Best Red Light Therapy Device for Weight Loss

Losing weight may be stressful and frustrating, especially if you want fast results. If dieting or exercise isn’t right for you, and you don’t like the bitter taste of weight loss pills, you need the best red light therapy device for weight loss.

Red light therapy has become popular for its numerous health benefits, like helping with excess weight, pain relief, skincare, anti-aging, etc. You may do this with various red light lamps, laser therapy, and other methods and devices.

If we’ve grabbed your attention, you’ll be happy to know that you can now enjoy red light/near-infrared therapy at your home. No more waiting in lines or commuting to the beauty salon, as you can quickly get your device and easily commit to regular therapy sessions.

Still interested in red light therapy for weight loss? Look at our top picks for the best laser therapy devices with red light!

red Light Therapy Device for Weight Loss


Best Red Light Therapy Device for Weight Loss: Reviews

  1. ADVASUN – Red Light Therapy Wrap
  2. LifePro – Red Light Therapy Belt
  3. Scienlodic – Red Light Therapy Wrap
  4. LOVTRAVEL – Red Light Therapy Pad
  5. Anyork – Red Light Therapy Panel

1. ADVASUN – Red Light Therapy Wrap

ADVASUN is one of the top-selling red light therapy suppliers on Amazon. The company specializes in red light therapy devices and features a vast array of different products that may promote better wellness through the healing essence of red light.

The company insists on professionally verified products. All of its red light devices result from extensive research and trials and are rigorously tested to guarantee safety and efficiency. 

Additionally, the devices are ergonomically designed to offer you the ultimate convenience while enjoying the benefits of red light therapy.


ADVASUN’s red light wrap offers a safe and efficient red light therapy for the entire body. It is designed to fit every part of your body. All the materials featured in the design are skin-friendly, so they won’t cause any irritations or rashes while using the device.

The red light therapy device comes with an automated timer that’ll turn off the device after 30 minutes. If you need to customize the duration of your session, there’s also a time controller that’ll allow you to set the timer manually.

Furthermore, ADVASUN’s red light wrap device has two-wavelength settings. You can set it to 850nm invisible light or 660nm deep red light, depending on your target results. 

Thanks to the skin-friendly materials and the customizable wavelength settings, you can use the device several times a day. Moreover, the ADVASUN red light wrap is suitable for all skin types. It is also safe for middle-aged and older adults. 

Many professional athletes have verified the red light therapy device. So, it is the personal choice of athletes, physical therapists, and trainers.

Why do we recommend it?

ADVASUN’s red light wrap device is our first choice when it comes to the best therapy device for weight loss. It is one of the most convenient to use. 

The wrapping device is brilliantly designed to provide full-body support, making it super flexible whether you’re looking to work on your back, buttocks, chest, arms, or other body parts. 

If you find a body part you cannot wrap the device around, you simply spread it across a flat surface and lay on it, and it will do all of its magic.


  • Breathable design that’s gentle on the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Pulse selection option


  • Some users may struggle with the instructions

2. LifePro – Red Light Therapy Belt

Lifepro Red Light Therapy Belt - Near Infrared Light...
  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE INFRARED RED LIGHT THERAPY: No more expensive trips to spas or expensive parlors - now you can feel better within three...
  • TWO INFRARED THERAPY LED SETTINGS: Red Light Therapy is known for its ability to improve skin issues. Near infrared light reaches the deeper...
  • COMFORTABLE, HANDS-FREE DESIGN: The red light therapy belt fits comfortably while you sit, lie down or walk around, leaving your hands free....

LifePro is another top-rated Amazon seller that offers a wide range of impeccable wellness and recovery devices. 

The manufacturer focuses on a holistic approach to wellness and pain relief through the incredible power that technological advancements provide.

When it comes to red light therapy, LifePro offers an array of various products that take advantage of all the benefits of red light. 

The company relies on professional-grade LED light technology that reaches deep inside the tissue and may offer excellent results for weight loss and incredible aid for pain relief and inflammation.


The LifePro lipo belt utilizes the latest LED light technology to help you get the most out of the device. For the ultimate slimming results, red light therapy is topped up with a soothing vibration option that’ll get the stubborn fat moving and may help you get rid of it.

The remarkable lipo belt comes with four different red light modes. It emits red and near-infrared light, which you may use separately or simultaneously for an even better effect. If you want some extra benefit, you can turn on the pulsing mode, which may stimulate collagen production.

Moreover, LifePro’s lipo belt may help you get all the benefits of red light. The therapy belt uses light therapy that may rejuvenate the skin, reach deep into the tissues, and repair damage. Its soothing effect may help you quickly tackle pain from age or injury.

According to the manufacturer, using the device for 15 to 20 minutes every day for three weeks may give you evident results.

Lastly, the lipo belt comes with two charging cables: a USB DC power adapter and an AC wall power adapter, so you can even plug the device into your laptop and enjoy red light therapy anywhere you need to.

Why do we recommend it?

The LifePro lipo belt is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an all-in-one solution that makes the most of red light therapy. 

Whether you need to burn stubborn fat, get soothing pain relief, or rejuvenate your body with the help of red light, the therapy belt may help you get what you need.

According to customer feedback, the lipo belt offers excellent value for money. People claim they’ve noted significant results after only a couple of weeks of use.


  • Automated shutdown timer
  • Lightweight design
  • Compact and hands-free device


  • Often sold out on Amazon

3. Scienlodic – Red Light Therapy Wrap

Scienlodic Large Red Light Therapy Belt for Body - 210...
62 Reviews
Scienlodic Large Red Light Therapy Belt for Body - 210...
  • LARGER COVERAGE - With its generous 21.65*13.77-inch therapy area (equivalent to using 2 smaller belts), the 210-LED large red light therapy...
  • EASY PAIN - This belt ingeniously integrates pulse modes(10Hz, 40Hz, breathing) with red and infrared light modes, providing heightened...
  • PERSONALIZED TIMER - Enjoy flexibility with automatic timing options ranging from 5 to 30 or 60 minutes, allowing you to freely and...

Another best red light therapy device for weight loss is the Scienlodic wrap. It is one of the company’s flagship products and also a top-selling device on Amazon. The manufacturer is well known for its technological inventions and the incredible aids that it may offer.

Scienlodic is a tech innovator that strives to put technology to work and help people live better lives. It offers a wide array of family health products, so if you ever need a health aid beyond red light therapy, you should definitely check out Scienlodic’s store.


Scienlodic’s photon therapy utilizes LED light therapy to help you tackle excess weight with ease. It comes with two-wavelength settings: 660nm and 850nm

The different wavelengths are used to achieve higher or lower penetration based on your preferences and needs. While the 660nm setting may help you reach deep into the tissues, the infrared 850nm option will go even deeper and may provide better results.

The wearable waist wrap offers adjustable brightness. It comes with five different brightness levels, allowing you to regulate the intensity of the therapy with a convenient controller. Brightness changes also cause temperature changes, so you can set up the slimming session to a temperature that fits you best and relax while you may burn fat.

The maximum temperature you can reach is 113 °F (45 °C), which may be ideal for helping you burn fat while maintaining safety. The safe temperature is even convenient for use while sleeping, and the timing function will allow you to set the therapy duration up to 30 seconds to maintain a safe exposure to the red light.

Why do we recommend it?

With the wearable wrap, Scienlodic offers an excellent slimming device. The device has flexible features that allow you to adjust the therapy’s wavelength and brightness. That way, you get a customizable therapy device in the comfort of your home, or anywhere you need one.

You can achieve different heat levels by customizing the settings and setting up a slimming pace that works best for you.

The 660nm setting may help you rejuvenate your skin by stimulating collagen production and promoting cell regeneration.


  • Protective TPU layer
  • A two-year warranty guarantees
  • A total of 105 light beads
  • Convenient for all body parts
  • May be excellent for burning calories


  • Doesn’t have a pulse setting

4. LOVTRAVEL – Red Light Therapy Pad

LOVTRAVEL New 660nm LED Red Light and 850nm Near...
  • 60 Days Refund Policy & 1 Year Full Warranty - If you are not satisfied with the LOVTRAVEL red and infrared light therapy device at any time...
  • Support pulse mode, making treatment more effective. 15” x 7.2” Large treatment area & Powerful 25W led lights - Making treatment time...
  • [This device can use separately red lights or infrared lights for treatment] - When the switch indicator is green, The first model is to...

LOVTRAVEL is a reputable supplier of red light therapy solutions. The company offers various red light devices that utilize the power of red light and put it to work for your better wellness and well-being. 

Its product assortment offers different gadgets, including red light therapy pads, belts, and even laser-like instruments to target smaller areas.

The company offers outstanding quality and efficiency for its products. With LOVTRAVEL, you’ll get a flexible 60-day refund policy and a full one-year warranty. That way, you get to test its devices entirely risk-free.


LOVTRAVEL’s red light therapy pad comes with an innovative design, making it convenient. The radiating pad is a neat rectangular shape that can easily be applied to any body part. You can also use it as a wearable waist wrap by simply attaching the stretchy bands in the set to the back of the red light pad.

The efficiency of the LOVTRAVEL pad relies upon 120 PCs of LEDs, with three chips in a single diode. You can set the device to 660nm or 850nm wavelengths and choose between pulsed flashes or steady lighting.

Due to the safety of the medical-grade infrared and red lights, the manufacturer states you may use the device up to three times a day in 20-minute sessions. To help you time the sessions, the device has a built-in timer that’ll automatically shut down the device after 20 minutes of use.

Apart from being a weight loss aid, the therapy pad allows red light to penetrate muscles and soft tissues, which may provide relaxation. 

Moreover, it is an excellent choice for active athletes that may need help with muscle spasms or mild injuries. It may increase circulation and reduce pain and stiffness.

Why do we recommend it?

LOVTRAVEL’s red therapy pad is an excellent choice for anyone looking to experience the benefits of red light therapy. The device displays unmatched efficiency for possible weight loss and pain relief. 

The wavelengths radiated by the device may be very beneficial for the human body and may help you burn through fat, but also penetrate deeper into the tissue that may help you target painful areas.

Judging by customer feedback, users are very content with the efficiency of the product. They say that it may be very fast-acting. Some have had notable results within only two weeks of use. 

People also cherish medical-grade LED lamps, which are not something that every manufacturer has to offer.


  • Automatic shutdown
  • Outstanding safety
  • Easy to use


  • Not suitable for facial treatments
  • A power bank is not included

5. Anyork – Red Light Therapy Panel

The Anyork red light panel is another device that ranks as the best red light therapy device for weight loss. 

Anyork is a reputable manufacturer that offers excellent light solutions, whether it is for better wellness or entertainment. The company specializes in light devices and features an impeccable rating among Amazon shoppers.

In terms of red light, Anyork offers many different devices that utilize light that may give you a better approach to wellness. 

It has various red light devices, including red light lamps and laser devices, but the red light panel is undoubtedly the best option, so let’s take a look at it.


The red light panel is not your usual red light therapy device. Red light therapy devices often come as wearable pads or belts, but the panel’s unique design may work very effectively.

The red light panel utilizes 660nm red light that’s best absorbed by the skin, which may allow excellent results for weight loss. It has 338 LED lights, ideally suited for weight loss and possibly soothing sore muscles.

The red light panel may offer an abundance of benefits. It may work wonders on your skin besides helping you burn off stubborn fat. The radiated red light may make your skin smooth and glowing. It may also boost energy levels, increasing your performance and strength. 

According to the manufacturer, regular red light therapy sessions with the panel may also reduce anxiety, make you happier, and improve sleep quality.

The panel offers excellent body coverage, unlike most small and narrow red light pads. It covers approximately 35% to 40% of the body area, making it one of the most practical red light therapy devices. Additionally, the panel has three different size options if you want even better coverage.

Why do we recommend it?

Anyork’s red light panel is an excellent choice for anyone looking to target a more extensive body area in a single therapy session. The panel comes in a couple of size options to help you get 35% to 80% body coverage.

The device effectively delivers the desirable effects and is recommended by medical professionals. 

According to customer feedback, it is an excellent choice for losing weight and soothing physical pain and discomfort. 

Though only a single wavelength option is available, the manufacturer made an excellent choice by offering 660 nm, which is best for weight loss and skin rejuvenation.


  • May protect your skin from burns
  • May be excellent for weight loss
  • A 60-day refund policy
  • A two-year warranty


  • Only a single wavelength option is available
  • You have to be standing up during a session of treatment
red light therapy for weight loss


Factors to Consider When Buying RLT Devices for Weight Loss

People use the red light on a daily basis, as it may help them tackle various problems. However, with the abundance of issues that can be targeted with the help of red light therapy, it might be challenging to find a device that’s perfectly suited for weight loss. Despite that, not all red light devices are as safe and efficient as they may seem.

That’s why we’re here to offer you our assistance. If you aren’t familiar with such RLT devices, here are a couple of factors you should consider to find the best red light therapy device for weight loss.


The most important feature of a red light therapy device for weight loss is its wavelength. Though red light therapy comes in various wavelengths, an ideal range for weight loss is between 630nm and 660nm.

Wavelengths within this range deliver optimal weight loss and fat-burn efficiency, so you should focus on devices within the specified range.

If you’re looking for extra benefits, like pain relief or soothing sore muscles, you can also look for devices with adjustable settings. They allow you to switch between different wavelengths depending on the outcomes you’re looking to get.

Our top-rated red light therapy devices work within the specified range for ultimate convenience. Some of them even offer extra perks provided by the additional wavelength options.

Wavelengths of the red light therapy



The brightness of the LED lights indicates the intensity of the irradiance. Therefore, it is another thing for you to consider.

If you’re looking for more intense therapy sessions, you’ll need brighter panels. If you want something milder, look for lower brightness.

The brightness of the panel also sets the temperature for the therapy session. With higher brightness, you’ll get higher temperatures. Just make sure you stick with a safe temperature.

If you’re looking for a more customizable experience, you might want to consider red light therapy devices with adjustable brightness. 

Scienlodic’s waist wrap offers incredible flexibility regarding brightness, allowing you to choose between five different settings that turn the heat up to 113 °F (45 °C) to retain safety while delivering remarkable results.

Coverage area

Depending on how you plan to use the device, its size might also be pretty important. If you’re looking for an entire body treatment, smaller devices will force you to waste more time on multiple therapy sessions until you cover all areas individually. 

However, if you’re only targeting a specific area, small or medium-sized devices might be an excellent choice.

Regardless of your preferences, always take the time to look for precise dimensions of the device’s working area, as that can significantly impact your satisfaction.

Targeted areas

Not all red light therapy devices are intended for the entire body. Some devices are specially designed to suit particular body parts.

Therefore, if you want red light therapy for other treatments besides weight loss, you’ll want a safe device for all body parts, including your face.

Red light therapy is excellent for rejuvenating the skin, so why not make the most of it while you’re at it? If you’re interested in red light therapy facials, ensure that the device is safe for facial use.

Additionally, some devices might not be suitable for all skin types. Check whether the product suits your skin type before ordering.


Though red light therapy devices are usually pretty affordable, there’s no harm in getting extra reassurance that you’re getting quality for your money. 

To do that, you should consider shopping with reputable companies that offer money-back guarantees or warranties as extra reassurance about their product’s quality.

Look at the manufacturer’s product guarantees, and ensure you understand the policy well. This way, you can be compensated for any inconvenience that might occur while using the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is red light therapy?

Red light therapy refers to using or applying red LED light to the skin’s surface. It may have promising outcomes, including aiding with weight loss.

The therapeutic technique uses low-level wavelengths to deliver various results. It was introduced in the 1990s when scientists needed a way to grow plants in space.

The breakthrough discovery of red light-emitting diodes helped them promote the growth and photosynthesis of plant cells. It was later embraced by the beauty industry to treat various problems like skin conditions, excess weight, etc.

What are the benefits of using red light therapy?

As you already know, red light therapy is often used as an effective weight-loss treatment. However, that’s not the only benefit provided by the treatment. 

Though it is still undergoing research, red light therapy may display some promising properties. 

Clinical research is not conclusive, but according to recent findings, there is evidence suggesting that red light may provide various benefits, including:

  • It may accelerate wound healing and tissue repair.
  • It may assist in the healing of slow-healing wounds.
  • It may improve hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia.
  • It may reduce psoriasis lesions.
  • It may improve skin complexion by stimulating collagen production to diminish wrinkles.
  • It may reverse the effects of sun damage.
  • It may relieve pain and inflammation, etc.

How much weight can you lose with red light therapy?

There isn’t a precise measure of how much weight you can expect to lose while using red light therapy. Each person’s body has a unique build and reacts to the treatment differently. 

However, a common assumption is that you may lose between half an inch and up to 2 inches around the waist over a month of regular sessions.

If you’re looking for the ultimate results, you should combine red light therapy with some activity or exercise regimen and stick to a healthy diet.

What’s the best red light wavelength for weight loss?

Though many devices offer different wavelengths, the most suitable weight loss option is between 630nm and 660nm.

Despite targeting weight loss, 630-660nm wavelengths may benefit skin health. It may offer deeper penetration while supplying impeccable results.

Among the benefits that 660nm wavelengths offer may be reducing fine lines and wrinkles, aiding chronic skin disorders like psoriasis, hair regrowth, acne reduction, reduced inflammation, etc.

Can red light therapy reduce belly fat?

Yes, red light therapy may help you eliminate stubborn belly fat. You may get incredible results using red light properly and at the right intensity. You’ll need a powerful light intensity to target belly fat.

If you’re turning to red light devices for tackling belly fat, we suggest you consider waist belts or wraps. They may help you target the belly area and wrap around your stomach to use the temperature that the red light releases as an extra aid for weight loss.

Are there any side effects of using red light therapy?

Red light therapy is considered to be generally safe and painless. Additionally, red light therapy sessions are often pleasurable because of the light’s soothing, warm essence.

There aren’t any reported side effects of red light therapy. Some patients have complained about burns and blistering, but that’s accounted for the improper use of the devices.

Suppose you stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation about the time period you expose your body to red light therapy and take the necessary breaks between sessions. In that case, you shouldn’t experience any issues while using red light devices.

The only real concern with using red light therapy is damaging the eyes. Although it is safer than many other traditional lasers, you must wear proper eye protection during red light therapy.


If you’re looking for extra aid to help burn fat quickly and effectively, red light therapy might be exactly what you need. Many studies and user testimonials claim that red light therapy may produce positive results and help you lose a few inches.

Though the benefits of the treatment are yet to be proven, the testimonials of satisfied users favor red light therapy. However, you shouldn’t cling to red light therapy alone. If you want to get real results quickly, you should understand that red light therapy won’t do any miracles on its own, at least not miracles that’ll satisfy your expectations.

Therefore, you should always use red light therapy and other useful practices to help you slim down and healthily lose weight. Consider making changes to your eating habits and embracing a more active lifestyle. Adding a couple of red light therapy sessions on top of that may help you get great results.

So, find your best red light therapy device for weight loss and start your journey!