Can Red Light Therapy Reverse Grey Hair?

Grey hair is frequently perceived as an unavoidable indicator of maturity. While many people enjoy their white and grey hair appearance, others are looking for ways to change it. One of the possible alternatives to avoid premature graying is red light therapy. A laser therapy that uses red wavelengths which affects the scalp.

Even though the process of aging is entirely normal and affects everyone, many people feel more confident without grey hair. So, can red light therapy reverse grey hair?

Well, we are here to provide detailed information regarding infrared therapy. You can also read the essential things you need to know before going for this therapy, as many factors can influence its success in reversing grey hair.

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Can Red Light Therapy Reverse Grey Hair?

People have always struggled with grey hair; thus, grey hair is still a problem that needs to be ‘resolved.’ At least, that’s what many people think. Everyone has their reasons for that, so we researched the Internet to determine whether RLT can help reverse grey hair.

We will try to elaborate on everything we know so far, thanks to the various studies. So, to begin with, there is still no scientifically approved method or device that would reverse grey hair.

However, red light therapy has taken a big part in this issue, and from what we can see, some significant improvements and results have been noted.

Though red light therapy can not reverse grey hair instantly, as with everything in life, continuous use might improve the appearance of the grey hair and slightly slower the greying process. With consistent red light therapies and correct use, there might be some positive and long-lasting impacts on your scalp and hair.

Moreover, as there have not been any major side effects reported from the red light therapy, trying it will not make you lose anything. On the contrary, you might notice an improvement in the overall hair texture and some hair growth, which we will pay attention to later in this article.

Can Red Light Therapy Reverse Grey Hair


Possible hair growth

Whether red light therapy can make hair grow faster, there has been much more research on this topic, and from what we have discovered, there are many positive experiences where people’s hair has grown faster and more luscious than before.

By possibly helping the body to produce more ATP and melanin, there is no wonder that this therapy has shown some results in improved hair growth, reversing grey hair, and making the hair look healthier.

Additionally, red light’s possibility to stimulate certain enzymes that are proven to speed up the cellular process might significantly reduce inflammation and repair damaged cells.

RLT helps hair growth


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How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

To understand how red light therapy might potentially reverse grey hair, we must look at how it works. So, when the red light comes in contact with your skin, thanks to its power, it can penetrate deep under the skin’s layers to the soft tissue and even to the muscles and bones. 

When this light penetrates the cells, it may activate the mitochondria, the cell’s powerhouse, to produce more ATP.

It is the natural energy your body produces and the main energy source for every cell in the body. With the increased level of ATP, the cells become more vital and gain quality; consequently, the tissues and organs themselves gain quality.

Moreover, another chemical may be released, nitric oxide, which might help to increase blood flow, and with increased blood flow, the tissues might heal faster.

This being said, with the positive effects red light has on the body, there are chances that it might potentially reverse grey hair with consistent and regular therapies.


As you know, all bodies are all different. Therefore, you all have different metabolism and physiology, and many other factors contribute to how often a person should do red light therapy.

With this information in mind, you should know there is not one universal rule of how sessions of red light therapy are needed, but that number varies from person to person.

So, before you start with red light therapy, the professional that’s going to do it will ask you some health-related questions that would help them determine the frequency and duration of the red light therapy for your health concern specifically.


Seeing the results is also individual. No one can say how much time you will need until you see the first results. In general, many people have reported that they have seen results after a month or two and others in four to six months.

It mainly depends on the severity of the health condition you are trying to work on, overall health, metabolism, etc.

If you want to make sure that you do not miss the first changes, you can try taking photos once every seven to ten days. Then, when you compare them after some time, you will be able to see what has changed and what has not clearly.

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You could have found the much-anticipated answer on whether red light therapy can reverse grey hair and read some advice from experts on reversing grey hair.

So, can red light therapy reverse grey hair? Besides the fact that we need much more research on whether red light therapy can reverse grey hair, from what we can see so far, red light therapy might have a potential effect and be a viable option for reversing the greying process of the hair. 

Even though the red light therapy sessions will need to be consistent, some possible improvement has been noticed in many people doing the red light therapy for a longer time.

Moreover, we just want to mention that grey hair is not what makes us feel old, but our thoughts and mind. So, if you still feel youthful even in your 70s, nothing can take that away from you, not even your beautiful grey hair.

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