Is Red Light Therapy Safe for Dogs?

Red light therapy is a popular topic nowadays. Everyone is learning about its possible benefits and trying it out, even veterinarians. As word spread about it, people started talking about using it on dogs and other animals.

Initially, it may sound absurd, but is red light therapy safe for dogs, and does it work? To provide helpful information to your question, we have researched the Internet and read many reviews from people who tried this laser therapy with various therapy devices.

Further in this article, we’re going to dive deeper into this topic. We’ll tell you in which scenarios your dog is safe from red light therapy, how it’s beneficial to it, and if you should try it out or not. Many factors go into this process, and we’re here to tell you all about them.

Keep reading if you want to find out.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe for Dogs?


Is Red Light Therapy Safe for Dogs?

Just like us humans, if you have an energetic dog, it can be prone to pain, especially inflammation, sprains, cuts, etc. No one wants their pet to feel bad.

As we all know, things are getting more expensive by the day. Going with your dog on constant vet checks can get quite pricey. Those visits are stressful for almost every dog. As people are trying to find alternative solutions to their illnesses, they are also looking for their dogs.

As the concept of red light therapy started getting more popular, people wanted to practice it on their dogs. Vets started doing clinical research to determine if this practice is safe and beneficial to dogs. After a while, there was much positive clinical research. So, we can say that RLT may be safe for dogs.

Vets and people use red light therapy on other animals constantly too. As much as it’s beneficial, you should probably remember that it isn’t a panacea or a cure for every condition. Using some of the best RLT devices for pets may be a great way to improve your dog’s health.

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RLT Treatment for Animal Conditions

Red light therapy may increase energy in cells, resulting in many possible health benefits for all kinds of conditions in your animal. Many people utilize red light therapy to potentially treat all kinds of pain. You can try these RLT devices for dogs and help your loved pet to see their magic.

Some of the conditions it may help with include joint pain, osteoarthritis, soreness of the muscles, healing of all kinds of injuries, inflammation, and healthier skin. Who knew that there are that many benefits from it? The best part is that there is clinical data that proves this.

If you have a dog, you probably already know that as dogs get older, arthritis is a common challenge that they deal with. Or, if you have a specific breed, like a bulldog, it’s susceptible to joint problems. As red light therapy gets popularized, it’s used more and more for treating these problems.

As this treatment gets popular, it became an at-home treatment. People buy a specific device that emits red light and constantly do sessions on their dogs with it.

However, keep in mind that you should always contact your vet before trying to do anything by yourself, or you might do something wrong.

Possible Minimal Side Effects and Risks from Red Light Therapy for Your Dog


Minimal Risks and Side Effects of RLT for Dogs

No matter how safe anything in the world is, there can always be specific cases with minimal side effects or risks. Since every organism is different, it reacts differently to things. That’s the case with red light therapy as well.

Even though it may be positive, beneficial, and possibly helpful for 99% of the cases, there are some cases where you shouldn’t use it on your dog, or you can make things worse. First, if your dog has photosensitive issues, you shouldn’t try using red light therapy.

Experts suggest you not use red light therapy on dogs that experience seizures. They can be sensitive to this type of therapy, and it won’t help them. If that’s the case, you’re better off visiting the vet occasionally and treating your dog that way.

You should especially not use red light therapy on your dog if it’s pregnant because complications can happen. If your dog has active cancer or any other condition, you should consult with your vet before using this treatment. You should consult your vet about this to ensure everything is alright.

How Long Should One Session of RLT Be?

If you’re doing this for the first time, you probably don’t know how long to keep the red light device on your dog. That’s okay. There is no specific answer to this question because it depends from dog to dog, but we will tell you how long the average dog needs it.

It’s generally said that three to five minutes of this treatment will be perfect if you have a smaller dog. That’s a good amount of light that the dog will absorb.

However, sometimes a longer session might be beneficial. The larger your dog is, the longer you do the therapy, and the more beneficial it will be.

It’s best to let the dog decide how much it needs from this treatment. When your dog has had enough, it will usually move away.


Is red light therapy safe for dogs? Yes, it may be. With all the research done on this topic and the evidence that is provided, we can see that red light therapy may be safe for your dog. So, you shouldn’t worry too much if you should try this on your dog.

After countless studies, not just dogs but many other animals possibly had a positive outcome from this therapy. Let your dog have the life you always wanted it to have. The small pain may go away from the red light, and you just need to find the right place to buy the device.

We hope that we have cleared out your confusion today and we have helped you learn something new.

Remember that you should contact your vet before trying to do anything by yourself.

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