearing protective goggles is the best decision to make. They’re dark and make the light very hard to pass through them. They’ll block all harmful rays so you won’t ever expose your eyes to them and endanger your vision.

The result is minimizing the damage that might be done to your eyes and making the experience pleasant.

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Other Ways to Protect Your Eyes From Red Light Therapy

Using blackout goggles is the best, safest way to protect your eyes from red lights, even if you’re not so sensitive to light. But that’s not the only way to achieve that, and you can also protect your eyes by limiting the time of use of the red light therapy devices

This is easy to do, especially if you do your red light therapy in your home, where you have all the control in your hands. So, pay attention to the time and don’t use the red light device for too long, hoping to maximize the effects and results, and always check and try to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended time.

Another method you can try that can help you protect your eyes from the red lights is to not look directly into the light, even if you’re not so sensitive to it. If you’ve ever used red light therapy, you already know how powerful, strong, and bright these lights can be, so be careful.

Also, you can always try to use a small red light device that you can hold in your hands. These smaller devices are more compatible, and you can use them directly and only in the place that needs to be healed instead of all over your face. These devices allow you to avoid red lights coming close to your eyes.


So, should you wear goggles in red light therapy? It is recommended, and consider buying a pair if you plan to have plenty of red light therapy treatments on your face, especially if your eyes are sensitive to light. If you don’t have goggles at the moment, try to keep your eyes closed during the treatments. 

Also, remember that it’s okay to do that once or twice, but in the end, consider getting a good pair of light protective goggles and feel safe and relaxed while getting your wonderful treatments. Don’t risk your eyes, and safely enjoy the benefits you’re going to get.

Remember to consult with a health professional before deciding to try red light therapy on your own.

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