Does Red Light Therapy Work for Neuropathy?

As red light therapy is a relatively newer treatment, most neuropathy patients have certain ambiguities regarding its safety and benefits. People also wonder if it may help with peripheral neuropathy, blood circulation, nerve regeneration, pain relief, skin conditions, etc.

So, does red light therapy work for neuropathy? You’re probably curious to know if that works if you or someone close to you needs to regularly relieve neuropathy pain. Thanks to this article, you will be able to end those ambiguities once and for all.

Keep reading to find out how to make the most of this laser therapy and possibly eliminate stubborn neuropathy pain in the safest way possible.

Does Red Light Therapy Work for Neuropathy?


Does Red Light Therapy Work for Neuropathy?

Even though red light therapy has a long way to go, there are several experiments and studies regarding its efficiency for different health conditions. One of the most popular reasons why people use RLT is the neuropathy pain that can rarely be treated by any natural and non-invasive method.

Therefore, many factors influence the results regarding whether red light therapy works for neuropathy. For instance, the severity of the neuropathy, age, overall well-being, underlying conditions, medications, etc. 

However, the results are quite promising if we look into the studies done on this topic. Many people battling this sometimes unbearable pain have reported possible improvement in their symptoms and pain after starting the red light therapy.

The reason is that this light may, in a non-invasive way, stimulate the blood flow, which potentially leads to lowering the inflammation and ultimately leading to lowering the pain.

For most study participants and people who have shared personal experiences, red light therapy has shown to possibly be an effective way to treat neuropathy and decrease pain.

Although there is a lack of scientific studies so far, this therapy has exceeded expectations and possibly gives even better and better results in the fight against nerve pain without any medication or painful procedures.

How May RLT Help Neuropathy Mechanism?

Although the mechanism of work of red light therapy can sound complicated, we have ensured to explain it in a way so that everyone understands how this therapy works once and for all. 

By knowing this essential information, you will be able to use red light therapy for much more than just neuropathy pain. Also, with the experience you gain and consultation with a professional, you can even do it by yourself at your home.

As red light, especially near-infrared light, can penetrate even the deepest layers of the skin and reach the muscles and bones, it may stimulate various chemical processes proven to reduce pain

More specifically, when the red light comes in touch with the cells, it may stimulate them to produce more natural energy, also known as ATP. This energy possibly makes the cells function better and increase their quality.

Additionally, red light may stimulate the production of nitric oxide, the body’s natural vasodilator. With the help of this chemical, overall blood flow and circulation might improve. As a result, you may feel the pain caused by nerve damage decreasing.

The Mechanism of Work Through Which RLT May Help Neuropathy


Best Combinations for Red Light Therapy Results

Even though red light therapy may be effective in reducing neuropathy symptoms on its own, combined with some additional natural remedies, it might improve the results even faster.

For instance, exercise is the best way to improve the results of red light therapy. You can try walking three times a week for about an hour, do light exercises to improve blood flow, try some sports, or even hit the gym.

Another thing you might want to consider trying is eating healthier. This does not mean giving up on everything you love, but try to include more salads and fruits and have smaller balanced meals every three to four hours.

Lastly, neuropathy and red light therapy experts strongly recommend avoiding excessive alcohol as it can significantly worsen peripheral neuropathy’s symptoms.

How Often to Use RLT for Neuropathy

As the severity of neuropathy symptoms can vary from person to person, everyone needs a different number of red light therapy sessions. Some people need to do this therapy once a month, and others ten times a month.

The person that can best decide the frequency and duration of red light therapy sessions you need is your esthetician or red light therapy specialist. After gathering the essential information regarding your condition, they will assemble a customized schedule for your needs.

In the beginning, you will probably do the therapy once a week, and as your body gets used to the red light, the esthetician will slowly increase that dose until reaching the wanted effects and results.

When Can You Expect the First Results?

Noticing the first results is the same case as with the frequency of the RLT therapies. As everyone reacts differently to this therapy and as we all have different physiology, everyone notices results after a different amount of time. Sometimes it can be only after a month, and sometimes after four to six months.

If you are impatient to notice even the slightest results, we suggest you start journaling daily in which you would describe your pain and its severity day by day. This way, by reading your entries, you will be able to clearly see whether there is an improvement in the symptoms or not.


In this article, you could have read how red light therapy work for neuropathy and how this new and innovative method can be your best companion in battling the painful symptoms of neuropathy. So, does red light therapy work for neuropathy?

Several well-conducted studies have shown that red light therapy’s power to penetrate even the muscles and bones might effectively reduce neuropathy pain by possibly stimulating and promoting new nerve growth, reducing pain and inflammation, and restoring normal sensation.

Also, red light therapy may significantly improve severe neuropathy symptoms and overall well-being by possibly improving blood flow and circulation.

Moreover, we included useful tips on what you can combine the red light therapy sessions with for the most optimal results. The most important thing to focus on is being consistent with the sessions, as they may greatly help the fight against the pain this condition brings with itself.

Don’t forget to ask for advice from your doctor regarding red light therapy.

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