Does Red Light Therapy Help Sore Muscles?

Whether you are an athlete experiencing sore muscles or just an active individual, you might be interested in learning more about red light therapy (a reasonably new therapy) and whether RLT helps with aching muscles. 

Even though many claim that getting a good night’s sleep may be the best way to recover post-exercise, others believe that RLT can solve all problems. So, does red light therapy help sore muscles? Does it show the same effects on the muscles as it does on the skin?

Red light therapy is one of the latest treatments that have caught many people’s eye. It has been around for a while and is currently a treatment for many fitness lovers. Let’s discover more!

Does Red Light Therapy Help Sore Muscles?


Does Red Light Therapy Help Sore Muscles?

Red light therapy might offer aesthetic and health benefits. Dermatologists, other healthcare professionals, and personal trainers claim that they’ve witnessed the remarkable effects of this treatment on various people.

The wavelengths emitted during red light therapy penetrate deep into the cell’s mitochondria, which might promote energy generation.

Mitochondria have light-sensitive molecules, and these can absorb red light. Therefore, exposure to this type of light might lead your mitochondria to possibly stimulate more ATP, which drives most of our body’s metabolic processes. As a result of this, your cells might be capable of functioning better.

When your cells generate more energy, they might produce more collagen. Collagen is the key element to having better skin due to its great effect on the skin’s elasticity, pigmentation, and complexion.

Beyond the aesthetic benefits, red light might also aid cellular repair. This might help your circulation improve, reduce inflammation, and help muscle soreness.

So, as you can see, red light therapy might relieve sore muscles. It might help athletes recover faster so they can boost their performance the next time they deal with training. That said, you can try some of the best RLT full-body devices that make you feel great again and without soreness.

Muscle regeneration

Red light therapy might boost recovery and boost your overall performance. Having sore muscles results from the cellular waste that accumulates in the cells of your muscles after a hard workout, and this causes inflammation. Doing red light therapy might improve blood flow in your body which can reach your muscles and might help carry the cellular waste away.

Many fitness lovers are now on board with the red light therapy treatment. Due to this treatment’s recent recognition, many red light therapy devices are available at health clubs and gyms. At some gyms, you’re able to upgrade your membership to have access to this treatment.

This process might reduce muscle soreness and inflammation and help athletes or bodybuilders get back to their training faster than they would without the therapy. 

When we ask ourselves if red light therapy might help sore muscles, we should remember that red light therapy might also trigger nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide is a vasodilator, a molecule that prompts the blood vessels to widen. This means that doing red light therapy might cause a greater blood flow in your body. 


Most sports injuries come in two categories, acute or overuse. Either of these can cause severe pain that will restrict the athlete’s performance. The inability to train will result in minimized performance and setbacks for the athlete. 

Luckily, recent studies show how red light therapy might help with the injuries mentioned above. This includes strains, sprains, tendonitis, contusions, ligament damage, and muscle soreness. It might also help reduce neck pain, a common issue for athletes.

How to Use Red Light Therapy for Muscle Pain

The question of whether red light therapy helps sore muscles also falls into the question of how to use red light therapy to possibly help relieve muscle pain.

Studies have shown how red light therapy treatments have possibly helped overcome pain, boosted muscle recovery, eased inflammation, and healed injuries. 

Muscle damage caused by exercise is a normal part of any workout. Exercising can cause microscopic tears in your muscle fibers, leading to muscle growth. The less time your muscles take to recover after exercising, the sooner you’ll be able to resume your regular workout routine with a lesser risk of injury.

Red light therapy has been shown that might affect muscle recovery after a hard workout. Post-treatment, there might be a significant improvement in muscle function concerning soreness, weakness, and motion impairment.

You can use red light therapy devices at home or at gyms that have them equipped. These devices most commonly come as a panel or a belt with LED red lights on the inside, which you can put on the affected areas.

You can do red light therapy treatments before, during, or after your workouts, but it might be most effective when it’s done after your workout.


Well, this is the very end of this article, and let’s recap about does red light therapy help sore muscles?! 

Red light therapy is a fantastic treatment recognized worldwide as the go-to treatment for many health conditions, including muscle soreness. It might have many positive effects as it might help your body boost its natural healing process. 

However, before utilizing it, you should always consult with a professional or doctor due to the possible side effects on your health!

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