What Is Red Light Therapy Tanning?

RLT, or red light therapy, may be a beneficial treatment for reducing wrinkles, acne, and skin redness. It may also rejuvenate the skin and keep your body healthier. The red rays are invisible to the eye, but they feel good on the skin and may help with tanning and anti-aging.

But what is red light therapy tanning? Traditional tanning techniques may be safely replaced with red light therapy tanning, which may deliver all the advantages of a glowing, sun-kissed glow without the hazards of UV exposure.

Its popularity grows as individuals seek healthier, more sustainable solutions to attain a lovely, young glow. The red ray waves may produce enzymes, collagen, and elastin and maintain a healthy skin structure. You can also use red light laser therapy on the face or the entire body.

So, let’s discover what red light therapy tanning is, the potential benefits you may get, and much more.

Tanning and Red Light Therapy

What Is Red Light Therapy Tanning?

It is a therapy bed that looks exactly like a solarium tanning bed but works on red infrared lights instead of blue UVs.

A red light tanning bed is FDA-cleared and designed to potentially heal the body and maintain healthy blood pressure. Solariums usually lower blood pressure and are not that healthy for continuous use.

The process is similar to the plants. The sunlight helps plants produce more energy, the same as the human body.

The red rays fall beyond the UV range and penetrate a few inches under the skin. The process may help the body to produce more new cells and collagen and repair and regenerate the skin.

The therapy works on the entire body. The treatment makes you feel like you are on a warm sandy beach, and the gentle sunlight touches your skin.

How does it work?

You expose your skin to a device or lamp that produces red light. Those lights are absorbed by the mitochondria, a part of the cells called power generators. The cells absorb the red rays and produce more energy.

These lights may help cells repair and become healthier, which is later visible on the skin. The rays’ power may not burn or damage the skin. Red light therapy may benefit all skin types, so you do not have to worry if your skin is too fair.

You can opt for salon therapy on the whole body or purchase a red light lamp and practice the therapy at home. Both options may give excellent results.

Safety level

If you are unsure about the safety levels, visiting a salon and leaving the work to the professionals is best.

There is not much research about the safety concerns of using RLT, but until today, it is considered safe. Too much exposure may damage the skin tissues, while too little exposure may not provide the desired effects.

What Is Red Light Therapy Tanning?

Tanning and Red Light Therapy

RLT may not really tan your skin. It should be combined with tanning therapies to provide the best results. The final effect will be healthy skin without the UV damage that the sun does.

You can tan your skin naturally under the sun’s exposure and later practice RLT. Red light therapy may heal the damaged cells and rejuvenate your skin, leaving a healthy tanned appearance and hydrated skin.

If you want to combine tanning and red light therapy, it is best to use the RLT first. It will prepare your body for the tanning bed, using the best bulbs for tanning beds and not allowing the UV rays to cause that much damage to the skin.

Potential Benefits of Using Red Light Therapy

May contribute to skin rejuvenation

Red light tanning beds may promote better circulation in the entire body and allow it to stimulate skin rejuvenation.

The red light rays may penetrate deep into the skin, make the cells grow, and bring more blood to the skin’s surface.

May contribute to a faster healing process

Many people practice RLT after workouts or injuries. The lights can enter the skin tissue and stimulate the production of adenosine triphosphate. ATP may reduce inflammation and increase new cell formation.

High adenosine triphosphate levels may sometimes impact the time required for healing and recovery.

May help with acne elimination

Red light therapy may help eliminate acne development and activate hemoglobin. Activated hemoglobin signals the body to limit the supply of oil-producing sebum glands and prevent cell formation that causes oily skin and acne formation.

Some studies have shown that red lights penetrate deep into the skin and manage sebaceous glands.

May help with pain relief

Since of the deep penetration, these rays may help repair and relieve pain. Some studies have shown that red light rays can ease muscle pain by decreasing inflammation in muscle biopsies.

Other studies showed that red lights could make some biological changes in pain reduction and regeneration.

May help with hair growth

Red light therapy may be a beneficial treatment for hair growth. A study has shown that female patients with scalps exposed to RLT at 655 nm increase the chances of hair growth by 37%.

This is an excellent progression and a good sign of the potential benefits of using red light therapy.

May contribute to a good mood

The warmth of the red light bed will make you feel like you are on a tropical beach. Improved cell formation contributes to increased energy and enhanced mood. Some studies pointed out that RLT may reduce depression triggers.

Patients who practiced RLT experienced a positive impact on their mood.

May contribute to a healthy blood pressure

Red light therapy tanning beds may aid in lowering blood pressure. Its effects may be beneficial for the whole body. 

Even studies have shown that RLT may effectively support overall body function and maintain healthy blood pressure.

When to Expect the Results

The minimum time you should utilize red light therapy is four weeks. The first effects might be a few fine lines and smoother skin on the touch. You may notice improved pigmentation and less acne on the body.

Using red light therapy for four to 12 weeks will increase the effects and may provide your skin with improved oxygenation and detoxification. The skin and cells repair with time, and your skin may become healthier and clear.


So, what is red light therapy tanning? As we have seen above in the article, red light therapy may be beneficial. The finest effects will be achieved when it is used in conjunction with tanning treatments. Healthy skin will emerge as a result, free from the UV deterioration caused by the sun.

Overall, red lights may help reduce aging wrinkles, acne, and stretch marks, diminish freckles, and pigmentation, minimize facial pores, and stimulate collagen production.

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