Best Red Light Therapy Device for Joint Pain

If you are suffering from sports injuries or searching for a practical and effective yet harmless way to alleviate or reduce the pain in your joints, red light therapy might be the ideal solution.

Red light therapy uses red LED lights on your body where you want to heal or improve. It works thanks to the red rays that go deep into the skin and all its layers. It may be the best natural solution you can turn to when dealing with joint pain.

Red light therapy is a treatment approved by the FDA, which may benefit many things, like skincare, anti-aging, pain relief, etc.

So, we have found the best red light therapy device for joint pain and not only one but five different ones. You’ll have enough choices to find the most suitable, whether a therapy belt, infrared lamp, or another type.

No more waiting and prolonging; let’s check this review and learn more about the therapy devices.

Red Light Therapy Device for Joint Pain


How We Made This List

Red light therapy is becoming increasingly popular among people, so many devices are available on the market. 

To select only the best and the most effective ones, we considered several factors that must’ve been met by the devices we looked for.

Respected brands

The brand devices we’re going to review are experts in making red light therapy devices. Hence, we selected reputable and respected brands among the clients.

They all have plenty of highly satisfied buyers, which can be seen from the comment sections. They all have very positive feedback and high ratings.

Additionally, they’re experienced in this line of business, so they know exactly what they’re doing. The wide range of different red light therapy devices clearly shows that.

Ease of use

Simple devices that are truly effective are the best purchase a person can make. That’s why our focus was on finding the most undemanding red light therapy devices.

As you’ll see, the devices in this article are pretty straightforward to use. They have just one button, so with just a push of a button, the devices are ready to be used, making healing yourself an effortless thing to be done.

Different sizes

All of the devices we’ve chosen are powerful and come in different sizes. We’ve selected red light therapy pads for treating a larger area of your body, such as your back or hips, and for smaller areas, like your hands. 

Even though they come in different sizes, they can still be very easily taken with you absolutely anywhere. You can even put the smaller ones in your purse. Whether you’re going on a vacation or going to work, you can take them and use them everywhere.

RLT Devices for joint pain - Different sizes


Accessories and warranty

Each of the red light therapy devices that will be discussed and reviewed in this article comes together with many accessories.

This was important for us because a complete package means that you won’t have any additional costs. 

Thus, expect the USB cable, goggles if needed, a battery charger, and the batteries to be included in the package.

The red light therapy devices we’ve chosen also come with a warranty covering at least one year, which was also an essential factor when selecting.


The primary function of the red light therapy devices we’ve chosen for this article is to alleviate and ease your joint pain. However, we wanted to recommend devices that offer something more than that. 

So, besides getting rid of your pain, you may also expect some additional benefits from the regular use of the red light therapy devices in this article, like improving the look of your skin, improving your sleep, etc.

Best Red Light Therapy Device for Joint Pain: Reviews

  • DGXINJUN– Red Light Therapy Waist Belt
  • DGYAORed Light Therapy Belt
  • YJTRed Light Therapy Device
  • Rotsha Red Light Therapy Torch
  • DGXINJUNRed Light Therapy Pad

1. DGXINJUN – Red Light Therapy Waist Belt

Red Light Therapy Waist Belt, Home Use 660nm LED Red...
  • 【Warranty and Package Included】: There are one infrared light therapy waist belt, one DC cord, one power adpater and one timer...
  • 【Large Treatment area】: This light therapy waist belt with 108pcs 660nm LED red light and 108pcs 880nm near infrared light has 22.6" x...
  • 【Red&Infrared Light Therapy】: 660nm red light can reach the deep layes of the skin to stimulates cellular repair and promote the blood...

The first brand to start the review section is DGXINJUN. A brand that has a lot of different devices that use red lights as a very effective pain reliever

They have devices that may help people who are suffering from back pain, pain in the knees, elbows, hands, feet, shoulders, and neck.

One of their many devices is their waist belt, which is big, soft, and very comfortable to wear. It can be used for more areas than just wrapping it around your waist. 

Many health professionals, physical therapists, and doctors recommend using this red light therapy device, so you have nothing to worry about.

Now, let’s take a look at what makes this belt so good.


What is it made of?

The waist belt from DGXINJUN is made from micro plush fiber, which is soft and comfortable. The belt has a time controller that you can easily customize to your needs.

The power cord is long enough to be used whenever you are, even when working. The belt has a total of 216 pieces of light; 108 red lights and 108 infrared lights

The invisible infrared light penetrates deeply into your body, up to 40 mm, making the belt very beneficial.

How to use it

The best thing about this belt is that you may use it to improve any part of your body where you feel pain. 

You can wrap it around your neck, back, or shoulders. You can also wrap it around your arm, leg, and thighs, and of course, on your waist.

The velcro straps make it very easy to use. You just have to adjust the belt on the part of your body where you’re feeling the pain and fasten it with the velcro straps. 

Twenty minutes per day is enough for all your pain to be reduced, but you can use it multiple times per day if needed.

What does it include?

This belt comes with a controller, charger, and connectors. If some of these accessories break, you have a lifetime of free replacement, so you don’t have to worry about being able to use this device.

Also, this waist belt comes with a one-year warranty that covers the whole product.

Benefits from its use

  • It may speed up the recovery of the joints.
  • It may soothe and reduce the pain.
  • It may relax your sore back.
  • It may relax your muscles.
  • It may relieve neck and shoulder stiffness.


  • A one-year warranty
  • Comfortable
  • You can use it everywhere
  • You may use it on your pets
  • No negative side effects


  • Its size makes it harder to be used for smaller body parts

2. DGYAO – Red Light Therapy Belt

DGYAO Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt for Pain Relief...
  • Life Time replacement on charger, controller and connectors! Buy this equipment and experience painless, safe and natural physical pain...
  • Portable Infrared & Red Dual Light Therapy - Red light reaches deep layers of the skin, where it stimulates cellular repair and increases...
  • Portable infrared and red light therapy combination; Red light reaches deep layers of the skin, where it stimulates cellular repair and...

The following product is from the DGYAO brand, which also has various red light therapy devices suitable for physical pain. 

Among them is their belt, a red light therapy device that the FDA has approved and recommended by many doctors due to its benefits.

This flexible pad easily adapts to any part of the body, so you may use it to ease the pain in any part of your body. Believe it or not, you may use it on your pets because there aren’t any side effects.

You have three options to purchase this belt: an eight-piece setlarge pads, or a max of 51”. This review is focused on the eight-piece set.


What is it made of?

The red light therapy belt from DGYAO is a very flexible belt, with a 12” x 6” size, that consists of 117 pieces of red and infrared lights, of which 52 are invisible red lights, and the other 65 are invisible infrared lights. 

This belt also has an auto shut-off timer and a power cord that’s 15 ft long so that you can use it anywhere.

How to use it

The DGYAO belt has a hands-free design, so you only need to adjust it to the place you feel the pain, and that’s it. The velcro straps will keep it in its place, so you’ll forget that the belt is on you. That’s when the timer becomes useful.

The light from this belt penetrates deeply into the skin, causing cellular repair and speeding up circulation. It’s recommended to use it 20 minutes per day, no longer than 40 minutes. 

Moreover, if you’re planning to use it more times in one day, it’s good if you drink lots of water between the sessions.

What does it include?

This device comes with even two velcro straps, one longer and one shorter, making it easily adaptable and simple. 

The longer strap is used for your back and your hips and the shorter is made so you can adjust this belt to your knees, arms, elbows, shoulders, chest, or neck. 

Thanks to the straps, you can use this belt for absolutely any part of your body in which you feel pain.

Benefits from its use


  • Hands-free design
  • FDA-approved
  • A one-year full warranty
  • Flexible and easily adjustable


  • Lots of cords

3. YJT – Red Light Therapy Device

Wearable Red Light Therapy Device for Pain Relief,...
  • Portable and compact, wearable and rechargeable, can be easily carried while on the go. The practical band enables you to use it even you...
  • This infrared light device offers two different modes(Light therapy only, or light therapy+Vibration), users can easily cycle through by...
  • Upgraded Red Light Therapy Lamp: Each therapy light bulb has 10pcs high power leds in total. 9pcs 660nm deep red leds + 1pcs 810nm near...

YJT is a brand that has more than 15 years of professional experience in the red light therapy business. 

They bring us a small, convenient red light therapy device for home use. Its small size makes it very easy to be held with one hand, and it only weighs 1.69 pounds. 

You may use this device for pain relief and if you have arthritis or cervical spondylosis. Even if you have some sports injuries, sprains, or skin wounds, this device may help you with their healing.

The YJT pain reliever is available in black and white color, and it’s very simple to use. This device is so safe that you may easily use it on your pet if it suffers from some pain and does not worry about any kind of side effects, as it’s been approved by CE and RoHS certificates.


What is it made of?

The YJT red light therapy device has a 2,600 mAh lithium battery that’s rechargeable. It’ll take two hours for the device to be fully recharged, but it can last you up to four full days.

This red light therapy device has a built-in display that shows the battery’s time and capacity.

How to use it

This device is very simple to use. It has an on/off button, which you have to hold pressed down for three seconds to turn on the device. The LCD screen will light up.

Then click the button once, and the device will start working. Place it and hold it in the place where you feel the pain. 

Besides easing the pain, it may improve your skin’s health and boost collagen production. This brand recommends this device be used twice a day between 20 and 30 minutes, with a pause of four hours between the treatments.

What does it include?

The device comes with a small carrying case, making it very easily portable, so you can take it anywhere with you, whether it’s in your workplace or on vacation.

The package also includes a power adaptor, a USB cable, protective goggles, and a manual. This device has a warranty, and the one lithium-ion battery is included in the package.

Benefits from its use


  • Small and easily portable
  • Comes with protective goggles
  • You may use it on your pets
  • You can use it on your face


  • Often is out of stock

4. Rotsha – Red Light Therapy Torch

No products found.

Anyone who suffers from joint pain, inflammation, and swelling or needs a faster muscle recovery may use the red light therapy device from Rotsha.

This device is a red light therapy torch that produces red, infrared, and blue light. It has five LEDs and three therapy modes.

This torch is durable even though it’s small. The small design and the lightweight make this torch very easily portable. 

You can recharge it, put it in your purse, and take it anywhere with you. What’s even better is that you may use it on your pets because it’s harmless.


What is it made of?

This red light therapy torch from Rotsha is made of five LEDs and has a three-minute built-in timer

The one-button used for turning the device on and turning it off makes its use pretty straightforward. 

This device also comes with a Pulse Mode so that people who have thin skin may avoid burning their skin. 

How to use it

Three minutes are just enough to calm your pain. The lights may reach deep injured tissues, and you may use them to treat the pain in the knees, wrists, shoulders, and the lumbar spine.

The red light therapy torch from Rotsha comes with three available light therapy modes: red, blue, and red+infrared+blue. 

The red, infrared, and blue combo may be best for soothing your pain and for reducing inflammation.

What does it include?

The Rotsha red light therapy torch comes together with a storage case, eye protection glasses, a hanging cable, a USB cable, a battery charger, a manual guide, and also two rechargeable batteries. 

Everything you might need for its use it’s already included in the package, so you won’t have any additional costs. Plus, this torch comes with a one-year warranty.

Benefits from its use

  • It may stimulate the production of collagen.
  • It may provide faster healing of the wounds on the skin.
  • It may reduce inflammation.
  • It may relax the stiff muscles.
  • It may improve the condition of your skin.


  • Pulse Mode
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and small
  • You may use it on your pet
  • A one-year warranty


  • It’s pretty small, so you can’t use it for larger body areas

5. DGXINJUN – Red Light Therapy Pad

DGXINJUN Infrared Red Light Therapy Device Back Pain...
  • Extra-Large Pad- 117 powerful LED lights, 12” x 6” large flexible wearable wrap area for better cover on back, neck, shoulder and hip....
  • Soft & Comfortable Use - Thick but lightweight microplush SBR fibers offer maximum comfort for daily use. Adjustable velcro straps help the...
  • Safe & Natural Solution – This light therapy device shows no negative side effect on people. It helps speed up joint recovery and...

The red light therapy hand pad is another unique red light therapy device from DGXINJUN.

This device is specially made to treat injuries in your hands, wrists, or fingers, and it’s a double-sided pad with red and infrared lights suitable for everyone. This device may be so effective that even doctors recommend its use. 

Additionally, many health professionals and athletes use it, so you may be sure that it’s safe and that it can really help you.

If you have some nerve injury, hand pain or strains, arthritis, or even carpal tunnel syndrome, this small device may do wonders for you.


What is it made of?

This red light therapy pad is a double-sided pad. It has 88 pieces of red lights and 88 pieces of infrared lights, all of them evenly distributed around the hand. 

It comes with an auto shut-off timer and also with a longer cord so you can bring it and use it everywhere. You can customize the timing controller to fit your needs.

How to use it

The recommended time for using this red light therapy hand pad is 20 minutes, and you shouldn’t be using this device for more than 40 minutes. However, you can use it more than once per day. 

Just ensure that one session lasts roughly around 20 minutes. You may also use this device to effectively relax the muscles in your hands.

What does it include?

The red light therapy hand pad comes with a power cord, connection line, power supply, and a time controller. So, you have absolutely everything packed together, and you can easily take this device on your trips or in your office.

This device has a warranty of one year and a lifetime of free replacement of its parts. If the controllers, the charger, or the connectors stop working, you’ll get new ones for free.

Benefits from its use


  • Small and practical
  • Simple to use
  • Easily portable
  • Effective


  • If you want to use this device for both hands at the same time, you must purchase two devices
RLT for pain


Factors to Consider When Buying RLT Devices for Joint Pain

This small buying guide will show you which things are important to consider when looking to buy the best device. Also, all of the benefits that red light therapy can bring are included.

By always paying attention to the following things, you’ll be able to make the right choice and choose the best red light therapy device. 

Your needs

You must start by distinguishing your needs, so it’ll be easier to find the device that suits those needs best.

If you feel pain in a small area, you’ll need to look for a smaller device. However, if you want to treat a bigger area, go for a bigger red light therapy pad. 

You must determine if you want something for home use or if you want something that’s lightweight and easily portable. Based on this, the large selection available on the market will be cut in half, so your choice will become a lot easier.

Red Light Therapy Device for Joint Pain - Your Needs



The prices differ depending on the brand you’re going to purchase, the size of the device, its quality, and many other things, and that can become a bit overwhelming. That’s why it’s so important to know exactly what you need from a red light therapy device. 

You don’t have to go for the most expensive red light therapy device because they really can be expensive, but also, don’t go for the cheapest one too.

When it comes to this type of purchase, you’ll really get precisely what you’ll pay for. 

This article contains high-quality l devices for affordable prices, so you can’t go wrong choosing from them. After all, this is an investment in your health, and it is better instead of paying a lot of your money in some spa salons.

Device’s size

Think about exactly what area of your body you want to heal. A smaller device is an excellent choice if, for example, you have a sprained ankle or pain in your hands and wrists, so you don’t need a big pad for its treatment. 

Nonetheless, if you have problems with a larger area, you must aim for complete coverage of the place hurting you, so be careful not to buy too small pads. 

If you feel pain in your hips, you should buy a large pad. That way you’ll be able to cover absolutely the whole area.

Warranty and return policies

The warranty length is important, not just for a red light therapy device but for any type of device. Different companies offer different warranty coverage, so you must also pay attention to this. 

The return policies are also important because the red light therapy devices come with many accessories. 

What can you do if some of those accessories break down? Let’s take the charger as an example. Without it, you won’t be able to use the device any longer, so look for a company that offers free replacements.

Customers experience

The red light therapy devices are widely used, so you’ll find endless customer comments and thoughts online. What you should do is take some time and read them.

The users aren’t afraid to say what they think about a product, whether they are satisfied with it, and what their experience was. So, you can learn a lot of helpful stuff by reading the customers’ feedback.

You’ll learn what you can expect from the selected red light therapy device, whether it will meet your expectations, and about the company’s services. Also, you’ll understand if the device works in real life and if it is really worth your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the red light therapy devices every day?

The red light therapy devices are intended for everyday use, so you should use them regularly.

They are considered safe without causing any side effects, but it depends on the person; you can freely use them without having any worries. Even more, if you use them daily, you may expect faster and longer-lasting effects. 

So, be consistent and use the device you’re going to buy every day. Don’t skip days, and use the device at least two times per day, 10 to 20 minutes. That’s the surest way for your pain to go away. 

Is red light therapy actually worth it?

Yes, because you have nothing to lose by giving this revolutionary method a chance. An even more significant plus is the fact that there aren’t any side effects, so there’s no need to fear and wait any longer. 

If you have pain, especially joint pain, you’ll be amazed by how quickly it may disappear. If you want to reverse the damage from the sun and the aging of your skin, elastin and collagen production may increase, making incredible changes. 

Your skin may quickly start becoming softer and firmer. So yes, giving a red light therapy device a shot is absolutely worth it.

Can you use red light therapy on my pet?

The red light therapy devices that can be used on pets state clearly that on the package. However, most of these devices are considered safe for pets because, as for people, they also may not produce negative results on pets.

So, you may try and help him ease the pain by treating your pet with a red light therapy device you use on yourself. This may increase the pet’s blood circulation and increase the healing process.


Get ready to say goodbye to the pain and gain some additional benefits and improvement when choosing the best red light therapy device for joint pain. 

They’re painless, free from side effects and negative consequences, safe and natural solutions for your chronic pain. As a bonus, the look of your skin and your sleep might improve, so you’ll gain more than just one benefit.

These red light therapy devices may do wonders, so don’t wait any longer. Purchase the best red light therapy device for joint pain that attracts you the most, and prepare to be amazed by the quick improvement you’ll soon notice.