Best Red Light Therapy Mask

Whether it is the case of acne, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, or large pores, skin imperfections can be difficult to deal with.

A lot of people suffer from at least one skin condition. They go through invasive procedures, use different therapy masks, and even consume medicine to get rid of red and itchy skin.

If you’re having a skin problem, we may have the solution. Red light, which is often known as low-level therapy (LLLT), offers a non-invasive and convenient treatment for skincare, anti-aging, skin rejuvenation, and more.

So, we decided to research and review the face masks available on the market with infrared light, near-infrared, blue light, etc.

Check our reviews because the best red light therapy mask that suits you the most may be in our article. You may be a few clicks away from the perfect skin you always wanted.

Red Light Therapy Mask


How We Made the List

Before we check the features of the best red light therapy masks, we think you should know how we made this list and why we chose these companies.

Our research was based on multiple factors and standards that we thought were essential for finding the best quality LED devices.

Reliable manufacturers

The companies we selected are reliable and trustworthy manufacturers. There are hundreds of positive reviews from verified customers who are genuinely satisfied with their products. 

These companies use durable and quality materials and utilize a technology that has been scientifically proven.

Face masks with multiple colors of light

The devices we chose can emit multiple colors of light. Unlike some companies that sell masks with only one light, these devices may be more beneficial as every color has its properties.

Ease of use

These masks are highly convenient. Although they come with clear instructions (another indicator of the companies’ devotion and reliability), you will not need a doctoral degree to figure out how they work.

Additionally, the masks come with protective goggles, which is a huge advantage given that many other manufacturers sell goggles separately.

Best Red Light Therapy Face Masks: Reviews

  1. Aphrona Beauty – Red Light Therapy Face Mask
  2. NewKey – LED Light Face Mask
  3. Houzzi – LED Light Face Mask
  4. NewKey 7 – LED Light Face Mask
  5. NewWay – Red Light Therapy Device

1. Aphrona Beauty – Red Light Therapy Face Mask

Aphrona Led Face Mask Light Therapy, Halo Led Light...
  • NEW GENERATION SKIN CARE TOOL Aphrona Halo LED light therapy is the new generation FDA-cleared beauty tool for reducing wrinkle and treat...
  • LED LIGHTS TECHNOLOGY WITH NO DAMAGING RAYS The red LED light penetrates deep into the skin at the cellular level. The LED Face Mask...
  • PATENTED DESIGN WITH FULL FACE AND NECK COVERAGE The eye cover blocks out the lights so that your eyes are protected. The Neck Cover is a...

Aphrona Beauty is one of the best manufacturers of professional, medical-grade devices used for beauty and cosmetic treatments. 

The company has operated for more than 10 years, putting its reputation in the hands of a highly professional, skilled, and knowledgeable team of people whose expertise ranges from LLLT to dermatology to health overall.

The company offers two fantastic laser devices for treating hair and skin through clinically proven low-level light therapy. 

Over the years, the manufacturer has attracted numerous customers thanks to its laser caps and face mask quality. Most of them were highly satisfied with the effects and improvements in their hair and skin.

Today, Aphrona Beauty is a highly appreciated and reliable manufacturer that has solved the beauty concerns of numerous customers and thus brought back their confidence. 

This company is the reason why many people are happier and live better lives.


The facial skincare mask developed by Aphrona is one of the best-LED devices you’ll find on the market. The mask’s goal is to penetrate deep into your skin to potentially help in minimizing fine lines and support skin rejuvenation.

The mask produces red, blue, and green light thanks to its structure made with 150 narrow-spectrum chips.

The light may help in reducing pores and resolving hyperpigmentation. Moreover, the mask may stimulate collagen production, reduce inflammation, brighten skin, reduce wrinkles, treat acne, and enhance blood flow, bringing more oxygen to the skin.

LED light therapy

As we said, Aphrona’s LED mask produces red, blue, and green light.

Red light

This light is responsible for stimulating the skin. In fact, according to the company, the red lights produced by the mask may stimulate the production of collagen fibers and elastin

The device may help your body regenerate the skin and even increase cellular activity. Furthermore, the red lights may reduce the melanin level. This may improve the look of your skin and make it younger. 

Other benefits from the red lights may include reduced skin inflammation and pores and increased blood flow.

Blue light

According to the company’s website, the blue lights produced by the device may effectively treat acne and prevent them from coming again. Also, the lights may reduce pigmentation and bumps found on the skin.

Additionally, the blue lights may provide detoxification and disinfection that can benefit all skin types. Among the other benefits, you may also experience improvements in your skin tone.

Green light

These lights have multiple properties similar to the potential benefits of the other colors. They may decrease melanin levels and even skin tone. 

The properties of the green lights are, in fact, a summary of the benefits we mentioned above. They may calm your skin, reduce redness and inflammation, and treat age spots, wrinkles, and freckles. 

How to use

This LED mask is very easy to use. First, you have to clean your face and remove all makeup. You can apply cream, sheet mask, face serum, or other face products, or simply place the mask on a dry face. The treatment should last for 15 minutes.

The company suggests to its customers three to five treatments per week. However, it also advises reducing the number of treatments to one to two times a week once you see results. 

Note: If you had injections, such as Botox or fillers, you should wait for at least two weeks before using the LED mask to avoid damage to the fillers.


  • Experienced company
  • Medical-grade device for face care
  • 190 narrow-spectrum chips
  • Red, green, and blue laser lights
  • It comes with protective goggles
  • A one-year warranty


  • For some users is heavy and uncomfortable

2. NewKey – LED Light Face Mask

NEWKEY Red Light Therapy Mask for Face Wrinkles, 7 LED...
142 Reviews
NEWKEY Red Light Therapy Mask for Face Wrinkles, 7 LED...
  • Erase the signs of aging wrinkles with red light therapy mask for face.Textual changes to skin,fine lines deepen, dark spots appear and skin...
  • Red light therapy for face wrinkle utilized the same technology via the dermatologist, goes above and beyond to achieve better and faster...
  • Treat yourself to NEWKEY red light face mask backed by science! In 20 minutes of 3~5 times a week,9 out of 10 subjects experienced improved...

NewKey is a top-notch company that manufactures and sells LED masks for facial treatments. The company is rather new, having only been founded in 2017.

However, the team that stands behind the brand was devoted to its mission to create a top-notch LED device that can change the lives of a lot of people.

Luckily, dreams do come true with hard work, devotion, and knowledge. Today, the device produced by NewKey is often considered the best red light therapy mask on the international market.


The face mask produced by NewKey has fantastic properties thanks to its structure and features. 

The product is made with 150 non-heat LED bulbs that can effectively emit laser light and, thus, may provide a quality skin treatment.

The mask produces laser lights in seven colors. Each color has properties that may be very beneficial for your face. 

Due to its quality, the mask is suitable for all skin types and may help with sorting out multiple skin conditions, such as acne, redness, inflammation, wrinkles, oily T-zone, and other problems.

The mask may stimulate the skin and activate deep cells by using photodynamic theory. If it manages to activate your deep cells and stimulates collagen production, you may enjoy softer, calmer, and clearer skin within weeks.

Furthermore, the device may penetrate through three skin layers, including the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue, through non-invasive technology. Of course, each of the lights has its effects, and that’s why you can use the color you prefer.

LED light therapy

As we said, NewKey offers an LLLT device that can produce seven colors of LED lights.

Blue lights

These lights are a bit darker than the previous ones we discussed. They may fight acne and imperfections produced by acne. 

Moreover, they may help you reduce or eliminate inflammation from your skin. These lights may also tighten up the skin to look younger.

Green and yellow lights

These lights may have calming effects. They may help your skin by giving a smooth feeling that may make your face gentle and soft to the touch. 

According to the company, both lights have the same effects, and they penetrate the epidermis and the dermis of the skin.

Purple lights

These lights may be very beneficial for both your skin and health. The purples may produce calming and relaxing effects and, thus, may relax the skin layers. 

The company claims, they may even improve lymph metabolism, which can be beneficial for your overall health.

Red lights

As you already know, the red lights are responsible for keeping the collagen right on track. Collagen is essential for the youthfulness and health of the skin. These lights may stimulate collagen production. 

However, they may also boost the blood flow, which will eventually lead to a higher level of oxygen and nutrients in the skin.

White lights

The white lights can penetrate the deepest into the skin. These lights have excellent properties. They may tighten skin at its base and heal acne, as well as clear and heal sun damage and reduce inflammation. 

How to use

You should first wash your face thoroughly when you want to use the LED mask. If you wear any makeup, you should remove it altogether. The mask is convenient to use and comes with a remote.

You can choose one specific color or have a treatment with all colors. Then, you should lie down and leave the mask for around 20 minutes. The company recommends three to four treatments a week for visible results.


  • Reliable manufacturer
  • High-grade materials
  • Mask with seven colors of lights
  • A one-year warranty
  • 150 LED bulbs


  • Not suitable for 220 volts without a converter

3. Houzzi – LED Light Face Mask

Houzzi LED-Face-Mask- Red & Blue Light Therapy Facial...
  • 【Led Face Mask for Skin Care】Using the controller to preset the treatment color, duration and light intensity of each skin to levels 1-5...
  • 【7 Color LED Mask】Red Light Increase Blood Circulation Blue Light Calms and Tightens Skin,Green Light Improve Pigmentation,Yellow Light...
  • 【Comfort & Safety】Lightweight 0.66 lb, led mask and pad keep a comfortable face from light and blurred vision,which helped a lot for...

Houzzi is yet another young manufacturer who took the skin-care industry by storm. It was founded a few years ago. However, it has provided products of such quality that even exceeded the selling records of some more experienced manufacturers.

We believe that the secret of Houzzi’s success lies in the company’s experienced team that showed true knowledge and expertise in creating premium-quality items. 

The products are made from durable and quality materials, which is why many customers are delighted with the company’s work.

Houzzi offers a comprehensive product collection, including facial masks, hairdryer comb attachments, and beauty and personal care products.

The company has positively impacted the lives of numerous customers thanks to the quality of its products.

According to the customer reviews, people are very pleased with the effects of the 7-colored LED mask, hair regrowth laser device, hair removal laser device, and facial LED massager produced by this company.


The light therapy face mask created by Houzzi produces seven colors of light to help your skin look younger, smoother, and gentler. 

Even though the company says that customers should use the device for several weeks to see if the product works, many people reported positive experiences, saying that they have seen visible results within the first two weeks of usage.

Besides using the latest low-level light therapy technology with seven light colors, this device has another fantastic feature. It comes with an additional part that can be attached to the face mask for light therapy on your neck.

Thanks to its multicolored lights, Houzzi face masks can penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. This device may help you refresh your face, reduce impurities and inflammation, and slow down skin aging.

LED light therapy
Red lights

You’re already familiar with the potential benefits of the red lights. As we discussed in the previous reviews, these lights may improve blood flow and, thus, boost nutrient and oxygen levels in the skin. They’re also a potential stimulator of collagen production.

Blue lights

Houzzi’s face mask also includes blue lights. They may impact your skin and produce calming effects. They may even tighten up your skin which will make it look younger.

Green lights

These lights are responsible for improving pigmentation by inhibiting the formation of the melanin pigment. 

Therefore, you can use these lights if you have color imperfections or if you want to even every part of the skin on your face.

Yellow lights

Similar to the blue lights, these lights are supposed to bring calmness to your skin. They may reduce pigmentation and help your skin become smoother and gentler.

Purple lights

Purple lights may have multiple benefits for your skin. However, the most important ones include lymph metabolism improvement and the production of relaxing effects.

Cyanine lights

Houzzi’s face mask has another set of lights that may produce soothing effects. These lights may even help with allergies and the blemishes they can leave on your face.

White lights

Lastly, this device contains new white lights that have anti-aging purposes. The white lights can penetrate the skin the deepest, which may stimulate multiple activities to renew the tissue and help it look younger.

How to use

Like the other devices we reviewed in this article, Houzzi’s face mask is also convenient and easy to use. 

Before starting your treatment, you’ll have to clean and dry your face. You can use serums or creams, but night creams are not recommended during the treatment.

The product comes with a remote where you can choose the light therapy you want to use and set the timer. The recommended treatment frequency is three to four treatments a week, with each treatment lasting around 15-20 minutes.

However, this may vary depending on your needs and preferences. For instance, if you want to reduce wrinkles and smooth down your face, you should try the red lights and use them for around 25 minutes, four to six times a week.

This product comes with an additional part for neck treatments. You can easily connect the part to your face mask and enjoy the benefits.

However, you should know that the neck attachment will emit the same lights you have chosen on the face mask.


  • Quality and durable materials
  • Numerous satisfied customers
  • A one-year warranty
  • Additional device for neck treatments


  • Information about the manufacturer is hard to find

4. NewKey7 – LED Light Face Mask

NEWKEY Blue Light Therapy for Acne,7 Colors LED Face...
  • Fed up of acne,dull skin? NEWKEY red blue light therapy mask for face, a natural treatment that utilizes the same technology via the...
  • Clear acne, and restore healthier complexion with blue light mask back by science! T-zone’s on face seem less oily & pores look smaller &...
  • Reveal a woman’s beauty and enhance natural skin with grace using blue light therapy mask. Prepping the skin with led facial mask with...

Remember NewKey? We introduced and reviewed one of the company’s products earlier in our article. Many people consider the mask we reviewed the best red light therapy mask for acne.

However, this company has multiple other products, including another red light therapy mask that may smooth down wrinkles, tighten the skin, and produce anti-aging effects. 

Given that numerous customers are delighted with this anti-aging device by NewKey, we decided to research it, and we concluded that this mask is an excellent choice for rejuvenation.


Like the previous NewKey face mask we reviewed, this device also uses PDT technology and seven colors of lights.

While the previous mask was suitable for treating acne and imperfections resulting from acne, this device may be an excellent choice for rejuvenation, skin tightening, and anti-aging treatment.

This device also uses 150 LEDs that emit multicolored light therapy. However, unlike the previous mask, this device has an automatic timer, which will shut down the lights after the treatment.

We’ll not talk about the potential benefits of using a different light color because we discussed them above. Instead, we’ll talk about how the mask works and the rejuvenation process.

LED light therapy

According to the company, the anti-aging mask may be suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Even though each individual is different, you may see initial results within the first months. 

Of course, you’ll have to use the mask regularly, and within four months, you may notice skin brightening and tightening.


This mask is supposed to change the appearance of your skin by reducing its aging. The treatments may result in smoother wrinkles and lines. Also, the red lights may diminish pigmentation, brighten skin, and even skin tone.

Furthermore, this device may lift your skin, stimulate collagen production, and, thus, enhance elasticity and radiance. Around 34% of the customers enjoyed anti-aging benefits within the first two months.

Clean skin

This red light therapy face mask may influence your skin in multiple ways. Besides smoothing wrinkles, the mask may also shrink the pores. 

You may also experience reduced redness and itchiness, among the other benefits. This mask may help your skin feel younger and smoother.

Furthermore, if you’re struggling with acne, the device may help you clean them thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

After clearing your face, the mask may also prevent breakouts and inflammation in the future.

How to use

You can use this non-invasive face treatment from the comfort of your home the same way we already discussed.

You should remove makeup, clean your face, and use the mask for 10-20 minutes. The company recommends treatments three to five times a week.

As we mentioned, the device has an auto shut-off feature, which will protect you from over-exposing your face unintentionally.

Additionally, the mask interior has rubbery padding placed around the eyes. This feature is supposed to keep distance between you and the lights so that they don’t rest directly on your face. 

Besides the auto shut-off option, you’ll also get a remote with simple instructions to set your preferable treatment and time.


  • Trustworthy manufacturer
  • 150 LEDs
  • A one-year warranty


  • Some customers reported blurry vision

5. NewWay – Red Light Face Mask

The last red light therapy face mask we’ll review is the NewWay device. We selected this manufacturer because it works by high industry standards and has a large base of satisfied customers.

The company offers a comprehensive collection of products. You can buy various items that work with high frequency for skin and hair care. 

However, you can also find other products, such as facial brushes, sterilizers, toothbrush cases, facial steamers, body brushes, etc.

The company works with quality materials and utilizes the latest technology to create its products. 

According to customer reviews, NewWay high and low-frequency devices are some of the best products on the market.


The face mask by NewWay uses 165 medical-grade beads that emit lights in three colors. The device uses low-level light therapy that has been cleared by the FDA. 

Furthermore, the device is lightweight, adjustable, and suitable for all skin types.

LED light therapy
Red lights

NewWay uses red lights with a wave of 630.3nm. These lights have multiple properties. They may help your skin rejuvenate, and they’re supposed to slow down the aging of the skin.

Blue lights

The blue lights emitted by the device may help with the skin tone. They may be very beneficial for cleaning the skin and evening the tone. 

Additionally, blue lights may have anti-inflammatory effects and, thus, help with acne.

Green lights

Lastly, the green lights may reduce the production of melanin. They also may have calming effects and help your skin feel and look smoother and brighter. 

These lights may shrink the size of your pores, making your skin younger.

How to use

This face mask doesn’t include a remote controller and cords. You can wear it while doing other activities because it is rechargeable and it requires a USB to charge.

Instead of a remote, the mask has only one button, which you can use to change the treatment mode.

Before the treatment, you should thoroughly clean your face and completely remove the makeup. You can apply lotions or a moisturizer before putting on the mask if you want. 

Also, you can use one of those paper face masks under this device. However, keep in mind that night creams are not recommended during the treatment.

The mask will automatically stop working after eight minutes, and you should restart it again. According to the company, you should do 16-minute treatments three to five times a week.

Additionally, this mask doesn’t have two small holes for the eyes. It has an open horizontal eye area, which will not limit your vision. The device is very lightweight, with an adjustable elastic strap to fit every head size.

It is important to note that the device comes with a silicone sheet on the eyes that prevents the mask from pressuring your face. 

Moreover, the silicon cushion is embedded into the mask, meaning you won’t have to use eye protection.


  • Easy to use
  • Light therapy in three colors
  • 165 medical beads
  • Lightweight mask with silicone cushion


  • The warranty and the refund policy are not very clear
  • Customer support is available only via email or Facebook
RLT face mask


Factors to Consider When Buying RLT Face Mask

We believe you have already found the best red light therapy mask in our review section. However, if you’re unsure whether to do LLLT treatments or how to do them, we may help you sort things out. 

Also, we have several recommendations for you to consider before buying the device.

For starters, you should know that LLLT is generally considered safe because it provides non-invasive, toxin-free beauty treatments. 

On the other hand, this therapy can’t solve your problems overnight. It requires patience, commitment, and continuity.

Furthermore, we recommend you consider the LED colors. You should know that each color has its properties and, thus, potential benefits.

While the red lights may plump your skin and reduce wrinkles, the blue lights may fight acne and produce calming effects. 

We think that all colors are beneficial, and that’s why we suggest you buy a device that can emit multiple lights, like the devices we reviewed.

Additionally, we suggest you research the device’s features before buying it. Check how many LED bulbs it contains, whether it has a remote controller, and how much it weighs. 

Also, it’s good to check whether it has a US plug, especially if you live in another country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which LED color is for wrinkles?

If you want to use the anti-aging properties of LED face masks, you should do treatments with red lights. They can penetrate multiple skin layers. 

The results so far show that the red lights may improve your skin, especially if it suffers from aging changes.

In addition, the red lights are supposed to promote rejuvenation and stimulate collagen production. Thus, they may help smooth the skin and make it look younger.

Are LED masks safe to use?

Low-level light therapy has been studied for years, and many studies prove its safety. Many scientists believe that LLLT may be beneficial for multiple health purposes.

The face masks that emit LED lights are considered safe to use in general as they’re not invasive and don’t contaminate the skin with toxins. 

However, like with every other beauty device, it’s best to purchase a face mask from a verified place. Also, you should immediately consult a doctor if something strange or bad happens to your skin.

Should you buy a face mask with one or multiple colors?

If you need the properties and potential benefits provided by one color, you can buy a one-color mask. 

However, keep in mind that all lights have their own properties. Those potential benefits, such as calming effects, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, stimulation of collagen production, shrinking pores, and soothing redness, can be good for you. 

So, since you have decided to buy a mask, we recommend choosing a multicolored one.


Our research showed that the LED masks provided by Aphrona, NewKey, Houzzi, and NewWay might help you eliminate skin imperfections and fall in love with your new, smooth, and gentle skin. 

Most customers are delighted with the effects and highly recommend these devices to other people.

We hope you have found the best red light therapy mask for you. Keep in mind that you have to be patient and committed to increasing your chances for faster and better results.

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