How Long Is a Red Light Therapy Session?

As red light therapy is the latest trend, we have ambiguities regarding the red light therapy session duration. How long is a red light therapy session, and is it worth a shot?

Motivated by this, we assembled this article and researched experts’ opinions on red light therapy sessions and some valuable things you need to know.

A red light therapy session duration depends on the reason for the therapy and the gravity of the condition that people want to treat and improve.

But, as this time can vary and depend on multiple factors, it is best to elaborate and distinguish the different types of red light therapy sessions and how long each lasts.

How Long Is a Red Light Therapy Session?


How Long Is a Red Light Therapy Session?

We believe you are already familiar with how people use red light therapy for many conditions. They use it to treat wrinkles, imperfections on the skin, acne, psoriasis, depression, sciatica, Alzheimer’s, etc. But, what many people are unfamiliar with is – how long is a red light therapy session.

Considering that red light therapy is used for numerous conditions, it is understandable that each therapy session lasts a different amount of time for each condition.

Therefore, there is not one universal timeframe that can apply to every person for every reason they decide to try red light therapy sessions. Based on our research, we can roughly say that, on average, one red light therapy session lasts about twenty minutes.

Of course, when you go to the place where that administers the red light therapy, the professionals there will first talk with you to establish an anamnesis, and based on that and the goals you want to achieve, they will determine the duration of one red light therapy session and the duration of the entire therapy treatment. 

Usually, red light therapy sessions last about twenty minutes, and the clients must do it once a week for up to ten weeks. Then they do it once every few months until they are satisfied with the results.

In continuation, you can read more about the red light therapy sessions that are of essential importance for staying safe and seeing results as fast as possible.

Can You Overdo Red Light Therapy

The first thing you need to know about red light therapy is that it has been proven as a generally safe condition so far and does not cause severe damage or problems. However, there needs to be a set-out duration for each session for effective results.

It is widely known that the more regularly you attend the red light therapy sessions, the more improvement you should see, but that must remain in moderate and well-timed periods. 

Also, remember that many factors taken into consideration before this therapy help the professionals decide which amount of light therapy would work best for you.

So as long as you follow and keep to the schedule that the professionals created especially for you, there is no need to be afraid that you might be overdoing the red light therapy.

How Much Time Until You See Results

Seeing results for the first time is different for every individual. As we all have different ways of functioning, genes, and physiology, there is not one universal time after which every person sees the results.

In our experience, people usually see their first results between four and eight months. If you do therapy once or twice a month, you may see the results after four to six sessions. 

The best thing you can do is not over-obsess and check for results every day because even if there is some difference, you will not be able to notice it. Instead, you can check for results and take pictures every seven to ten days. Only this way will you be able to see whether there are some changes.

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What Factors Influence the Perfect Red Light Therapy Dosage?

Although numerous factors can determine the correct dose of red light for every person individually, these four factors have the strongest influence on determining the dosage.

Therefore, before starting the red light therapy, the professionals will discuss with you the three most important things:

Your overall health 

You must disclose any health issues, illnesses, physical and mental health conditions, worries, etc. It is best if you do not hide anything, as that can slow down the entire process and might cause some unwanted complications.

Your skin’s light reactivity and sensitivity 

As this therapy is strictly through a red light, the professionals must see whether your skin will tolerate the red light and whether there will be any adverse reaction.

The condition(s) you want to treat 

In order to help you, the professionals will need to know what conditions you want them to treat so they can determine the frequency and duration of the red light therapy sessions.

The goals you want to achieve 

By discussing what goals you want to achieve and what your expectations are after the red light therapy ends, the professionals will be able to give you an answer on what you can expect and how much your condition can improve. That way, you won’t have false and big expectations if they can not treat the condition entirely with red light therapy.

Perfect Red Light Therapy Dosage



Like with all new things, discoveries, and innovations, not many people are familiar with red light therapy.

But, we hope that with the help of our article, you finally got answers to the red-light-therapy-related questions you had and that everything is now much clearer. 

How long is a red light therapy session? When it comes to that, think of it as an individual problem that requires an individual approach, and the answer depends on the person, the results they want to achieve, and their current condition.

Talk to your doctor to determine the proper duration of the therapy for your specific needs.

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