Best Red Light Therapy Belts

Many remarkable therapy devices provide a simple yet efficient approach to revitalizing your body using red light therapy. Such devices are wearable red light therapy belts. They are thin, lightweight, and flexible, providing the right treatment for weight loss, anti-aging, pain relief, etc.

Red light therapy belts can be easily strapped or wrapped around the body. This makes them more comfortable and convenient, especially when wrapping around shoulders and arms. Now, you may say goodbye to many problems like back pain and shoulder pain.

RLT belts may be placed directly on the skin, allowing for more efficient near-infrared light or another type of light delivery into the body due to skin contact with the LEDs. Compared to many panels that require at least 6 inches of spacing, this allows for significant reflection losses.

So, we’ve compiled this list of the best red light therapy belts after conducting significant research on the market.

Let’s discover them!

RLT Belts


Best Red Light Therapy Belts: Tested & Reviewed

  1. UTK – Red Light Therapy Device
  2. DGYAO – Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt
  3. Exerscribe – Red Light Therapy Body Wrap
  4. PPLOONG – Red Infrared Light Therapy Belt
  5. IDEA INFRARED – Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt

1. UTK – Red Light Therapy Device

UTK Red Light Therapy Pad for Body Pain Relief, LED...
225 Reviews
UTK Red Light Therapy Pad for Body Pain Relief, LED...
  • 【UTK Red Light Therapy Pad】 Are you stressed and have difficulty falling asleep? Are you sitting for a long time and your muscles are...
  • 【Relieve Back Pain Device Effectively】Red light therapy is a non-toxic and harmless natural remedy. This pad can reach the deep regions...
  • 【Large Treatment Area】The pad treatment area is 15 x 7 inch, 25W high power. Total 480 pcs deep lights, including 360 red lights and...

This red light therapy belt from the trustworthy UTK brand is so lightweight that you can carry it in your handbag. It features a big treatment area (35″ x 11″), which may be ideal for back pain alleviation, hip discomfort, leg pain, and stomach pain.

The UTK red light therapy belt emits almost no EMF radiation, regardless of its size, and you may use the controller to select the wavelength and intensity levels.

It has two LED settings: 660nm red light and 850nm near-infrared LEDs. It only works when plugged in, but you can charge it from any power source because it comes with a USB cord and a power adapter. However, it also works with a power bank.

Their products come with customized sunglasses that can shield your eyes while you’re using them and prevent pain from long-term eye exposure.

The UTK red light therapy belt can be used on the shoulders, abdomen, waist, back, arms, and other body regions. Wrap the sore areas of the body with a comfortable strap.


The UTK red light therapy device is surely the finest choice for fitness enthusiasts, with a 35 x 11-inch big area that can fulfill people’s diverse needs.

Near-infrared photons can easily penetrate deeper sections of the body, and their penetration is 12 times that of far infrared. This is a safe red light therapy that may have no negative side effects. 

It may have a clear effect on neck and shoulder discomfort and muscle tightness. Additionally, it may aid in the recovery of sports injuries and joint pain and can be used in various settings, including yoga, post-workout relaxation, and rest.

You are welcome to ask any questions. You can also get free after-services if you have a problem with the product within the first year after purchasing it. Plus, a one-year warranty is included.


  • Relaxing heat
  • Simple to utilize in several areas with various modes


  • May be more expensive than others

2. DGYAO – Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt

DGYAO Red & Near Infrared Light Therapy Belt with Pulse...
  • Two Light Modes: Steady-on mode and upgraded flickering pulse mode. All red & infrared lights will stay on in Steady-on mode, while lights...
  • Red & Near Infrared Dual Therapy: Total 216pcs red 660nm and 108pcs near-infrared 880nm lights, featuring our SMD newest lighting tech that...
  • Comfortable & Easy to Use: Comes with 20 minutes auto off timer, two modes can be easily switched. Surface is flat and soft. Buckle straps...

DGYAO manufactures the product, and it is one of the company’s most popular devices and a top seller on the market. The company produces various red light treatment devices for potentially treating pain in certain body areas.

Since you can lie on it or drape it around your waist to target your back, this infrared light belt is adaptable for usage in different body areas. It’s a flexible pad with red LED lights that may be used against your skin hands-free.

The healing light waves penetrate far beyond your skin and into your tissues in this manner. This is definitely one of your finest options if you want to attempt red light therapy for back pain treatment.

You can lie on it or place it on top of your back while lying on your stomach. You can also use it to support your back while sitting upright in a chair.

However, it must be plugged into the work, so you must sit close to an outlet. Aside from its adaptability, this device is unique in that it blends infrared and red light, enhancing some therapeutic advantages like blood flow.


This newly designed treatment belt may relieve discomfort in the back, knees, legs, and joints. It may easily be wrapped around your painful location for more targeted therapy.

This red light device may also aid in joint recovery and any discomfort relief. An excellent, safe, and natural option for sports injuries, sprains, joint pain, and muscle recovery.

Furthermore, hands-free usage is feasible both at home and in the office. Plus, it includes a soft pad with two Velcro straps, one for your back, hip, and chest and the other for your neck, arms, shoulder, knee, feet, and elbow.

With more concentrated therapy, an adjustable lumbar support belt may assist in targeting the problem location. Red light penetrates the skin’s deep layers, possibly stimulating cellular regeneration and increasing circulation for a more vibrant, young appearance.

Additionally, IR light is deeply penetrating and causes thermal effects to raise tissue temperature, accelerate blood circulation, improve metabolism, and enhance cell viability and regenerative capability. It is invisible to the naked eye.


  • Surprisingly low-cost
  • Great quality
  • It can be worn almost everywhere
  • The gadget is transportable


  • The primary purpose is to alleviate pain

3. Exerscribe – Red Light Therapy Body Wrap

Exerscribe Red Light Therapy Body Wrap - RedTonic LED...
335 Reviews
Exerscribe Red Light Therapy Body Wrap - RedTonic LED...
  • Versatile: Our infrared light therapy belt is perfect for a variety of uses, including pain relief, better sleep, and rapid recovery from...
  • Complete Kit: Our infrared therapy set includes everything you need for the ultimate treatment experience, including a high-powered red...
  • Convenient: Take your healing on the go with our near infrared light therapy belt. It's the perfect travel companion and can even be used...

The Exerscribe light therapy pad offers a 16′′ x 8′′ treatment surface and 120 660nm/880nm chips, although you can only utilize red/infrared mode if you like.

With 150 mW/cm2 at direct contact, it is our list’s most intense red light therapy belt. Thanks to its large size, this pad is great for long-term pain treatment anywhere on your body.

Dual-chip technology, in which each LED produces red and infrared wavelengths, makes treatment more effective and comprehensive. It generates no EMF or flickers and switches off automatically after 20 minutes. It can be used up to twice each day.

Additionally, this pad is lightweight and portable and may be plugged in or linked to a power bank (which is not included). Exerscribe claims that you can get obvious results with just a few minutes of daily treatment. The device is also UV-free, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Overall, the Exerscribe red light therapy body wrap belt may be a fantastic option for anyone seeking pain treatment.


This infrared light therapy belt may aid you with pain alleviation, improved sleep, and faster recovery from fat-burning workouts. It’s safe for pets as well.

For the ultimate treatment experience, the infrared therapy set comprises high-powered red light therapy equipment with a flexible strap, a power cord, a connector cord, and an adapter.

Their near-infrared light treatment belt works with a power bank (not included) to keep you on top of your recovery even when you’re on the go.

For optimal results, wrap the infrared light treatment pad over the affected area one to two times per day for 20 minutes. This may provide you with immediate relief wherever you need it.


  • Cordless, portable, and lightweight
  • Power bank compatible
  • It covers a large area at once


  • It’s quite expensive

4. PPLOONG – Red Infrared Light Therapy Belt

PPLOONG Red Infrared Light Therapy Belt Device for Body...
  • 【Red Light Therapy Effect】: 3-in 1 LED Diodes, total 170pcs 660nm and 85pcs 850nm chips. 660nm Red Light could speed up the metabolic...
  • 【Easy to Use & Portable】: This red light belt has 5 Brightness Setting from L0-L4 and 6 Time Control (5/10/15/20/25/30 mins), you could...
  • 【Multipurpose】: This infrared light wearable wrap is great for the tissue repair after sport, the special design is perfect for neck,...

The PPLOONG Red Infrared Light Therapy Belt is a flexible pad that uses medical-grade infrared light to penetrate deep into sore muscles.

This simple therapeutic pad may relieve soreness, stiffness, aches, and pains by boosting circulation and relaxing stiff muscles. The flexible pad has 60 powerful LEDs, including infrared 880nm and red 660nm LEDs

LED treatment benefits increased blood circulation, faster healing, tissue restoration, and muscle relaxation. This flexible pad is simple and may offer a natural pain relief option with no bad side effects. 

The PPLOONG Red Infrared Light Therapy Belt has a length of 50.3 inches and a width of 7 inches. It is recommended that you use it every day for 15 to 20 minutes. They specifically state that you should not spend more than 30 minutes in the same treatment area.

It can be charged by AC 100-240V and a power bank (not included in the package) via the USB cable that comes with it. You can enjoy the excitement of therapy at any time and location, whether at work, at home, or while traveling.


This red light belt includes five brightness settings from L0-L4 and six-time settings that you may adjust to suit your needs. This red light belt is comfortable because it is composed of TPU and diving materials.

This infrared light wearable wrap is fantastic for tissue repair after sports; the unique design is ideal for the neck, but it can also be used on the shoulders, waist, back, arms, knees, and other body parts.

You could save money and time by using this device instead of expensive therapies. Also, it’s a great birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Christmas gift for your family or friends, particularly your parents.


  • A one-year guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • May offer deep-tissue penetration
  • Targets a big area


  • It may take a few weeks for the results to become apparent

5. IDEA INFRARED – Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt

IDEAINFRARED Red & Infrared Light Therapy Belt Wrap for...
  • Perfect Light Therapy and after-sales service: Core on high-quality products and perfect customer experience.All the benefits of red light...
  • Portable Infrared & Red Light Therapy - Red light reaches deep layers of the skin,. 850nm Invisible to the naked eye light, cause thermal...
  • Soft Comfortable & Flexible - Hands-free operation in office or at home. The product comes with a soft sbr pad with 2 Velcro straps, for...

The IDEA Infrared is a red light therapy device that can be used regularly. The company’s product is extremely popular, as seen by the sales figures. It also sticks out in a sea of similar devices due to its high build quality and relative effectiveness. 

The IDEA Infrared Red Light Therapy Belt integrated red light treatment into medical waist belts that were already on the market.

Reduced inflammation, better sleep, improved skin health and beauty, enhanced recovery and performance, and enhanced mental sharpness may be just a few of its advantages.

The red light belt provides a protective impact on the waist and the ability to keep the waist warm and prevent cold.

It is recommended that patients with lumbar muscular strain use a waist belt within 15 minutes when carrying large goods or engaging in prolonged activities. 

It is 49.6 inches in length and 6.8 inches in width. It includes 63 red light pieces that can be seen with the naked eye.


Red light penetrates the skin’s deep layers. It emits 850nm light that is invisible to the naked eye, causing thermal effects that raise tissue temperature. Infrared light therapy also includes a flexible pad with an alternating array of 660nm red LEDs.

Human shoulders, knees, necks, thighs, and different gear band alternatives are all compatible with the infrared light wrap belt. It will switch off after 30 minutes, which is the optimal time. It’s smart and practical.

The infrared belt with remote control connects to a USB port on your PC or laptop or to a wall outlet through a 5V-1A charging adapter.

Light therapy intensity can be adjusted anywhere between 1 and 5. 5/10/15/20/25/30 minute auto shut-off timer; one therapy session should not exceed 30 minutes.

Plus, it comes with a 2m or 78,74 inches power wire that is long enough for your needs.


  • Money-back guarantee
  • If it doesn’t help with your pain, you can return it risk-free
  • Pain alleviation effectiveness is highly praised


  • Must be plugged in for use
Red light therapy belts and wraps


Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best Red Light Therapy Belts

Remember that red light therapy belts come in various sizes and designs. You should consider what qualities are necessary for your red light therapy belt before deciding which one to test.

You should look for characteristics that fulfill not just your particular preferences but also basic functionality and convenience.

Here are some characteristics to consider during your search for a red light therapy belt:


Red light therapy equipment is an investment and one of the few things in life on which you should not shrimp.

Unlike expensive red light therapy treatments at a clinic or spa, these devices are a one-time investment that provides ongoing treatment. 

When you consider the whole cost over a lifetime, it’s almost insignificant. Red light therapy systems vary in size and cost, with smaller panels emitting the same amount of power and concentrated irradiation as bigger panels.

The only difference is the amount of surface area that can be treated at once.

Coverage area

Your red light therapy belts should cover the full area that needs pain alleviation and enhanced circulation. A large belt might be ideal if you need therapy for a broader area, such as your back, hip, or shoulder. 

Wrap a long thin belt around a joint, hand, or thigh, or wrap it around the upper or lower spine. Boot-shaped belts are the ideal approach to treat foot discomfort if you’re one of the millions of people that suffer from lower-limb problems.

RLT Wraps- Coverage area


Expect higher standards

Just because you want an in-home gadget doesn’t mean you have to settle for a poor or weak red light source. A red light gadget built for the therapeutic setting might cost more than $100 for each session. 

In addition, getting the results you seek usually necessitates multiple sessions per week. This form of treatment is often not covered by insurance, so it is just out of reach for most people.

If you fit this narrative and wish to use a red light gadget in your home, be sure the power output is sufficient. Ensure it emits enough light at the correct wavelength.

Using any of the products on our list, you can feel the revitalizing power of photobiomodulation in just five to eight minutes per day, depending on the symptoms you’re attempting to address.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another in-home device that offers the same power level over a comparable treatment area for a comparable price.


The warranty period affects how long you may use your gadget for therapy without worrying about fixing or replacing it.

You can obtain free parts replacement for your equipment if it faults during the warranty period. Ensure you get a one-year warranty from the manufacturer when you buy your equipment. As a result, you can tell if you’re buying a high-quality product.


Heating is one of the issues with red light therapy devices. Overheating your device might cause serious damage. So, make sure your gadget doesn’t get too hot.

A device that has more LED light in it may heat up more. If you consider buying a larger device, make sure it has a functioning cooling system.

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

May remove acne

Since light may penetrate deep into the skin, light-based and laser therapies are frequently utilized to treat acne. Red light is directed towards your sebaceous glands, which are little ducts that secrete sebum, a pore-clogging, acne-causing oil. 

The light’s influence helps to lessen inflammation within those sebaceous glands, which may reduce the appearance of acne. 

According to some studies, a red light appears to be most successful as an acne treatment when combined with a medicine known as a photosensitizing agent, especially in patients who don’t respond to topical or oral antibiotics.

You should be aware that photodynamic therapy can make you more light-sensitive for up to three months after the procedure.

May decrease signs of aging

Collagen is a protein that maintains your skin and makes it look firm and prevents it from loosening.

While the body produces collagen naturally, smoking, sun exposure, pollution exposure, and aging reduce production, leading skin to lose suppleness and wrinkle.

A study demonstrated that full-body exposure to red light over 30 mins twice-a-week sessions boosted collagen density on customers’ faces and generated visible reductions in wrinkles and skin roughness.

Possibly good for muscle recovery

Muscle healing is also important for athletes to improve their performance. Faster recuperation means less downtime between sessions and less soreness. Red and near-infrared light may aid muscle recovery by improving circulation, oxygenation, and cellular regeneration. 

These have long been demonstrated to relieve post-exercise muscle soreness, weariness, and stiffness, among other factors.

According to research, red light treatment may also minimize muscle injury and oxidative stress, both of which are key barriers to muscle regeneration.

Other research has shown that red light treatment alone is more useful for muscle recovery than cryotherapy alone or a combination of cryotherapy and red light therapy. It is more effective than cold water immersion therapy for promoting short-term post-exercise recovery.

Red light therapy may be more beneficial, and it also carries far fewer health risks.

Red light treatment isn’t simply for common post-workout aches and pains. It has also been demonstrated to reduce the time to return to play (RTP) after a sports-related injury without negative side effects.

Things to Avoid While Using Red Light Therapy


The most significant benefit of employing red light therapy at home is utilizing it regularly without paying the additional fees associated with professional treatment. 

However, if you don’t use your equipment three to five times per week as recommended, you’re simply squandering your investment and the potential advantages.

Wearing sunscreen and cloth

Clothing blocks red, blue, and near-infrared light from accessing your skin in the same way that UV light does. Sunscreen is designed to filter UV radiation, but it also acts as a barrier to blue and near-infrared light, stopping it from penetrating as deeply.

Makeup users should be aware that many foundations contain SPF. If yours does, try the red light treatment in the morning before putting on makeup or before going to bed after washing your face.

Incorrect duration for a session

With our free tips, we attempt to assist our clients in avoiding this error. A red light therapy session should usually last no more than 20 minutes unless you’re utilizing a tiny light to target various body parts. 

Three to five minutes in each area is usually sufficient, especially if you are utilizing the products listed on our list, in which case three minutes may be preferable. However, going above the critical period may not harm you.

It will cause the advantages to be delayed because you overexpose your cells, and their ability to absorb light is reduced.


Generally, drinking water throughout the day is necessary to keep your body hydrated and healthy. There is evidence that being hydrated may help red light therapy work better whenever it comes to red light therapy.

According to some researchers, red light treatment works better on hydrated cells since more energy is available. 

While these claims are currently unproven, we recommend that everyone drinks water regardless of whether or not they are receiving red light therapy.

Expecting fast results

Many people mistake setting unrealistic expectations for red light treatment devices. Red light therapy is perhaps one of the most hopeful and encouraging approaches to curing and treating many health issues.

Though it doesn’t show results after one use, because it is not a one-time thing or treatment, it is strongly advised that it be used regularly and consistently. This is because the issue it was used to address is very likely to resurface after the interruption. 

It should also be highlighted that treatment is a constant activity that requires tolerance, perseverance, and patience, just like many other useful things. 

If you’re not seeing any effects after a month of treatment, you could be inclined to panic or become concerned but avoid the desire.

Many things are undoubtedly happening inside your skin, including growth and healing from the roots.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is red light therapy?

The use of certain wavelengths of light energy in human tissue for therapeutic purposes is known as red light therapy. Red wavelengths reach deep into the dermal layer of the skin, allowing them to target cells at the source.

The energy acquired by the cells is then used to boost cellular performance in a natural way. The apparent outcomes include an increase in the tone and texture of the skin and a reduction in irritation.

Is red light therapy a safe treatment?

Red light therapy is a therapeutic and effective treatment option for a variety of skin and pain disorders.

Prescription medicines, invasive surgery, and harsh topical skin treatments are all hazardous, invasive, and expensive alternatives to red light therapy.

Low-level light therapy LED devices, unlike other types of light therapy treatments, do not emit ultraviolet radiation (UV rays from the sun). Hence, there is no risk of cancer-causing harm to skin tissue.

LEDs produce very little heat compared to low-level laser therapy and are not considered a serious concern to the general public. 

Red light therapy has therapeutic effects beyond deep skin, from acne and fine lines to inflammation and other general pain concerns.

What are the risks associated with red light therapy?

Using red light therapy has few negative effects in general. If they do develop, the skin in the treated area will usually become temporarily red.

The side effects are minimal and short-lived. The treatment of red light therapy is non-invasive, painless, and requires no downtime. It may be used on all skin kinds and tones.

Is it possible that red light therapy causes skin cancer?

No. Red light therapy does not emit UV rays. Light exposure to UV wavelengths causes skin cancer. Contrary to popular belief, red light may have various healing benefits for skin abnormalities such as cancer and melanoma.

Red light therapy has two purposes: it may be used to prevent skin cancer, and after it has been removed, it may be used to renew the skin.

Is red light therapy harmful to the eyes?

Your eyes will not be affected by the red light. Depending on the size of the gadget, the light source will normally cause a lot of glare.

You should never gaze directly at a red light gadget, just as you should never look directly into the sun. Most consumer goods include eye protection, and reputable practitioners will wear goggles or other forms of eye protection.

What is the distinction between red and near-infrared light?

Both red light and near-infrared light have been demonstrated to improve cellular performance.

The key distinction is that epidermal tissue easily absorbs red light, whereas infrared light penetrates deeper.

Infrared light may be more helpful for deeper healing, muscular recovery, and reduced joint pain, whereas red light may be more helpful for skin health and collagen formation.

Will red light therapy have an impact on my medications?

All significant clinical trials have established that red light treatment is safe. However, if you’re taking photosensitizing medications, red light therapy will likely interfere with them.

If you take Tetracycline, Retina, Digoxin, or generic versions of these drugs, consult with your doctor.


Red light therapy has been related to numerous health advantages. It might be a good technique to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging.

It’s been shown to possibly help with healing and rehabilitation, hair development, and cellular energy, among other things. Some people utilize red light treatment devices, such as a belt, to help with pain and joint mobility. 

The evidence for red light treatment belts is growing. Every year, more research is published that confirms the benefits of red light therapy.

We hope that our list of the best red light therapy belts has provided you with enough data to aid you in determining which brand is best for you.