What Is Broadband Light Therapy?

If you haven’t found the right solution for your skin problems, then maybe it is time to try a new skin treatment method.

This type of treatment has been in demand in recent years, and its popularity is continuously growing. So, what is broadband light therapy? 

Broadband light therapy is an innovative and non-invasive procedure that uses light energy to clear your skin and improve its appearance.

The procedure is used for treating various skin conditions and skin issues caused mainly by aging or sun exposure. The light energy penetrates the deep tissues of the skin and promotes cell regeneration. 

Read the article to discover how this innovative treatment can improve your skin and make it healthy and flawless. 

What Is a Broadband Light Therapy

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What Is Broadband Light Therapy?

With broadband light therapy, the light rays penetrate the deep tissues of your skin and provide plenty of potential benefits.

Such benefits may include fighting acne-causing bacteria, reducing hyperpigmentation, easing skin redness, and many more. Broadband light therapy can be used to fight signs of aging on the skin.

This method of treatment is used for treating sun-damaged skin. It is often recommended as it can provide the user with smoother skin due to stimulating the body’s production of collagen.

Broadband light therapy usually targets parts of the body such as the face, chest, hands, arms, and neck, but it is also possible to use it in other areas if needed as well.

How does this type of treatment work?

Before starting the treatment, the dermatologist or cosmetician covers your eyes with safety glasses to protect them from intense light. They also cleanse your skin and apply a cooling gel or a topical anesthetic if needed. 

Then the experts use the pulsed light over the targeted area for a certain amount of time. Even though this treatment is not painful, you might feel warmth and slight discomfort in certain areas of your body. 

Broadband therapy uses a broad spectrum of wavelengths to target the skin and provide effects.

After you finish with the treatment, the provider applies moisturizer or sunscreen to soothe your skin after being exposed to light while protecting the skin barrier at the same time. 

Skin conditions you can treat with a broadband light therapy

Broadband light therapy may help in the treatment of:

  • Uneven skin tone and redness
  • Fine lines and large pores
  • Wrinkles and scars
  • Dull and sagging skin
  • Freckles and age spots
  • Skin damage from the sun 
  • Unwanted hair

As the treatment is not invasive, broadband light therapy requires little to no recovery. After you finish with the procedure, you can return to your daily activities and even wear makeup with no problems. 

The treatment may not only improve your skin’s appearance but improve its elasticity, tone, and texture.

Broadband light therapy may also stimulate the skin cells to generate new collagen and improve the body’s ability to regrow healthy skin. 

Treatment duration

The duration of treatment time is not the same for everyone, and it varies depending on the type of issue you are looking to address and the area in which the treatment is needed.

Generally, a broadband light therapy treatment lasts between a few minutes to half an hour. 

A very important thing to note regarding such a method of treatment is that broadband light therapy is not a one-time treatment. Instead, a treatment plan is prepared for you based on the skin issue you are dealing with and your needs. 

Our research shows that you may begin noticing visible skin changes after a few days or weeks from your first treatment.

However, as you continue your treatment, the results are more visible and more effective.

Who can have broadband light therapy treatment?

Now that we have answered what is broadband light therapy, you might be wondering if this type of treatment for skin problems is suitable for you.

This type of therapy is suitable for people that are dealing with various skin issues, and it can also be personalized for you depending on your needs and goals. 

That said, if you are unsure whether BBL is safe for your skin, we recommend consulting professionals before starting the therapy session, as they will examine your skin and give you advice, as well as prepare a specific treatment plan that suits your skin and your lifestyle. 

Preparing for a broadband light therapy session

If you are a good candidate for broadband light therapy, you will be given a therapy treatment. However, before the treatment, there are some instructions that you need to follow.

Before using this type of treatment, you need to avoid waxing for a few weeks prior. Moreover, for pretreatment, you should also avoid using any chemical peels and sun exposure. 

Risks regarding broadband light therapy

This procedure is generally considered safe as it is gentle and non-invasive. 

After the treatment, some users may experience redness in the treated area or slight swelling, which are also among the side effects that can appear.

Equally important is to mention that broadband light therapy is a treatment that is not covered by insurance.

Final Thoughts

If you want to improve your skin’s health and appearance, broadband light therapy might be what you need.

This innovative treatment can make your skin rejuvenated and healthy and may reduce acne, fine lines, wrinkles, rosacea, age spots, and other issues. The treatment is simple and not at all painful. 

However, broadband light therapy is not a one-time treatment and requires patience and persistence to detect visually noticeable effects.

However, we suggest consulting a professional before starting the treatment as, for some people, such treatment can cause side effects such as hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, and even burning and scarring.

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