Can Red Light Therapy Help With Nerve Pain?

It is good to know that red light wavelength might penetrate deeper into the skin, possibly heal your body from many irritating conditions, and help with illnesses. Still, many people wonder if this treatment might be efficient as they suffer from neuropathy and experience frustrating nerve pain.

This delightful and non-invasive treatment might be good for many purposes, but can red light therapy help with nerve pain? A good and honest explanation awaits you below. So, let’s get started and discover more about it!

Can Red Light Therapy Help With Nerve Pain?


Can Red Light Therapy Help with Nerve Pain

If you have a stabbing, shooting, or burning sensation, you might suffer from neuropathy, a common health condition widespread among millions worldwide. 

This condition is often caused by nerve damage and can lead to other more severe consequences and pain if not treated on time. You might naturally reduce neuropathy symptoms without thinking of harmful pills and medications. That might be entirely possible by using red light therapy devices for pain.

The efficient treatment with red light wavelengths impacts neuropathy and might significantly reduce nerve pain if treated on time.

Many centers offer treatment with red light therapy, and many individuals have possibly noticed positive results with their devastating neuropathy condition.

Red light treatment involves deep penetrating the red light into a person’s mitochondria, possibly producing energy for the cells.

This beneficial therapy with red light might stimulate the regrowth of blood vessels to get more blood and oxygen for more efficient results. 

Other studies have also shown that red light therapy might improve peripheral nerve regeneration. At the same time, it might also decrease pain, improve function, and increase sensation in the treated areas of your body.

How Does Red Light Therapy Help with Nerve Pain and Neuropathy

Light therapy is one of the most widespread healing treatments for neuropathy. It is one of the fastest-growing therapies that might provide efficient results and possibly reduce nerve pain in many people with this irritating health issue.

It is good to know that red lights penetrate between two to seven centimeters into the skin utilizing infrared light that might constantly target the nerves, muscles, and bones without damaging them.

Wavelengths from 600 to 1,000 nm are excellent for possibly treating many inflammatory problems while using red light therapy gadgets for inflammation.

Red light therapy might be a beneficial treatment for neuropathy as it is absorbed deep within the person’s body, possibly activating all the cells and contributing to a better and faster healing process. That way, red light therapy might also help reduce nerve pain caused by neuropathy.

The photoreceptors absorb the wavelengths of red light therapy in the cells, and they create metabolic events in their content. Afterward, many natural processes are activated. 

It is also good to know that nitric oxide is the favorite gas in a person’s body that relaxes the nerves and regulates the blood pressure in every individual.

Red light therapy might trigger the release of nitric oxide, which might significantly increase the blood flow within your body, deliver oxygenated elements, and possibly relieve pain.


By choosing the delightful red light therapy and finding a reliable clinic where you can do your series of treatments, you won’t fail, and the results might be more than noticeable with the constant use of red light devices. 

When discussing the healing effects of red light, we must mention that the effectiveness of this treatment is also based on clinical trials and studies. For example, over 2239 patients with neuropathy were involved in an expert study that afterward showed that the areas of numbness in people were decreased by 66%, and the pain was successfully released by 67%.

Now, let’s take a look at its efficiency and how you can stay safe during such treatments!

Staying safe

Whenever you have symptoms of neuropathy like numbness, weakness, and pain, it is wise to think about the efficient red light therapy that might significantly affect your welfare by possibly improving the health situation and reducing irritating pain from neuropathy. 

To start with using red light therapy devices at your home or in clinics, we highly recommend you talk and consult with health experts who will tell you the countless advantages of this efficient treatment for neuropathy pain and the potential risks if they exist.

Precautions when using red light therapy are always recommended, even if this treatment is entirely safe and does not cause severe effects. It may only cause burning sensations if not used properly, so people should always protect their eyes when using this efficient therapy.


So, what is your thought about this blissful health treatment with a red light? What do you think? Can red light therapy help with nerve pain? 

We recommend you try this treatment for better welfare and treatment of your neuropathy. It is also good to mention that red light can’t completely heal this health condition but might significantly reduce the pain that comes with it. Also, red light therapy might help with nerve pain by stimulating the healing process and promoting new nerves to grow.

Neuropathy is a condition that affects millions of individuals worldwide, so red light might be the perfect match for treatment instead of taking harmful medical drugs and medications.

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