Best Red Light Therapy for Pets

Red light therapy has been proven among users as one of the most effective infrared and laser therapy for wound healing, skin damage, pain, and inflammation.

Such devices are particularly made for home usage so that you can offer your furry friend the same pet remedy as the expensive vet clinics at half the cost, like pain relief, joint pain, dog arthritis treatments, etc.

However, you might be aware that finding a good product that does the job it promises is especially difficult since most of the options on the market aren’t approved by the FDA organization and might even be threatening your pet’s health.

If you are looking for the best red light therapy for pets, we’ll present you with the highest-quality and safest options at surprisingly affordable prices.

Let’s take a look!

Red Light Therapy for pets


How We Made the List

Reputable brands 

When we were looking for the best device options, we first eliminated the brands that didn’t have a good reputation in the market.

We wanted to recommend devices from sellers with years of experience and satisfied customers to back up that what they manufacture is effective and of high quality.

High-quality device 

A few characteristics determine the device quality, most importantly the diodes. We have searched for devices that have high-quality and long-lasting diodes.

In most cases, these diodes can last up to 50,000 hours. Once they burn out, the device will need to be replaced. This is why we have selected the options that have the longest working timespan.

Additionally, the lenses are important too. The larger the coverage, the more even distribution you will get during your pets’ therapy, which will eventually have more positive results. 

Of course, the overall device constriction is what’s especially important, so we wanted to make sure they are made from an ultra-durable material that won’t degrade over time. 

Mainly we looked for dreads that use stainless steel as a primary production material. 

Rechargeable and portable 

If you are often traveling and want to use the device wherever you are, choosing a portable option is the best choice. 

Here is why we have looked for those device options that offer the convenience of being easily carried in the luggage or purse. 

Many of these devices are rechargeable, so you can use them for a certain time without tangled wires or cords carried with you. 

Most importantly, they come with a spare battery if it happens to you to leave them uncharged. 

Additional advantages 

Even though this doesn’t sound very important, any great brand should have a convenient shipping method and a proper satisfaction guarantee. 

We ensured that all the brands on our list offer an extended warranty on the product to ensure protection and safety during usage. 

Moreover, their products come with detailed instructions on using them to achieve the best effects and avoid risking your pets’ health. 

Also, some of them offer training programs and additional equipment like serums or gadgets for better results. 

Best Red Light Therapy for Pets: Reviews

  1. Photizo Vetcare – Light Therapy Device
  2. LumaSoothe – Light Therapy Device
  3. iKeener Vet – Light Therapy Device 
  4. Bestqool – Red Light Therapy
  5. Sinoriko – Red Light Device 

1. Photizo Vetcare – Light Therapy Device

Photizo Light Therapy Device with Red (635 nM) and...
  • THE HIGHEST QUALITY RED AND INFRARED LIGHT THERAPY DEVICE ON THE MARKET! The Photizo Pain Relief uses both red and infrared light because...
  • CHOOSE NATURAL PAIN RELIEF WITHOUT DRUG SIDE EFFECTS! If the opioid epidemic has taught us anything it's that pain is a problem of epic...
  • HIGHEST QUALITY DESIGN AND MATERIALS! Most consumer-grade light therapy devices are made cheaply with less expensive materials, and...

Photizo Vetcare isn’t an effective treatment device for all types of animals. It works with a precisely measured dose of infrared light safely and simply. 

It functions on a pre-programmed method to deliver effective dosages of healing light for many inflammatory and chronic pain conditions. 

The device runs a 30-second program with specially tailored programs to provide profound animal healing. It uses red and infrared light at the proper wavelengths to penetrate deep into the muscles, possibly supporting blood flow and bringing relief. 

The red light function may stimulate mitochondrial function. They both work to potentially promote faster healing and detox.

You can order the device from the seller’s official store on Amazon. The shipping is free and usually takes one week to be delivered all around the U.S. 

The brand offers full-year coverage for you to return if there is any malfunctioning defect or you aren’t satisfied with the overall usage. 


Effective for all animals 

One of the most notable features of Photizo Vetcaremay may be its suitability for all animal shapes and sizes. 

You may safely treat your dogs, cats, horses, livestock, birds, and reptiles, providing them with pleasant and non-intrusive home treatment without them feeling discomfort.

It’s an easy-to-carry and versatile, pocket-sized treatment device that you can carry with you wherever you go. It may also be used long-term as it is entirely safe and non-hazardous. 

RLT may be beneficial in small doses

It’s designed to administer an even dose of red and infrared light to the affected area. It’s programmed to work for 30 minutes with automatic power off to prevent overheating or over-usage. 

Both lasers work simultaneously to provide even coverage over a more broad area with the dosed amount of power. This allows for treating more affected areas at once with a greater transmission of energy to possibly induce faster results. 

It may be programmed for various health conditions, targeting chronic pain to elevate inflammatory symptoms. 

With its deep healing properties, it may stimulate the work of the skin cells to promote faster wound healing, calming the muscle spasm. 

Long-lasting battery

The most notable feature of Photizo Vetcare is that it comes with a rechargeable unit with a long-lasting power supply of 110 V. 

Unlike other devices that come with a reading manual, you get a digital training video on how to use it according to the condition you’ll be treating. 

It has a protective case that prevents breakage or damage for full protection while traveling.


  • Effective red light treatment for pets
  • Long power lasting 
  • Portable device
  • Easy to use
  • Wide treatment coverage
  • Fast delivery


  • Express shipping additionally costs

2. LumaSoothe – Light Therapy Device

LumaSoothe 2 LED Light Therapy for Dogs and Pets For...
  • RELIABLE THERAPY DEVICE FOR YOUR PETS: LumaSoothe 2 is a home-use healing light therapy device for your pet. Includes 2 powerful photonic...
  • DEEP TREATMENT MODE BENEFITS FOR YOUR PET: The deep tissue laser therapy module of our product relieves the irritating symptoms of your...
  • SURFACE TREATMENT MODE BENEFITS: This mode uses light therapy to treat and soothe your pet’s skin conditions to promote healthy skin. It...

LumaSoothe light therapy device offers the advantage of red light therapy for various health problems in the comfort of your own home. 

It comes with two interchangeable heads working on five wavelengths of light, available between two treatment modules. 

It works on surface treatments that may promote healthy skin, treat eczema and yeast infections, aid in wound healing, and provide deep treatment for relieving pain associated with deep joint and muscle-related conditions like arthritis and inflammation.

The most impressive thing about LumaSoothe is that it comes in the size of a tennis ball, weighing only 3.4 ounces, which makes it perfect for carrying with you wherever you go.

Since it’s rechargeable, you don’t have to spend additional costs on purchasing batteries. Moreover, the company ships it for free. The brand also offers a two-year warranty. 


Five frequencies

LumaSoothe offers healing on five frequencies, working on the surface and deep in the body. 

There are two head options, multicolored and green. The first one uses cell stimulation, working on a surface level, while the green ones contain anti-inflammatory properties

It also contains infrared lights that may increase circulation in the injured areas of chronic pain in joints. 

Safe and FDA-approved 

The FDA labeled and approved the device as having no risks of side effects. It may promote healing and hair regrowth with a combination of 16 LEDs for instantaneous pain and discomfort relief. 

It works in a pulsing method at a specified rate called the Nogier frequency, potentially promoting faster healing with continuous use. 

One treatment lasts 15 minutes per area. However, you can extend the sessions for about four to five hours a second time. Plus, it’s designed with a timer that turns it down with two-mode options

A convenient method for charging

The power unit is over 5 mW, which meets the standard requirements, making it great for home use. 

It covers a broader area of the surface to treat your pet’s skin conditions. You can place the device directly on the affected area to be treated.

It comes with a USB charging cable and a USB wall charger with an additional drawstring carrying bag, which is easy and portable. 


  • Easy to use and handy 
  • Comfortable and lightweight design 
  • 15 minutes timer 
  • FDA- approved 
  • Strong power limit 
  • A two-year warranty
  • International shipping 


  • It might not be suitable for large animals

3. iKeener Vet – Light Therapy Device

Handheld Red Light Therapy for Dogs,Cold Laser Therapy...
  • 🐕[Safe And Effective]: Experience safe and effective pain relief for your beloved pet with iKeener Red Light Therapy Device (FDA Reg...
  • 🐕[Perfect Combination Of 650nm&808nm]: The Low-Level-Laser Therapy Device for dogs features 12PCS 650nm red lights and 4PCS 808nm IR. The...
  • 🐕[Lightweight And Portable]: Weighing only 6.53OZ, our Handheld Dog Light Therapy Equipment features a wireless, Type-C charging design...

If you are looking for an effective solution and a less time-consuming red light therapy device, iKeen Vet is a safe and non-invasive option, and for the most part, it’s cost-effective. 

It offers all the necessary features for red light therapy with powerful medical properties for fast and successful results. It’s been used by many vet clinics and has received high marks from the FDA facility. 

The iKeener device may promote healing musculoskeletal pathologies, and it’s been praised by pet owners around the world. 

Its advanced technology works to penetrate deeply into the skin to detect the cause of the injury and potentially support the process of deep healing. 

It’s a modern technology designed to elevate the quality of life while reducing your financial strains, helping your pet live a happier and healthier life. 


Unique design 

iKeener is a specially designed red light therapy treatment for pets to offer them both comfort and effective treatment through modern technological design. It’s suitable for use both at home and while traveling. 

Depending on the problem, it’s small and handy and can be reapplied multiple times per day. It’s attested by the FDA facility and approved for offering ultimate safety and painless results. 

Suitable for home use 

It comes with a specifically combined wavelength used in conjunction with 650nm and 808nm that may promote blood circulation, heal deep wounds, and soothe inflammation. 

Its infrared light works to penetrate deeply into the skin tissues and cells to improve the affected areas. 

You can feel free to use iKeener according to your pet, allowing you to set your own time and choose the length of your treatment.

It works on a power button, and each treatment has a different light perception according to the part of the body you are targeting. 

Economic product

Compared to traditional pain relief treatments, the iKeener therapy device is an affordable and economical option allowing you to have the same experience as the one you get in vet clinics in the comfort of your own home. 

iKeener comes with a one-year warranty. If the device doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it within 60 days and get a full refund.

Additionally, the device comes with a protective suitcase, a power adapter, and protective glasses. 


  • Small and handy device 
  • Affordable price 
  • FDA-approved for safety 
  • Additional usage equipment
  • Ability to control and set your treatment products
  • International shipping 


  • Shipping sometimes gets delayed 

4. Bestqool – Red Light Therapy Device

Bestqool Red Light Therapy for Face, Body. Near...
204 Reviews
Bestqool Red Light Therapy for Face, Body. Near...
  • SAY GOODBYE TO EXPENSIVE SPA: Saving numerous time and money to regain healthy mind & body at home. Red light for skin health, healing...
  • NATURAL, SAFE & NON-INVASIVE PAIN RELIEF: Thanks to high powered and affordable LEDs, all the benefits of red light therapy can now be...
  • DURABLE & COMFORTABEL USE: Take it on the go, our red light therapy offer maximum comfort for daily use, it is light enough to fit in your...

Bestqool is one of the easiest red light therapy treatments for joint pain, skin damage, and wounds. It offers minimal health risks compared to medications and invasive procedures that may reduce oxidative stress and improve the overall body condition of your pet

Suppose your furry friend suffers from some disease or injury. In that case, this device provides a combination of red light therapy and infrared light to penetrate deep into the skin and may stimulate collagen levels for fast healing. 

You need to use the device for about 15 minutes per day in your pet’s affected area. You should see results from the manufacturer’s claims within one to two months.

Moreover, Bestqool has a two-year warranty, allowing you to return or repair it. 


Portable and effective device 

Bestqool offers four-time and power levels to choose from according to the severity of the health problem you are treating. 

It works on a power button, so you can control it whether you want to use it or not. However, you can set a timer for more precise treatment and avoid over-usage. 

For ultimate efficiency, the device has multiple lights that may promote the healing of eczema, muscle issues, and hip dysplasia. The product has a protective case, making it a perfect travel companion. 

Suitable for home use

Bestqool may offer natural relief without side effects. It’s also fairly affordable, making it ideal for home use. 

It’s also rechargeable, so you don’t have to spend additional money on batteries. Additionally, the manufacturer provides a one-year warranty to return it for a full refund. 

High power LEDs

The scientifically approved design comes with high-power LEDs in a 1:1 ratio. This means half red and half infrared light for boosting skin health and increasing collagen production. 

The device is a complete set with an inbuilt cooling fan for heat dissipation. 


  • Suitable for all pets 
  • Fast and effective treatment 
  • Safe and FDA-approved 
  • Portable device 
  • Free from UV 
  • A one-year warranty
  • Rechargeable 


  • Additional fee for shipping

5. Sinoriko – Red Light Therapy Device 

Red Light Therapy Device for Dog with Display,...
  • 【Easy to Use & Timer】light, portable and rechargeable for continuous use of up to 5 hours, user-friendly guide included. One press to...
  • 【Pain Relief Therapy】Use this for 15 minutes twice or three times each day. NOTE: The 808nm wavelength is invisible to the human eye,...
  • 【Ergonomic Design】extremely light 0.3lb weight, streamlined design with anti-slip strip, make it much more convenient for you to hold it...

Sinoriko offers powerful and safe medical-grade cold light therapy combined with the powerful wavelength of red infrared light that may be used for treating all kinds of injuries and pain in all kinds of pets. 

Sinoriko is mostly remarkable for its light, portable, and rechargeable, with continuous use for up to five hours. It’s user-friendly with twice press protection to avoid accidental emitting. 

It’s non-invasive, delivering an equal level of frequency of light to the body that may help heal injured cells. 


Four levels of treatment for pets 

The Sinoriko red light therapy device works on four power levels for up to 20 minutes without no overuse. 

It’s a modern infrared light therapy treatment delivering non-thermal photons to the body using soft heat, which may influence the blood flow to naturally reduce inflammation. 

The device delivers optimal wavelengths of 650nm and 808nm for presumably fast healing, deep penetration, and analgesic properties. It works to possibly repair deeply damaged skin tissues and joints.

Portable design

Sinoriko works on one press, allowing you to enjoy clinical-grade irradiance without additional equipment needed. 

It may offer pain relief in just a few minutes with a portable and handy design. It’s surprisingly lightweight, making it convenient to use at home or while traveling.


One of the most impressive features of Sinoriko is its lifetime warranty. You can feel free to contact the brand’s customer service for additional support and usage instructions.


  • Easy to carry and operate 
  • Rechargeable 
  • Control over treatment sessions
  • Lifetime warranty
  • FDA-approved
  • International shipping
  • LCD screen with control power buttons


  • The light may be too bright
RLT for pets


Factors to Consider When Buying RLT Devices For Pets

Various studies conducted on animals show that red light therapy may have a positive impact on their overall healing. 

Most importantly, it’s safe and entirely pain-free. Choosing the best red light therapy for pets is important to get the most out of these devices when you use them at home.

We recommend going for one of our recommendations instead, as we have selected the products with the most positive reviews on the market. However, if you still want to choose on your own, consider these few factors.

Device quality 

As you probably know, the more high-quality devices come with additional tools, supplements, and other equipment and are intended to target many body areas. 

Even though you are looking for a red therapy device for home usage, you don’t need to compromise on these features, as you don’t want to end up wasting your money on something that is unuseful. 

In order to prevent buying a useful product, you should look for standards like certification to prove the device’s safety and authenticity. 

Energy radiance 

Since red light therapy transmits energy, it’s most important to check the amount they receive for a certain period of usage. 

You should consider how much energy gets delivered and whether it’s the appropriate level for your pet’s health and condition. If the irradiance is higher, you will most likely receive better results over time.

Check the device instruction manual and consult with a vet specialist to recommend the necessary wattage for the device in order to be effective. 

However, ensure that the device comes with a security option so that it won’t cause skin damage or irritation. 

RLT for pets- energy radiance


Range of frequency 

Of course, when we are speaking about energy, the frequency at which it gets delivered plays a crucial role in its effectiveness. 

In most cases, the red light therapy devices transmit over 650nm to 850nm, which is the standard for many devices, as recommended by experts. 

These devices work by penetrating deep into the skin to potentially promote collagen production and wound healing through wavelengths of frequency that target the deeper wounds, muscles, and joints. 

Compared to blue light, red light therapy has a deeper penetration, which means that it has a higher therapeutic potential. However, if the frequency is low, then it will treat the skin on a very much surface level.

Coverage area 

Device coverage plays an important role when it comes to what kind of damage you are threatening.

If you are looking for maximum coverage for treating muscle damage, injury, or joint pain, you would want to look for a larger device with stronger performance that emits larger energy frequencies.

In most cases, smaller devices are not such great investments, even though they are portable. The chances are that your pet would need significantly more time to get results

RLT for pets- coverage area


Customer experience

Last but not least, customer satisfaction plays a crucial role when it comes to purchasing any kind of product generally. 

While shipping for the best red light therapy for pets, it’s important to look at the public forums of pet owners, where you can find first-hand experience on these devices’ overall performance and effectiveness.

Companies that sell these products should also have publicly displayed reviews with detailed procedures about returns or replacements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is red light therapy for dogs?

Red light therapy is a laser treatment that delivers wavelengths that penetrate deep into the skin to target wounds, infections, and acupuncture points. It may provide deep healing for muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments.

It can deliver hot and cold energy emitting specific frequencies influencing the cellular level physiology.

Those changes may include reducing inflammation, decreasing pain sensations and transmission, and replenishing the adenosine triphosphate.

The treatments may vary depending on your pet’s condition and the laser type used. Many medical studies present positive results from red light therapy in many health issues.

How does red light therapy work for pets?

Similar to humans, red light therapy works by penetrating deep into the human body parts that are affected by a certain condition and working to boost the healing process of wounds and injuries. It may improve the animal’s cells’ function so they can work correctly. 

They are intended to help various health conditions your pet might be suffering from by penetrating deeply into your pet’s tissues, muscles, and bones. 

It may stimulate and increase the production of adenosine triphosphate in your pet’s body. This results in the production of ATP, which reacts with your pet’s mitochondria to stimulate oxidative metabolism.

In more simple words, red light therapy may increase your pet’s cells’ function to give them more energy. As a result, your pet starts healing faster and returns to its normal condition. 

What problems in pets is red light treatment typically advised for?

Red light therapy may be very beneficial for your pet’s health as it may target and treat many conditions. 

Some of them are those that interrupt the normal functioning of your pet’s body, like joint pain, inflammation, rashes, back pain, and muscle soreness. 

According to the experts and other users of these devices, these are the conditions they have noted an improvement when using red light therapy:


Red light therapy shows that it may be good for treating osteoarthritis. It works by reducing the inflammation to relieve the pain. 

The most beneficial method for this particular condition is to apply it in intervals of 10 minutes per day, five days a week. 

It’s been noted that this method may promote the general preservation of the articular surface to decrease the inflation in the osteoarthritis joints.

Healing wounds

Red light therapy has the potential to heal the wounds of your pet much faster. It may promote tissue regeneration while healing the wound and reducing inflammation and pain. 

There are several cases where it’s been used on wounded horses where they received successful results in just a few weeks of use.

Injuries and surgery

Red light therapy may be recognized as the most effective for speeding up the healing process in injured pets. It improved the pet’s healing process after surgery called hemilaminectomy. 

Also, it’s been effective in pets that had bone surgery by speeding up bone function and recovery compared to other treatments.

Is it worth it to invest in these red light therapy devices?

Coming from the fact that vet clinics charge red light treatments anywhere between $40 to $100 for a session, also taking into consideration the pet’s condition, we can safely say that purchasing this kind of device is a much more affordable option.

This is why we have opted for some of the more pocket-friendly options on the market that have proven high-quality effects. 

We have talked with pet specialists and vets to find which devices have the most similar settings to the ones they use in their clinics. 

Moreover, all these devices don’t require to be administered by medical specialists as they come with a detailed instruction guide so you can operate them for your pet. 

What can you expect from using red light therapy on your pet?

After several sessions of using these devices, the results may differ depending on your pet’s condition. 

Generally, it’s been shown that it may assist in minimizing scar tissue, boosting circulation, and providing more oxygen to the affected areas. There is a potential to promote cellular regeneration and repair damaged tissues.

If your pet has faced any injuries, you may expect to see improvement in cuts and scratches. If your pet is suffering from fatigue, you might notice they have more energy and are more active. 

Is red light therapy for pets safe?

These red light therapy devices have been examined and approved as being safe and not associated with any side effects when used according to the instructions.

The red light therapy isn’t as harsh as the usual topical treatments, and it’s not toxic. 

However, if it happens to be misused, the side effects might be severe, like damaging your pet’s skin or your eyes, so make sure that you use the proper shield for protection. 


Nowadays, purchasing everything online can be tricky as there are a lot of brands that only sell products to make money out of them without having any effectiveness at all. 

When we were doing our research on the best red light therapy for pets, we came across many brands, so in order to set apart the high-quality ones. 

The products on our list check all the boxes for effective red light therapy suitable for all pets. 

So, we hope that we have helped you choose the best device for your pet.