Does Red Light Therapy Help Lyme Disease?

With red light therapy’s popularity, people started being interested if they may use it for Lyme disease and, if it does, how to do it correctly. So, does red light therapy help Lyme disease?

Don’t worry; with this ultimate guide, you can discover everything about it. Also, you must be aware of a few essential factors and indications before trying red light therapy to help with Lyme disease, so be sure to keep reading.

That way, you will be able to gather the needed knowledge, use this therapy as efficiently as possible, and benefit from it most, whether for period cramps, oral health, anti-aging, etc.

Without any further ado, let’s start!

Does Red Light Therapy Help Lyme Disease?

Does Red Light Therapy Help Lyme Disease?

After people started seeing the possible benefits this therapy has in treating many different health conditions, it is only natural they started wondering many things.

Unfortunately, as this therapy is not very old, there are not many published studies that scientifically confirm or deny its properties in treating Lyme disease.

On the bright side, many independent studies, experiments, and research have been done regarding red light therapy and Lyme disease, and we must agree that the results are promising.

Keep in mind that these studies have been performed and done by professionals, doctors, and experts that studied the effects of red light therapy for many years.

From the reviews of the publications, we can conclude that in most cases where Lyme disease was treated with red light therapy, there has been significant improvement in this disease’s symptoms, especially regarding the inflammation caused by it.

Additional information

In another study, researchers have proven that thanks to photobiomodulation (PMB) that uses red or near-infrared light with wavelengths ranging between 630nm and 900nm, there has been beneficial alleviating of the inflammatory symptoms of many disorders, including Lyme disease.

From the experiments, we can clearly see that red light therapy may help Lyme disease by decreasing the severity of its symptoms and making people feel more energized and vital.

Is Infrared Sauna Good for Lyme Disease?

The infrared sauna may be one of the most effective ways to use red light therapy to help Lyme disease. Thanks to the fact that these saunas get rid of the body’s toxins in the fastest and most efficient ways possible, it is no wonder that they may make miracles in treating and easing Lyme disease’s symptoms.

As you already know, the body’s toxins are expelled through the process of sweating. When it comes to Lyme disease, the toxins accumulate in the fatty tissues, specifically in the body’s fat cells.

Thankfully, with the help of infrared saunas, they may get rid of all those accumulated toxins through sweating and, most importantly, in a healthy, non-invasive, and safe way.

Compared to traditional saunas, infrared saunas may eliminate much more toxins than infrared light, which can penetrate much deeper into the skin’s layers, reaching the muscles and bones.

Besides getting rid of the toxins, regular use of these infrared saunas may also improve your overall well-being and make you feel more energized and vital. Some studies have shown that infrared light may boost your immune system and reduce inflammation.

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Can Red Light Therapy Reduce Inflammation Caused by Lyme Disease?

Can Red Light Therapy Reduce Inflammation Caused by Lyme Disease?

As inflammation caused by Lyme disease is not just a symptom but a complex process, it can sometimes be really hard to treat completely.

Therefore, when you start noticing the symptoms like swelling, pain, heat, loss of function, and redness, the best thing you can do is act immediately as many times. If left untreated, the Lyme disease inflammation can get only worse.

If you want to try treating the inflammation naturally, red light therapy may be the best method. As many studies have shown how red light therapy successfully treated inflammation, you really have nothing to lose.

The way that red light therapy may decrease inflammation is the following. When the red light comes in touch with your skin, it penetrates its deepest levels, even reaching the muscles and bones. When the red light penetrates the cell, it may activate the work of the mitochondria, also known as the powerhouse, and stimulate it to produce more ATP. 

If you were unfamiliar with the term, ATP is the natural energy your body produces and is essential in the efficient work of the cells and in producing nitric oxide. Nitric oxide may promote better blood flow, therefore, reducing inflammation.

How Long Does It Take for Red Light Therapy to Work?

Considering that all of you are different, it takes different amounts of time to see the results of red light therapy. The severity of the condition, overall well-being, age, and many other essential factors play an important role in the amount of time needed for you to notice results. 

Some people have reported the first results in a month or three to four red light therapy sessions, and others have reported seeing results after four to six months.

The best thing you can do to notice even the earliest results is to start a daily journal to write down your symptoms daily. So, when you look back and compare the days, you will see exactly when the improvement has begun.

Also, remember that red light therapy is not a miracle cure, so be patient and, most importantly, be consistent with the red light therapy sessions as an addition to the prescribed therapy you take.


Does red light therapy help Lyme disease? Although more research needs to be done, the studies so far are promising, and many cases have been noted where red light therapy possibly helped reduce Lyme disease symptoms.

While red light therapy might not eliminate the disease itself, it may provide major relief and lessen the effects of this unfortunate disease.

By learning about the mechanism of work of red light therapy and by finding out what you can do to notice results best, you are fully equipped with the essential knowledge you need to have so that you battle this disease efficiently and successfully.

Keep in mind to consult with your doctor before deciding to try anything. We wish you a quick recovery!

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