Does Red Light Therapy Reverse Aging?

If you have problems with wrinkles and damaged skin, you must have come across red light therapy because it might be beneficial. 

Therefore, we are here to provide you with all relevant information related to the benefits of red light therapy and does red light therapy reverse aging?! So, let’s get started and discover more!

Does Red Light Therapy Reverse Aging?

Does Red Light Therapy Reverse Aging?

Red light therapy might help reduce aging through its core function. Namely, this type of therapy emits red light with a short wavelength that might act on the mitochondria in the cell leading to an increase in metabolism.

In this way, there is an increase in the energy level that might help the cells fight against aging.

Many studies have shown promising results when it comes to red light therapy. The popularity of this therapy lies in its easy use and effect. Namely, with this therapy, red light with a short wavelength is emitted, penetrating the skin. 

Hence, mitochondria might accept these rays and increase adenosine triphosphate production, an energy source for cells. Then, this energy might be used to possibly improve skin quality and fight skin inflammation.

Possible Benefits

Red light therapy has recently become increasingly popular. Its simple use and effects are some positive factors that make it popular. 

Although further testing is needed to use it in regular therapy, this method has shown possible positive effects in several conditions. Therefore, let’s see red light therapy’s positive benefits.


Acne occurs as a result of oil secretion by the sebaceous glands. As a result, your skin looks damaged and unhealthy. Many studies have shown that laser and light therapies might be some of the most effective in treating acne

This is due to the penetrating light that targets these glands. This kind of light might act on the sebaceous glands and possibly prevent them from inflammation. That way, your skin might look healthier and inflammation-free.

Hair growth

Hair loss is a global problem that affects both men and women. This problem is especially common among men and is characterized by androgenetic alopecia. 

A small study dealing with this problem has shown that red light might help prevent hair loss and possibly stimulate the scalp to produce new hair. Although this therapy is not routinely used to treat this condition, the results might be promising.

Possible Benefits

Oral Health

Possibly helping reduce inflammation in the oral cavity is just one of the many benefits of red light therapy. Namely, this therapy might be a good solution when combined with blue light. 

Namely, this therapy might be used for inflamed gums, to fight against microorganisms and bacteria, and possibly to reduce pain in the oral cavity.

Muscle recovery

We all know how difficult it is to recover from sore muscles and hard training. Namely, one of the positive features of red light therapy is that it might help recover such conditions. 

This kind of therapy might be effective in combination with other methods for athletes, recreationists, and people who engage in physical activity. Red light therapy might also help speed up healing and reduce pain.

Skin health

One of the most positive features of red light therapy is that it might help improve the quality of the skin and its functions. For this purpose, some studies have shown that red light therapy might help with:

Therefore, if you wonder whether red light therapy reverses aging, you should first know that such tests were done on a small sample of people. Thus, although positive reactions have been observed, it still takes time before it can be used as a regular therapy to possibly treat skin diseases.

Side Effects

The side effects are pretty rare with this type of therapy. This is due to the nature of the light, which is not dangerous compared to other similar light therapies. 

However, if you decide on this type of therapy, you should consider several factors. One such factor is the way of use and exposure to red light. 

Namely, do not operate such devices if you do not know the exposure time and the way of operation. Improper handling can lead to burns and serious skin damage. In addition, this light might harm the eyes. 

Therefore, when applying this type of therapy, use eye protection. Also, consult with professionals or your doctor if you do not know how to operate the devices for home use.

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Well, we have come to the very end of this article. So, after looking at all the features of red light therapy, we can say that it is a great solution that might help your skin-related problems. This therapy might help with many conditions, such as inflammation, hair loss, and recovery. 

In addition, red light therapy is simple and safe to use, unlike many other light treatments. However, remember that this therapy does not treat severe health conditions.

If you have serious health problems, it is best to consult your doctor, who will tell you if it is good to use this therapy.

In addition, the trials associated with red light therapy have been done on a small group of subjects, which means that more trials are needed before they can be used regularly.

In the end, we hope that we have helped you to find out does red light therapy reverse aging and what are the possible positive effects of using this kind of therapy.

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