Does Green LED Light Help Headaches?

Lights are crucial for you to maintain ideal health. They are used in the treatment of different physical or mental illnesses, like pain relief, chronic migraine, skin rejuvenation, etc. Besides red light therapy and infrared treatments, there is also green light therapy for many issues.

As the name and color itself imply, it refers to a led light therapy that uses green light. It’s quite popular because of its many possible health benefits. But does green LED light help headaches, that is, migraine patients?

Dive into this article to find it out.

Does Green LED Light Help Headaches?


Does Green LED Light Help Headaches?

Headaches are a common health issue that many people face. You can experience them many times in your life. Its main symptom is pain in the head. The pain can usually be felt in different parts, such as the forehead, the earlobe, the back of the head, etc.

A migraine is usually a one-sided headache. It’s considered to be more severe, and it comes with throbbing pain and nausea. Furthermore, headaches and migraine may lead to increased anxiety and stress.

In addition, patients who suffer from migraines are more sensitive to extreme light, smell, and noise. Therefore lights play an important role in the lives of people suffering from migraines. So, how does green LED light help with headaches? 

During the therapy, doctors use a precise narrow band (520nm +/-10). Specifically adjusted like this, the green light may decrease the patient’s photophobia (light sensibility). This way, controlled exposure to green light helps migraine patients endure more light.

By possibly enduring more light, the throbbing pain and nausea might be reduced to lower levels. The patients can practice green light therapy and, at the same time, enjoy their everyday life.

How Does Green Light Therapy Work?

Green light therapy is a treatment that uses a special lamp that emits green light. The light comes with specific wavelengths. Their aim is to target the cells and the tissues of the body. 

This type of treatment is mostly used for skin conditions. This is simply because the green light closes down the small blood vessels that lie under the skin. So, it may significantly calm the affected skin.

Furthermore, the treatment is non-invasive. This means that you won’t need surgery or medication to use the possible benefits of the green light. It’s recommended to take two or three therapy sessions per week. Each of the sessions should last from 12 to 20 minutes

You can also practice green light therapy in the comfort of your home. In that case, it’s recommended you do a treatment once per week. You may need to use some devices twice a day for 30 to 60 minutes.

After learning how green LED light may help headaches, read to discover its other possible health benefits.

Green LED Lights for Headaches


Other Possible Health Benefits of Green Light Therapy

Green light therapy may improve the quality of your sleep. Therefore, it might help you if you are fighting stress, anxiety, and insomnia. This type of therapy also may relieve your chronic pain.

Additionally, it might help patients who are suffering from fibromyalgia. The green light might reduce their musculoskeletal pain, improve their memory issues, and make them feel less tired.

Besides, the green light may improve your mood, and you might feel more energized. By using green light therapy, you may be able to better manage your stressful lifestyle.

Furthermore, we mentioned that its special wavelengths target the cells and the tissues. So, green light therapy may help you reduce dark circles. It might also improve the skin of broken capillaries and sunspots.

Green light therapy might be effective against rosacea and erythema. Also, this special treatment may calm your irritated skin and make the skin look more youthful.

Lastly, if you have difficulty deciding between RLT and green light therapy, continue reading our article. We have explained it all simply which one is better for headaches.

Red Light Therapy vs. Green Light Therapy

Red light therapy uses low-wavelength red light to treat health conditions. Similar to the green light, it’s mostly used for treating different skin conditions. But which one is better for treating headaches and migraines?

RLT may improve blood flow, and it may increase serotonin levels. This might relieve the severe pain of migraines. However, green light therapy may provide a more powerful effect in reducing photophobia. 

Additionally, reducing photophobia might be crucial for helping patients deal with throbbing migraine pain. Therefore, when it comes to treating headaches and migraines, green light therapy may be a better solution than red light therapy.


Besides red light therapy and infrared treatment, green light therapy is also very popular. The green is naturally considered a calming tone. This type of treatment is used to possibly reduce headaches to minimum levels.

So, does green LED light help headaches? This green light therapy may relieve the throbbing pain of your migraine. This is simply because the soothing glow of the light might make you less sensitive to light.

It might be an ideal solution to help you live a normal life. Remember to consider the instructions to use this light in the best way, following a proper schedule.

Disclaimer: The mentioned possible health benefits of green light therapy included in this article may not apply to all. Every patient is different. If you are considering this type of therapy, you must consult with your doctor first.

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