Best Red Light Therapy Device for Skin

The beauty industry has seen enormous outcomes with red light treatment. So, why waste hundreds of dollars on a single red light therapy treatment when you can have it at home? You can purchase the best red light therapy device for skin and have it forever.

Thanks to powerful red lights, such devices may contribute to skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, fine lines and wrinkles reduction, overall skin and tone texture improvement, etc. Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, red light might help you glow inside out.

You may forget your imperfect and tired-looking skin and enjoy the youthful glow. For that purpose, we have created a list of the best red light therapy devices for the skin. The options are vast, whether that is a LED mask, facial massager, therapy panel, or near-infrared device.

Choose the best one that suits your skincare and let everyone wonder about your secret for glowing skin!

Red Light Therapy Device for Skin


How We Made This List

Appropriate for all body areas

Since everyone has different needs, we chose brands that offer different red light devices. Whether you seek a device for the whole body or just the face, you can find the right one among our chosen ones.

We have chosen devices for the face, portable mini devices that can reach hard-to-reach parts, and big red light devices for the whole body.

Depending on your personal needs, you can use the devices directly on the skin. The mask option is the best if you need a device for treating facial scars, acne, and ageing wrinkles.

The mini portable devices can be used on every part of the body. Large ones are good if you want to use red light therapy on larger body areas.

Good quality for a good price

Amazon is an incredible retailer because it has surprisingly good quality products. For example, our chosen red light devices have an incredible success rate.

We did research and even read thousands of testimonials by the customers. The positive testimonials crossed our skepticism and made us believe that Amazon has much to offer.

Compared to other branded devices and red light therapies in spa centers, these devices are a hundred times more affordable. We were satisfied with the effects and the price of the devices.

Most customers recommend the devices because they offer the exact effect you are going to get by visiting a spa center. The main difference is that you are going to save thousands of dollars.

Portable devices

As most of you have different interests, we thought that portable options are the best. The first thing is that you can easily store them and move them around your house or anywhere else.

Another thing is that you can even get them on vacation. These devices are not massive or heavy, so you can enjoy the red light therapy while resting on your days off.

Even the big red light devices can be portable and easy to store. They are larger than the mini devices but can be used hands-free.

Turn them on and stay in the front for a few minutes, then slip the device under your bed or in your wardrobe. It would not take up too much space.

Gentle and safe for the skin

Red rays are highly beneficial for the skin and underskin tissue. They are not producing heat and would not burn your skin.

They are also way more different than UV rays. The red light would not tan your skin or cause skin damage. Instead, it might repair the damage caused by UV rays or other external factors.

The light that these devices give is pleasant and may remind of a spa. Using these devices for 15 to 20 minutes a day might make your skin pure, gentle, and soft.

You can enjoy the spa time at your own home and not worry about burning your skin.

Happy customers

We are happy when you are satisfied. The highly-rated testimonials filled our hearts with warmth. Thousands of people who decided to give their trust to these red light devices shared their incredible experiences.

Teenagers, men, women, and even adults in their late 50s have experienced positive things about using the device.

Even hard-to-treat skin conditions were successfully reduced with red light therapy. The customers who were grateful to the sky shared their touching journeys. You have to read them on your own to see what we are talking about.

Best Red Light Therapy Device for Skin: Reviews

  1. NewKey – Red Light Face Mask
  2. UUPAS – Red Light Therapy Device
  3. RotshaRed Light Therapy Device
  4. Anyork – Red Light Therapy Device
  5. Deektrion – Red Light Therapy Device

1. NewKey – Red Light Face Mask

NEWKEY Red Light Therapy for Face, LED Face Mask Light...
  • Red light therapy for face with 150 purify LEDS are strategically placed along T-Zone and jaw line, emitting specific wavelength 630nm to...
  • Red light therapy for face utilizes the same level PDT technology used by dermatologist and the salon.With red light therapy mask that you...
  • At- home red light therapy mask device conforms closely for optimal efficacy, speeding up under eye wrinkles, full face wrinkles reduction.

Our first choice is NewKey’s face mask. This device perfectly fits the face, allowing the rays to enter every part of your face, protecting the eyes simultaneously.

NewKey has a few healthcare products, including the red light face mask. It is the best-selling product of this brand and has a significant success rate. The seller says this mask may suit everyone, regardless of gender, age, or skin issue.

The mask has seven programs that appear in different lights and have distinct wavelengths. The device has 150 tiny non-heat LED lights that change color depending on the chosen program.

Furthermore, NewKey’s face mask has more LED colors, a one-year warranty, 150 LED lights, universal fitting size, unlimited treatment, and an ergonomic design compared to other face mask red light devices.

A testimonial from the 7th of February caught our attention. A woman living with an unknown skin condition for six years finally returned her face to normal after six days of using this facemask. Check the reviews and see the change with your own eyes.


The mask’s dimensions are 9.8 x 7.8 x 5.5 inches. The weight is 2 pounds. It is designed to fit all face sizes, allowing the rays to get deep into the skin and find the roof of the tissue. Plus, T]the mask has a wire with a controller where you can set the timer and the program.

Each light has a different impact on the skin. The classic red light is supposed to increase the blood flow in the rayed area and initiate collagen production. Additionally, its wavelength is 650 nanometers.

The yellow and green light may be the best for you if you are facing skin redness and impurities. These modes use 590 nanometers and 527 nanometers wavelengths.

The dark blue mode might be beneficial for resting acne and tightening the skin. On the other hand, white and light blue light might be beneficial for accelerating tissue metabolism and helping with allergy irritations on the skin.


  • Seven light modes
  • Portable and manageable face mask
  • Has 150 LED lights
  • A one-year warranty


  • Cannot be used on other body parts
  • The effects vary from person to person

2. UUPAS – Red Light Therapy Device

No products found.

Our second choice is a tiny portable device by a UUPAS seller on Amazon. This device is lightweight and can be used on many body parts.

The device has silicone parts on both sides for better control, a stainless steel head, and a single button for activation. It is simple, and everyone can easily learn how to use it at home.

The seller recommends using the device once in two weeks for 10 to 15 minutes for the first month. Every month, you can increase the time using the device (for example, in the second month, you can use the device every week).

Furthermore, the FDA has cleared this red light therapy device. This device’s LED infrared light may reach 10 millimeters under the skin and activate the skin cells.

The seller claims this device may be safe, non-invasive, and cause no side effects. The safety design allows the device to activate automatically when in touch with the skin. Removing the device from the skin will automatically turn the device off.

You can get the UUPAS LED red light device with a one-year warranty. Also, you can email the 24/7 customer service and explain the issue, if any.


UUPAS device has 21 red lights (625 nanometers) and four infrared lights (850 nanometers). The device produces heat of up to 43 ℃ (109.4 °F), and you can notice the temperature change when the device penetrates deep under the skin.

The red light therapy device may be suitable for all skin types and conditions. It is primarily meant for facial use, while you can use it everywhere on the body.

Mainly, this device is used for treating fine lines, acne, scars, wrinkles, and crow’s feet (wrinkles on the side of the eyes). Since red light therapy may be effective and safe for many skin types, it might be effective for you as well.

The heat this device produces might enter deeply into the skin, returning its elasticity, freshness, and healthy appearance.

To get the best out of the device, combine your skincare routine with red light therapy. Using serums and moisturizers might help the process and keep your skin hydrated and protected.


  • Cleared by the FDA
  • Enters 8 to 10 millimeters under the skin
  • Stainless steel head with 25 LED and infrared lights
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Individuals with sensitive skin should be careful

3. Rotsha – Red Light Therapy Device

Red light therapy may be beneficial for many things, especially skin repair. Our third choice is a multifunctional device with three modes and multiple beneficial functions.

Rotsha’s mini device may be beneficial for the skin and individuals suffering from body pain. This multifunctional device has five LEDs that produce 630 to 660 nanometers, while the near-infrared lights are 850 to 940 nanometers.

Since the device might produce heat, the manufacturer has set a Pulsed Mode option. The mode will apply pulsed rays to the skin, avoiding burning or skin damage. This option is excellent for individuals with thin and sensitive skin.

The device is quite small and lightweight. Its weight is only 1 pound, while the other dimensions are 6.3 x 6.26 x 2.52 inches. Rotsha’s red light therapy device uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for working, which is included in the package.

Moreover, the seller offers a bundle that includes two books for proper use of the red light therapy device and its relation with the medicine called miracle medicine. The set will cost you only $20 extra. The delivery is free on both the device itself and the bundle set.


Rotsha’s red light therapy device comes packed with multiple gadgets and tools. The set includes the device, storage case, USB cable, hanging cable, battery charger, glasses for eye protection, and two rechargeable batteries.

We could not find information about the device’s warranty, but the seller will send you replacement parts if you damage or lose them.

As we previously mentioned, Rotsha’s red light therapy device has three modes. The first mode is a 660 nanometers red light that produces rays possibly beneficial for the skin tissue and pain relief.

The second mode is red + blue light, which might be beneficial for inflammation and pain relief. The third mode is blue light therapy, which is beneficial for inflammation and better skin surface appearance.

The device looks like a small flashlight. Its lightweight allows everyone to use it on every part of the body. Rotsha’s red light therapy device might also be beneficial for pet pain relief.


  • A portable and lightweight device
  • Three adjustable modes
  • Safety impulse program
  • Supports a three-minute timer
  • A success rate of over 70%


  • You have to hold and manage the device
  • No warranty or part replacement guarantee

4 . Anyork – Red Light Therapy Device

Our fourth choice is Anywork’s red-light panel. This product might be your favorite one because it is hands-free and allows you to enjoy the therapy like in a salon.

The dimensions of this red light therapy panel are 11.8 x 22 x 0.7 inches, while the weight is around 3 pounds.

To use this device, you must place it vertically or hang it on something. Also, the package includes a hanger, power cord, and protective glasses.

The device folds in half, so it becomes more compact for storage. You can put it everywhere without it taking up too much space.

It has no programs or levels to set up. Anywork’s red light therapy device has only red lights and offers traditional red light therapy.

The seller recommends hanging the panel on a wall and adjusting the distance depending on the body coverage you need. The seller allows you to choose between the two protective glasses and the pair that looks best for you.

The first option is protective glasses, while the second one is goggles. You can also choose the bundle option with an ultimate guide on using the red light therapy.


The red light panel by Anywork has over 300 tiny LEDs. The LEDs produce only red light, and you can not set other modes. This device is much bigger than the previous ones, allowing you to enjoy full-body therapy hands-free.

You can manage the red light rays coverage by getting closer or farther from the device. Staying 6 inches in front of the device will cover only 35% to 40% of the body and make you feel the rays more intensely. This distance may be beneficial for healing scars, stretch marks, and pain.

Being 12 inches far from the devices will cover up to 50% of your body area, while 18 inches far might cover up to 80%. However, staying 18 inches from the panel might give you lower-intensity therapy, but that is not a significant difference because the effects are the same.


  • Hands-free device
  • The device has over 300 LEDs
  • It comes with a hanger for an easier montage
  • It uses 600 nanometers of RL rays
  • Reasonable price for a big device
  • Two years assurance and 60 days refund


  • No other modes to set
  • The panel is not that big to cover 100% of your body

5. Deektrion – Red Light Therapy Device

Deektrion Red Light Therapy Device, Red 660nm & Near...
  • 【BEST FULL-BODY LIGHT THERAPY PANEL】Congratulations on finding this Light Therapy Device housed in a light-weight yet highly durable...
  • 【THREE MODES OFFER MORE FLEXIBILITY】: Red light 660nm stimulates collagen production for improved skin texture and tone, smoothing fine...
  • 【HIGH IRRADIANCE】The Deektrion Red Light Therapy Panel features dual chip LEDs which deliver an irradiance level as high as 120 mW/cm2...

Our last choice is the Deektrion red light therapy device. This kind of panel device can be easily put on any surface or hung on a wall. It has an upgraded timer and two programs to set.

People may enjoy using this device for skin rejuvenation and pain relief. The rays might enter deeply enough to target nerve pain and repair damaged skin cells.

The body might start producing collagen more intensively, contributing to skin changes thanks to red light therapy.

Deektrion’s red light therapy panel has 120 LEDs and a wavelength of 660 nanometers to 850 nanometers. This device is a little bit smaller than the previous one and has dimensions of 12 x 7.5 x 1.7 inches and around 5 pounds. 

The device has a metal handle to move it around your house. Plus, the package includes a hanging kit, instruction manual, and eye protection glasses.

Moreover, the device has an incredible three years warranty and a 30-day refund guarantee. You can get your total paid amount back in 30 days. If there is a problem, email the seller and describe it so they can help you.


You can set the timer on your own and enjoy the therapy without watching the clock. The seller claims the device is not producing heat and can not burn your skin.

The timer can be set for as little as five minutes and the most for 30 minutes. The intervals are set with five-minute intervals in between.

Place the device on a flat surface or hang it on the door or wall. The distance between you and the device can be managed by yourself, depending on your preferences. Six inches distance covers approximately 40% of your body, while 18 inches distance can cover up to 80%.

This red light therapy device might help with skin rejuvenation and pain relief.


  • Portable and easy to store
  • Adjustable timer and mode
  • Produces red light and near-infrared light
  • The device is not producing heat


  • The size of the panel is too small
  • Some customers do not like the device’s external look

Factors to Consider When Buying RLT Devices for Skin

Your needs

Inspect your body and determine which parts of your body need red light therapy. Start from the face. All red light therapy devices may be used on the face, so you would not be mistaken about choosing any of the devices.

If your other body parts are in good condition and do not need red light treatment, you may get the face mask device and enjoy the therapy only on the face, hands-free.

Portable devices might be good for other body parts that need regeneration. For example, hand-operated mini devices are good for tiny areas with smaller surfaces.

Whether they are pregnancy marks, scars, or hyperpigmentation on small skin parts, it would be excellent to choose the smaller devices. The large hands-free devices are suitable for the whole body and large surfaces.

Red Light Therapy Devices for Your Needs


The price

Amazon offers incredible devices, but you should also compare the prices and determine if they match your budget and needs. For example, the mini devices are of high quality and can be used on every part of the body.

If you do not need the red light device for a specific purpose, you can opt for the portable mini device and use it wherever you wish.

Choose multiple similar devices and compare their prices. Ensure the device’s features match the price. It is not always good to choose the cheapest device because red lights might be dangerous if not made with safe materials.

Therefore, ensure that the chosen device is tested and safe for the skin.

Customer experience

The review section can be very helpful and determinant for buying a specific product. The seller might describe its product as the best of all, intending to sell it to most customers.

However, the review section has a lot of information from actual people who have purchased the specific product (in this case, the red light therapy device).

Reading what others have experienced with the red light therapy device might make you buy the device and enjoy the benefits, or stay away from it and search for another one.

You might also find a customer who shares the same skin issue as you and see if the chosen device works well for the specific condition.

Device’s size

This factor is important every time you do online shopping. Sometimes the product might appear normal in the photo, but the thing you receive happens to be something else.

Search for the device’s dimensions in the product’s description or ask the seller. That way, you will have a rough picture of how big the device will be.

Most face mask red light devices are standard-sized. This means they are available in only one size and are supposed to fit most face sizes.

Nonetheless, you should ensure that there are some straps that will keep the mask in place and make the therapy feel comfortable, even if the mask is way bigger than your face.

Size of a RLT Device for Skin


Safety precautions

Safety comes first. Carefully read all the details the seller gives. Red light devices should be used at least 20 minutes per day, but not every day. You should take a break between two sessions to avoid possible side effects.

Most red light therapy devices may not produce heat, so they may not burn your skin if used properly. But if you are not following the guide, you might end up damaging your skin.

There are no severe side effects from the red light therapy device reported still, but we found that some individuals who had overused the device ended up with burns and blisters.

The burns were caused by the device’s corrosion or damaged wires, which is a result of misuse and inappropriate storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the red light therapy devices on Amazon cost?

The price depends on a few features. For example, the size might not be a detrimental factor if the device is of high quality and has multiple functions and modes.

On the other hand, some big devices might be the same price as the smaller ones but offer limited modes and no adjustable lights.

So, if you are interested in the prices of our chosen brands, they vary from $89 to $159. The cheaper option has only one button to turn the device on and off and produces only red light rays.

The other four devices’ prices range from $140 to $160, which is a pretty similar price for devices of different sizes. However, they have unique advantages that are worth the price.

Why is it good to have a red light therapy device at home?

It can be the best decision you will ever make. A red light treatment in a spa center or beauty salon might cost you $100. Red light is not working with only one treatment, so you have to do it for weeks or months, depending on your body and needs.

Going to a salon for red light therapy will cost you thousands, which is a pretty high amount. The average price for a good quality red light therapy device is $100 to $150. Going on red light therapy in a salon is like you buy yourself a red light device every time you go to the salon.

So, getting your own red light spa will save you thousands of dollars, plus it will be your own possession, and you can use it wherever you want.

Are there possible side effects of using red light therapy?

Red light therapy devices are relatively safe. You can not burn yourself or cause damage to the skin if you use the device properly.

You should also be cautious with the time you use the device, which should not exceed 20 minutes.

Some side effects of burning and skin irritation might happen if you store the device incorrectly. For example, damaged wires or corrosion might be bad for your skin, so ensure that the device is stored in a safe and dry place.

Don’t forget to wear your protective goggles. Red light might be bad for your eyes if you are directly exposed to it.

How does the red light therapy device work?

The red light rays penetrate into the skin, reaching under skin tissues and cells. The stimulation caused by the red light rays makes the cells multiply and repair faster.

This process may also trigger collagen production, which is beneficial for rejuvenation and healthier skin, hair, and bones.

At the same time, the blood pressure may fasten up and deliver more nutrients to the exposed area. This process circulates on the exposed area and allows the body to regenerate naturally.


Gifting yourself a red light therapy device can be the best investment for your skin health. Don’t think twice.

You can choose the best red light therapy device for skin presented in this post. They are all different from each other but will provide you with what they’re intended to.

Moreover, Amazon has incredible offers for more incredible prices. Don’t miss such opportunities.

The best day to rejuvenate your skin is today. Let people ask about your secret for glowing skin.

Shine, smile, and rejuvenate!