Does Red Light Therapy Work Through Clothes?

Finding something that might help you with your health problems as effortlessly as red light therapy can be difficult. Nowadays, RLT is praised by many people worldwide.

There are different therapy devices that don’t require special attention to it, such as LED masks, therapy beds, etc. You just let yourself enjoy while the light might contribute to your skin care, help with anti-aging, collagen production, etc.

But does red light therapy work through clothes? While reading this article, you’ll learn about the importance of red light laser therapy and whether red light therapy works through clothes.

Let’s get started and discover!

Does Red Light Therapy Work Through Clothes?

About Red Light Therapy 

Red light therapy is a treatment, precisely a technique used mainly to possibly improve some health problems, skin conditions, etc. The whole point of this therapy is exposing yourself to a device flowing with red light.

The treatment itself might have many benefits you can use. You don’t need to do anything besides sit and enjoy while the red light penetrates your skin. It’s usually done at the doctor’s office, but nowadays, salons also offer this kind of treatment. 

The best part about this therapy is that you can even purchase this device and use it in your home. There are many different devices that you can get, and they also have different purposes. For example, if you even need to start this kind of treatment for joint pain, you should consider buying a red light lamp.

Remember that you should always consult your doctor before considering this treatment. Make sure that you know all about the facts regarding this therapy.

Does Red Light Therapy Work Through Clothes? 

The answer is no. Red light therapy it’s only meant to treat exposed skin without clothes and bandages. So, if you’re considering starting this kind of therapy, it’s good to know this important factor if you want to see the best results of the treatment. 

While red light therapy is only meant on exposed skin, if you’re strictly searching for a device you can use even with clothes on, you should purchase near-infrared light. The near-infrared light can penetrate even through the clothes and various bandages. 

The clothes should be a problem because the treatment session lasts 15 to 30 minutes, and we believe you have that much free time per day.

How to Properly Do the Therapy

Track progress

It’s always a fantastic idea to track the progress you’ve been making while using red light therapy. It’s good to know where you started and where you’re going.

For example, if you want to see improvements in your skin, simply take pictures. You can compare the pictures at the end and see what you’ve achieved.

Inconsistency is your enemy

Like everything else in life, if you’re not consistent with something, you should not expect the best results from it. The same applies to red light therapy. 

If you want to see some huge improvement in your health, you should at least do the therapy three to five times per week. That’s the only proper way to lead you to the desired results.

Drink water

Drinking plenty of water each day is important. This is nothing new, and staying hydrated may give better results while you are doing red light treatments.

If you’re wondering why, it is because when you drink water, your cells are more hydrated and have more energy saved in them.

Proper use of the device

Not knowing how to properly use the device will affect the treatment results. You should not place the device too close to you or too far. If you want to treat skin conditions, place the device 10 to 35 inches from you. 

However, place the device 5 to 12 inches from you if you want to treat conditions involving your deeper tissues. You should know how long your therapy session lasts. Don’t think sitting longer under the light will have better results.

There’s this general rule that one session should consist of ten to 20 minutes. The longer the session doesn’t mean that the better the results. However, if you want to see improvements try to do the 20 minutes per session, and remember not to skip any sessions.

About Red Light Therapy 

No clothes, no chemicals on your skin 

Many people make mistakes by wearing clothes and thinking that the effects of the treatment will be the same as when your skin is directly exposed to red light. 

Sunscreen is not good to have on the skin before you do this treatment because sunscreen is known to block all UV lights and some NIR, so this will affect the therapy not penetrating deep into your skin.

Also, if you’re wearing makeup, it’s best if you remove all of it since many makeup products contain SPF. Always wash your face and the area that you want to treat with light to expect some great results.

Make sure you use the suitable device

Different things can be done with red and near-infrared (NIR) light. Skin conditions, tissue repair, and hair growth might all be helped by red light.

On the other hand, the use of NIR is primarily for treating ailments like pain management, muscular recovery and regeneration, and brain performance.

About the results 

Don’t expect immediate results. They’ll come with time. Your consistency of the treatment will make the results appear faster.


Well, we have come to the very end of this article. So, does red light therapy work through clothes? We hope you have discovered the answer to your question, that is, a simple no.

Moreover, you should consider purchasing some good quality red light devices for better results. Also, you should probably consider buying a device you can use in your home instead of spending thousands in salons.

Remember, you should always consult with a professional or doctor before utilizing any light treatment!

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