How Much Weight Can You Lose With Red Light Therapy

In recent years, red light therapy has shown itself very promising for weight loss. Many people have turned to these therapy with low wavelength red light as a fat-removal treatment, as there are numerous claims that people have seen promising and positive body sculpting results with RLT.

So, how much weight can you lose with red light therapy?

Whether your goal is to get that summer body free of cellulite, improve your health, or both, red light therapy can finally be your chance to feel confident in your body.

This article will focus on the benefits of RLT on weight loss, what it does, and how it works. Let’s get to it!

What Exactly Is Red Light Therapy?


What Exactly Is Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a non-surgical procedure that may remove stubborn fat you couldn’t remove with fat loss diets or exercise. Although the process isn’t invasive, it’s still performed in a doctor’s office.

It involves a low-irradiance laser that emits red, blue, and infrared light. The laser emits its wavelengths in your skin at a depth of around 2.5-5cm, targeting the fat layers under your skin. Research shows that this procedure may break down parts of the cell membrane. As a result, fat cells drain, shrink, and might be extracted through the body’s natural waste removal process.

Board-certified dermatologists or plastic surgeons perform this procedure. When you start red light therapy, you will discuss the treatment areas with the doctor in question. After a thorough discussion, you will begin with the treatment. 

The procedure may last from 10 minutes to 40 minutes, and to get the desired results, you need to go to at least six sessions. The best thing is that you can resume your lifestyle right after a session. However, doctors may encourage you to eat a healthy diet and exercise. 

How Much Weight Can You Lose With Red Light Therapy

We must admit that there are still a few studies on the subject. However, more and more research and positive client testimonials show that red light therapy removes fat and cellulite from the body while using red light therapy devices for cellulite. Regardless, multiple health professionals are skeptical about whether red light therapy is effective. 

Some studies demonstrate how much the body has shrunk from red light therapy during specific periods. For example, during six weeks, the waist reduction of people participating in a trial was 2.5cm.

In contrast, another group of individuals that have received six red light therapy treatments during a two-week course has lost more, or to be precise, around 8.9cm from their abdomen, hips, and thighs. 

Another trial that confirms the advantage of red light therapy is a study performed in a US clinic. People lost 2.8cm from their waist, 2cm from their hips, and 3cm from their thighs. All this happened for two weeks. 

Nevertheless, these studies lack consistency, and red light therapy might show different results depending on the person. 

The correct amount of weight loss that can be expected is still unclear. Still, these examples show that red light therapy can have its benefits. 

What to expect from a red light therapy treatment?

If how much weight can you lose with red light therapy is still on your mind, there are a few things to expect from the treatment.

As we mentioned, you can choose between certain body areas you want to target or decide on a whole-body treatment. All this is discussed in the clinic you pick, depending on your objectives. The primary advice for weight loss with red light therapy is to select complete body treatment rather than specific body areas. 

It’s best to wait around one to two weeks between sessions, and if six of them aren’t enough, you can prolong the treatment for up to eight or 10 sessions. 

The sessions are very comfortable; all you have to do is lay down and wear protective goggles on your eyes to prevent eye dryness that might lead to headaches. The red light panels will warm up your body, and all you have to do is relax and absorb the lights.


Potential Downsides of Using RLT for Weight Loss

Even though we can clearly see the benefits of RLT regarding weight loss, there are still some downsides that people need to be aware of.


The main downside of red light therapy is that it can be a bit pricey. The approximate cost of a six sessions treatment varies from $2000 to $4000, depending on the clinic.

We must admit that this amount of money is less affordable for people, and many skip this kind of therapy because of its high expenses. 

Adverse effects

Although red light therapy is pretty safe, and there are little to no side effects reported, this procedure has shown specific side effects in some people. 

In detail, a few participants in the studies reported skin damage. Rest assured, because this is an infrequent adverse effect. Yet, always discuss the potential risks with your healthcare practitioner before laying down for red light therapy.

How Much Weight Can You Lose With Red Light Therapy


It may not work for you

The results from red light therapy vary. Many people have felt the benefits and noticed their bodies shrank. However, others didn’t feel any noticeable results. But, how much weight can you lose with red light therapy depends on the person’s healthy habits and physique. RLT when combined with a healthy lifestyle, can significantly reduce weight and get rid of excess, stubborn fat like cellulite.

The Bottom Line

According to our research, red light therapy has shown positive results for numerous people; however, the results from studies are limited and aren’t enough to make explicit claims. 

If you fancy losing weight with red light therapy and are ready to give it a chance, we always recommend that you do and see the results yourself. An RLT combined with exercising and a healthy diet can do wonders for your body, normally as much as the body allows.

Now that you have a brief idea of how much weight can you lose with red light therapy, it’s time to book your treatment with a qualified professional.

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