Is Red Light Therapy Safe for Dark Skin?

It is well-known that red light therapy might be safe and beneficial regardless of skin type, but what about skin color? Is red light therapy safe for dark skin? Using a red light therapy device properly might help us cure certain skin conditions and rejuvenate the skin, making it healthier and clearer of skin incorrections.

It is normal to be concerned about the safety of using red light therapy. So, if you are dark-skinned and interested in appointing a red light therapy treatment, you should check this article to discover the answer and clear your doubts.

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Is Red Light Therapy Safe for Dark Skin?


Is Red Light Therapy Safe for Dark Skin?

Red light therapy is safe for dark skin and all other skin types and colors when the person who does the RLT treatment uses the device for no longer than 20 minutes and keeps the recommended distance from it. You should keep the recommended distance of 6 to 12 inches from the red light therapy device.

You can feel safe using the red light therapy device if you follow the recommended RLT treatment duration and distance.

If you use a red light therapy face mask, you must wear protective goggles because the red light might be dangerous for the eyes. The protective goggles are also part of the safety measures of using a red light therapy device.

Dark skin might be peculiar because of multiple reasons. Firstly, black-tanned people have a huge difference in melanin production in the body, which makes their skin color more resistant to UV rays. But on the other side, red light rays are free of UV rays and would not affect the skin as UV does.

Secondly, dark skin is exposed to ashiness, keloids, vitiligo, and flesh moles more than fair skin. It is okay to be concerned about the safety of red light therapy since the skin might be sensitive to different rays.

Positive reviews

There are no reasons to be worried about RLT since there are a lot of positive reviews and studies about the benefits of red light therapy. The statements are not solidly proven, but many studies have shown a possible positive effect of practicing red light therapy multiple times a week.

Red light therapy has a long wavelength that might penetrate from 5 mm to 10 mm under the skin. The red light wavelengths might activate the cells and tissues under the skin, possibly making them more active and energetic.

The greater the energy, the faster the blood flow and nutrient delivery. The rayed areas might receive better quantities of nutrients, which might be beneficial for skin elasticity, sebum production reduction, wrinkle removal, skin damage improvement, etc.

Risks and Benefits

The red light therapy might get dangerous if you overuse the device. Generally, the red light therapy device does not produce heat, but the LEDs on the device might get hot if the device is on for longer than 20 minutes.

Standing too close to the red light therapy device might also be dangerous because of the possibility of a wire breaking up, touching the skin, and burning the area.

The danger of red light therapy devices can be from the device itself or a defect or damage from misuse and overuse.

Generally, the red light rays are not dangerous, but it is not recommended to use a red light device for longer than 20 minutes per session.

Risks and Benefits


Possible positive effects

Many dermatologists and cosmeticians might recommend red light therapy because of the positive effects it might provide on the skin.

Skin color does not affect the effectiveness of red light therapy because red light devices produce non-invasive light that is not dangerous, neither for dark nor light skin. So, here are some of the most common benefits that red light therapy might provide for the skin:

It might help scar and wound healing

Some studies have shown that red light might impact skin recovery through the photobiological response. The red light might stimulate collagen production, which promotes tissue regeneration and repair.

It might contribute to pigmentation balance

Red light therapy has possibly impacted hyperpigmentation reduction in some cases and studies. Combined with proper skincare products, sunscreen lotions, and hyperpigmentation treatments, red light therapy might help people equalize their skin tone. 

This is because RLT might impact melanin production and reduce it in places with excess melanin concentration.

It might contribute to fewer wrinkles

Wrinkles appear because of collagen and elastin breakdown. This is a normal process that happens with aging. But, some studies have shown that red light therapy might improve collagen production and restore the skin’s elasticity, which means fewer wrinkles and more smoothness.

It might contribute to less acne and sebum

Darker skin is more prone to acne and skin disorders. Red light might help in this case since it might control sebum production by controlling the activity of the sebaceous gland. Proper sebum production makes the skin glowy but not oily. Also, red light might kill the skin bacteria that cause acne.

However, the efficiency of red light therapy is still not 100% proven, but there are good signs that point out the RLT’s effectiveness for many skin conditions and damages.


Ultimately, is red light therapy safe for dark skin? Skin color does not play a significant role in RLT safety, but dark skin has a different texture and is prone to different skin disorders.

Light or dark, the skin color does not impact the red light therapy effects. We can say that adequately using a red light therapy device might be safe and beneficial for all skin colors and types. People with dark skin can enjoy the RLT treatments like everyone else.

Remember, you should always consult with a professional before utilizing any such light therapy for your overall health!

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