How to Use Red Light Therapy for Testosterone

The hormone testosterone is what, biologically speaking, defines a “man”. Testosterone production increases during puberty and then decreases when a person is about 30 years old. Aging is usually associated with a slow decline, but this decline can have some bad effects, especially if testosterone levels drop unnaturally.

However, many people possibly turned to red light therapy and its possible health benefits as a testosterone booster. So, how to use red light therapy for testosterone production?

Read on to learn how to use RLT to boost testosterone if you are a man with low energy, stamina, brain fog, or other signs of low testosterone or if you just want to improve your health routine.

How to Use Red Light Therapy for Testosterone

How to Use Red Light Therapy for Testosterone

Since most medications have side effects that are bad for patients’ health, people have been looking for natural ways to boost testosterone. Red light therapy is a natural and safe treatment that doesn’t hurt or harm the body.

This therapy has been shown to possibly improve the movement of sperm without hurting the sperm or the testes. If you are wondering how to use red light therapy for testosterone, you just have to use it correctly with the right wavelengths.

To safely increase your testosterone, it’s crucial to employ controlled red and near-infrared wavelengths in the mid-600s and mid-800s nanometer (nm) ranges, as several clinical research have demonstrated.

It may be best to use red light therapy for 12–15 minutes a day for a few weeks or months to feel the increased testosterone. Be sure to be consistent and get medical examinations to control testosterone levels.

You can also do RLT sessions with a specialist, which might cost a little more.

Are RLT devices for testosterone production safe?

Currently, the FDA has approved no light therapy devices to make help with testosterone. Since red light therapy is usually considered safe, you can find devices online that don’t need FDA approval.

Most of the time, they are sold for cosmetic purposes or to help wounds heal faster. Some men have a lot of success with some of the best RLT devices for testosterone boost.

One worry is the heat. Some red light therapy machines produce a lot of heat, which can hurt your testicles. Anyone who wants to try red light therapy to raise testosterone should get a device that has been tested and proven to be safe. There are a few low-heat options on the market, which is good news.

Red Light Therapy for Testosterone

Red Light Therapy for Testosterone

Testosterone is mostly made in the ovaries and the Leydig cells of the testicles. The adrenal glands also make a small amount of it. Steroidogenesis is the process by which these organs change cholesterol into testosterone.

Low-level infrared light treatment, also known as red light therapy or photobiomodulation, employs focused light wavelengths to possibly increase energy production. It has been shown that red light therapy wavelengths cause the Leydig cells to make more energy. The Leydig cells might help the testicles make more testosterone on their own. 

You may think your body will naturally produce more testosterone if the cells produce too much heat. Hundreds of clinical studies have shown this strongly affects the body’s mitochondria.

Cellular energy is also linked to the movement of sperm. The faster the sperm swims, the more energy it has. This is very important for the health of sperm and the ability of sperm to move.

Let’s look at some of the most recent clinical trials that show how to use red light therapy for testosterone and how red light therapy may help the body make more testosterone.

Increased libido

In 2016, the University of Siena researchers led by Dr. Andrea Fagiolini undertook a placebo-controlled pilot study to evaluate how red light therapy affected testosterone production in males with poor sexual desire.

They split 38 low-sexual-drive males into two groups for the study. One group received dawn red light therapy while the other did nothing. Red light therapy increased testosterone levels from 2.1 to 3.6 ng/ml in two weeks.

The Italian Pilot, the research group leader, found that red light therapy potentially boosted sexual performance by raising serum testosterone levels.

May help with fertility

According to research, red light therapy may increase sperm motility in low-testosterone, low-sex-drive men. Red light therapy may be an effective form of physical therapy and is commonly recommended for testosterone disorders.

This therapy also affects spermatozoa’s life span, mobility, and speed. Scientific Reports advises natural light for sperm motility because it doesn’t damage testes or sperm DNA.

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Since we have provided you with information on how to use red light therapy for testosterone, we can sum up the above.

You don’t have to have low testosterone if you’re a man. You may naturally boost your testosterone levels, which could help with a lot of health problems, such as poor sexual health, low sex drive, low energy, muscle loss, weight gain, and brain fog.

There are many natural ways to raise testosterone levels, such as changing your diet, working out, dealing with stress, and getting enough sleep. Red light therapy might be another one, but there isn’t much scientific evidence for it.

The amount of testosterone in men may increase when they are exposed to red light. It would make sense that RLT would cause a man’s Leydig cells to make more energy, raising testosterone levels. Clinical tests and the work of many scientists have shown that red light therapy may naturally raise testosterone.

Medical Disclaimer: Make sure to consult your doctor or another qualified health professional before you try red light therapy for testosterone. This way, you’ll get the proper medical advice and schedule for using your red light device the best way.

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