How to Use Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy

Maybe you have heard of Beauty Angel red light therapy and want to go to a salon but hesitate as you don’t know how to use it. No worries, you will discover everything about the beauty shaper.

We believe after reading this article, you will even teach your friends how to use Beauty Angel red light therapy for total body enhancement, anti-aging, sun tanning, etc.

Let’s dive in!

How to Use Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy

The Beauty Angel does not emit UV Light even though it resembles a tanning booth. It is a full-body collagen stimulator with specialized red lights calibrated at 633 nm.

It has been clinically demonstrated to stimulate fibroblasts to manufacture collagen, boost elastin, and improve the cellular matrix of your skin.

To help your skin regain its youthful glow, Beauty Angel works to possibly “turn back” the clock in your body. Here is how you can use it:

  1. Remove all of your clothing, jewelry, and piercing; the light only works if it can penetrate your skin.
  2. Your skin should be clean, so no makeup or lotions.
  3. Press the “On” button, and it will start.

Keep in mind that there is a 300-pound weight limit on the viable shape platform.

Navigating the control panel

Use the “Directional arrows” to choose the programs and the “Plus” and “Minus” to select the volume or similar features in the programs. Although the vibration platform goes to level four, we recommend using level one if you are a beginner.

The vibration platform and red light therapy can be used simultaneously, but you should know that you can also use them independently.

Press the “Left arrow” twice for the Vibra shape and adjust the volume. If you like to put the fans on, then choose the “Right arrow” two times and adjust. 

Don’t forget to put your feet on the tiny feet drawn on the mat. Slightly bend your knees, make sure your chest is lifted, and your spine is nice and balanced. This way, you can shake up all that stress.

How Does Beauty Angel Work?

You expose your body to 30 lights concurrently emitting red light. The Beauty Angel uses vibrations with a frequency of roughly 24 Hz. This frequency is higher than the average vibration platform, which operates at 18 Hz.

Moreover, Beauty Angel uses a three-step process to produce the desired outcome.

  1. The first step is powered, platform-based therapeutic massage, muscle stimulation, and exercise technology.
  2. The second step is red light energy for the whole body.
  3. The third step is specialized skin care formulations with pro-collagen. Aloe and vitamins are combined for skin hydration and maximum skin moisturization.

A recommended treatment consists of two to three 12-minute sessions per week over approximately 90 days.

What are the different programs?

There are four distinct programs in this machine, ranging in intensity from low to high, as well as a mixed-intensity program:

  • Feel great: This program uses the lowest impact of vibration frequency out of the four. It may promote muscle relaxation and flexibility.
  • Medium-intensity program: Beginners will benefit significantly from this. It uses medium-frequency vibration and massage technologies to possibly aid muscle toning through alternating movements.
  • Cross-training: This high-intensity program best suits athletes or workout lovers with more substantial expertise. Performing more vigorous movements may aid in strengthening the muscles.
  • Multi-level: To help tighten and tone the various muscle groups, multi-level uses a variety of frequency intensities.
Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy


Why Should You Choose Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy?

Beauty Angel Red light emits energy with non-UV wavelengths of 633 nm. By doing this, the body’s natural photo-rejuvenation process is triggered.

You may improve the appearance of your skin as a result, including the reduction of wrinkles, scars, redness, and acne, as well as the tightening of sagging skin, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Great cooling system

Depending on your sensitivity, a red light may seem warm or scorching. It’s good that this machine has a ventilation and cooling system installed. The fans will keep you comfortable and relaxed.

The ventilation system will also ensure that there is enough air inside for the duration of the treatment.

Spacious interior

In addition to being adequately ventilated, the machine’s roomy interior increases user comfort. 

Compatible with MP3 players

The machine’s ability to be used with phones and MP3 players could further increase user comfort. Throughout your treatment, you are free to listen to any music you like. 

As a result, the procedure is more enjoyable.

Short treatment sessions

The average length of a treatment session is 12 minutes. It is fantastic news for people with little free time to spend at the spa, gym, or salon. 

Undoubtedly, you have 12 minutes to spare for a therapy session to aid your body’s recovery.

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Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy


Can You Use Beauty Angel Every Day?

Total body enhancement is generally available whenever you want. The best time to utilize the product is specified clearly, though. 

According to the manufacturer, Beauty Angel should be used for 12 minutes, two to three times per week for 90 days, with a 24-hour break between sessions.

Do you need to protect your eyes?

It would be best to keep your eyes closed throughout the procedure due to the intense light. You can make the process more comfortable if you wear sunglasses.

Does the Beauty Angel Burn Calories?

We already know that the red light from the Beauty Angel may energize your cells, enabling you to carry out more complex exercises and aggressively burn fat and calories. 

Red light may also help maintain the body’s muscles.


With daily use, you may begin to feel more energized and happier within one to two weeks. Many patients find that light treatment may provide results more quickly.

You may initially notice that fine wrinkles start to fade, your skin feels much smoother, the pigmentation of your skin starts to balance out, and any pimples or acne start to fade after four weeks.

So, we hope now you know how to use beauty angel red light therapy and are ready for your first session.

Happy stress relief!

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