Does Red Light Nasal Therapy Work?

Is it possible for red light therapy to help treat nose problems? Nowadays, nasal problems are among the most common health issues many people face. Red light treatments seem to be quite a popular choice for many people when treating nasal health issues. So, does red light nasal therapy works for treating a sinus infection, or is RLT only known for its anti-aging properties?

Let’s find out together!

Does Red Light Nasal Therapy Work


Does Red Light Nasal Therapy Work?

Red light nasal therapy is a treatment in which a specific narrow-bend red light is used to illuminate the nasal mucus. During the treatment, the red light is typically adjusted at 660 nanometers.

Furthermore, the red light might stimulate the rejuvenation of the cells. In addition, it might also stimulate mitochondria, which are considered their powerhouse. Therefore, the cells might produce more energy. By having more energy, the body might handle health issues more efficiently.

Red light nasal therapy is usually used to treat patients with common nasal diseases. So, it might help reduce symptoms of allergic rhinitis and nasal polyposis. Therefore, this treatment might relieve sneezing, runny nose, and itchy and watery eyes.

In addition, it might increase blood circulation in the nasal tissues and repair local blood capillaries. Moreover, it might reduce nasal congestion and enhance local oxygen saturation. Also, it might strengthen the detoxification ability of the nasal mucosa.

Besides, it is a non-invasive treatment. Therefore, it might be just the solution you are looking for. So, now that you know does red light nasal therapy work, learn how to do it in the comfort of your home.

How to do red light nasal therapy at home

Since red light nasal therapy is generally safe and non-invasive, you can easily do it at home. For that matter, you should purchase a red light intranasal device. It is also known as red light nose probes.

Moreover, they are very easy to use. Put the nasal probes inside your nose. Then, push them as far as you comfortably feel; be careful not to injure yourself. Next, press the large button on the unit. By this, the treatment cycle will begin.

Regarding the duration of the treatment, each cycle should last approximately three minutes. You don’t have to set up a timer because the device will automatically shut off when the cycle ends. This makes the device very convenient for usage.

You can perform red light nasal therapy at home from twice a day to twice a week, depending on your nasal problem. However, you must take a break from five to six hours between the cycles. So overall, you shouldn’t use the device for more than 15 minutes a day. Also, you can use it up to three times per week.

Possible Side Effects of Red Light Therapy

After learning whether nasal therapy works, you might be eager to try the treatment. As we mentioned, it is safe to do it at home. But, as with any other therapy, it, too, comes with a few possible side effects. Luckily, they only last for a short period.

So after red light therapy, some patients may experience irritability. Furthermore, they might also experience eye strain. This means that there is a chance of getting dry eyes. Mild visual side effects are also not excluded, but they remit instantly.

In addition, some patients may experience sleep disturbances and headaches. To avoid any possible risks, you should follow the instructions for the duration of the treatments.

The point of the treatment is to possibly help you improve the nasal issue you are faced with. Moreover, you must be able to feel relaxed during the entire therapy. Now, let’s see when you should visit a doctor!

When to see a doctor?

Many people face nasal problems. One of this type’s most common health issues includes allergic rhinitis, chronic sinusitis with or without polyps, cerebral spinal fluid leaks, infections, etc.

Typically, their symptoms vary from less to more serious. So, a runny nose and sneezing might go away in a couple of days. However, if they are more serious, they can cause more damage to your health. 

In that case, you shouldn’t perform any at-home therapies, including light treatments. Also, you mustn’t take any medication by yourself. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, visit a doctor as soon as possible:

  • High fever 
  • Nasal discharge in green or yellow color
  • Sinus pain
  • Severe coughing 
  • The symptoms last for more than ten days.


Ultimately, does red light nasal therapy work?

We know that red light treatments have become incredibly popular in the last decade due to their safety and painless treatment.

Besides RLT being known to treat wrinkles, a new treatment has shown effective in treating nasal problems- red light nasal therapy. You can safely do red light nasal therapy at home and possibly get long-term benefits. For that matter, you only have to purchase a proper red-light nasal device.

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